Elixir Play Founder Lara Pack Designs Playful, Gentle Pleasure Products Collection

Trauma-informed sex toys are the new harbingers of the future. As the topic of sexual trauma slowly but surely steps out into the open, the pleasure industry is finding that sex therapists and sex therapy modalities are more relevant and pertinent than ever.

Elixir Play is a boutique-style brand making sex toy designs accessible and comfortable for all, especially trauma- or pain-sufferers. This exclusive, hand-designed pleasure line is just what the doctor (or sex therapist) ordered for helping to heal sexual trauma — or simply adding light, soft exploration into one’s self-love routine.

With the Australian brand’s four-piece collection of sex toys, company founder Lara Pack seeks to erase stigma and help consumers move past trauma to rediscover pleasure. Designed for sensitive users and those prone to painful penetration, the company uses a proprietary silicone that allows their products to bend and flex with the body. The ultra-soft and bendable Elixir Play pleasure designs, says Pack, have a beautiful, creamy texture that’s gorgeous to view and feel.

“To be honest, the reason I started this brand was because I wanted it to be more than just the product,” Pack explains. “The products are the physical representation, but the brand is all about educating and empowering women.”

This playful-looking line of familiar sex toy shapes was, rather unfortunately, born of Pack’s many years of personal issues with pelvic pain and painful sex. When Pack turned to pelvic physiotherapy for assistance, she realized the importance of external stimulation, and thus the benefit of sex toys in sexual pain relief.

“I really wanted toys that were not painful,” explains Pack.

“Traditional toys have plastic components with a thin silicone over the top,” she highlights. “It was important to me to have toys that could bend and flex which would help with particularly the insertion, which I struggled with myself so much.”

As Pack tells us in recounting the creation of her business, a consultation with a doctor led to a daydream-y wish: If only there were a magic pill to fix her issue.

“Hence the name Elixir, which means magic potion or spell,” explains Pack. “We added Play because, of course, sex should be playful. In fact, keeping it playful actually helps to address some of the issues associated with pain.”

In November 2020, Elixir Play was nominated for two XBIZ Awards: International Pleasure Products Company of the Year and Sex Toy of the Year — Powered (Vibrating) for the Ruby soft wand massager.

“Ruby was all about the ‘is she or isn’t she a vibe?’ [design appearance],” Pack describes.

“A lot of women said they wanted toys that didn’t look like a toy, so that if they were found by kids or whomever, it wouldn’t be an issue,” says Pack. “She also has specific grooves that mean you can place your fingers to guide or add pressure, if needed. That allows the user to have more control over their experience.”

Shaped like a slender wand, the Ruby has a large bulb at one end, perfect for clitoral stimulation or G-spot massage. Pack suggests using Ruby all over the body, as her squishy-soft and flexible neck can work around every curve.

Pack’s first product, however, definitely fits the design bill for an artsy sex toy. The Aphrodite is a heart-shaped silicone charm meant to be worn around the neck as a not-so-discreet piece of statement jewelry. Unclasp Aphrodite from around your collar and she becomes a remote-controlled pocket rocket or panty vibe.

“My first toy, Aphrodite, was meant to be all about fun and non-confrontational. I have decided to sunset this product to make way for the new range,” says Pack. “These three [additional] products were designed after speaking to women and creating a range that was non-phallic and designed to be able to move with the body.”

The Elixir Play collection also includes Garnet, a versatile, shareable, ultra-soft cock ring, and Amethyst, a dual-stimulating vibrator with a fully flexible shaft.

“Garnet is all about the vulva,” says Pack. “She covers as much surface area as possible to allow for stimulation. A lot of our focus with toys is on the glans clitoris and I wanted to accentuate the whole area rather than just the glans.

“Amethyst is all about the traditional rabbit style, but I really wanted to accentuate the flat areas for both G-spot and clitoral,” continues Pack. “I found traditional rabbits often don’t hit the exact spots they need to, which can be frustrating. By bending and flexing, there is more opportunity for Amethyst to be able to fit for most women.”

Against the odds, Elixir Play managed to prosper throughout the hellish year that was “COVID-2020.” Pack thinks it’s just the nature of our naturally resilient industry.

“I think we are in an amazing place where we have all adapted so well to COVID and moving into this amazing sexual wellness space,” remarks Pack. “I think honestly everyone does such an amazing job in this industry. I love the work we all do together and the way in which we all work to make our industry more mainstream.”

Elixir Play calls Australia home and hopes to expand its wholesale offerings around the world. Pack encourages the industry to reach out via ElixirPlay.com to participate in her expanding brand, which she anticipates will include new designs throughout 2021.

“We are busy working away on new designs for either this year or early next, so definitely watch this space,” says Pack. “I will continue to be offering trainings and educating on our brands and hope to partake in some industry events.”

True to her company mission, Lara Pack is embodying the changes she hopes to see in her lifetime and beyond. Pack is active on spaces like Instagram and Facebook, where she posts her triumphs (like her two XBIZ Awards) and often-unfair failures (like her unfortunate rejection from exhibiting at a local market for women biz owners — and on International Women’s Day at that).

Pack thinks that if we only push forward, pleasure products can open doors for the people who may have the hardest time finding satisfactory sex and self-love.

“I think we need to ensure that we are continuing to listen to our consumers, and the biggest thing we can all work on is fighting against the censorship we face in social media and many other channels,” concludes Pack. “I can see this slowly changing, and I think we have a lot of opportunity in this space.”

Elixir Play Founder Lara Pack Designs Playful, Gentle Pleasure Products Collection by Colleen Godin originally appeared in XBIZ

A Look At Choosing Toys

Choosing a toy, whether your first or 50th toy can be exceptionally overwhelming. There are so many choices, styles, colors, promises of the best orgasms of your life!

It can be extremely daunting to get a new toy, be so excited to open it up and then look at is as if it is a foreign object from outer space!

Things to ask yourself:

Do I want internal or external or both?  This can really help you narrow down. Given that most women need external stimulation, often something for your clitoris is great option. If however you love the feeling of fullness inside, then something internal may be more suitable. Keep in mind that many internal toys can be used to stimulate your clitoris as well!

Is it just for me or my partner as well? If it is just for you, then think about which areas you prefer. If however it is for use with your partner, then it is important to consider how they will feel. Some folks are comfortable with their partners using toys and actually find it erotic. However, for a first time, perhaps a more benign looking toy could be more fun? Try and chat to your partner about this. Many people love using toys on their partners so you may be surprised!

How obvious do I want my toy to be?

In our dream world, buying or talking or owning sex toys will be as common and well accepted as condoms. However, if you are concerned about your toy, feel free to choose a toy that is a little more subtle. Perhaps something like Aphrodite (link to Aphrodite product here)

Where are you using your toy?

This may sound strange, however if you want something to take away with you, or even out on a date with your partner then choosing a toy that allows you to do that may be helpful. All our toys are USB rechargeable so you can pop them in your bag and take them wherever your heart desires


Last but certainly not least, how comfortable are you with your toy and do you love the way it looks and makes you feel. Our self image and consciousness is a completely internal feeling. Making sure you are excited and curious and ready for fun will always help make the process more enjoyable.

Choosing  Toys by Lara Pack originally appeared on Elixir Play

6 Ideas for Practicing Self Love

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


It’s that time of year. The time when everything comes out in heart shapes, where we are bombarded with love themes and told that we should be so excited for this single, random day which is the love of love day that is Valentine’s Day.

Some of us will be super excited, others dreading the day and some just wont care either way. Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s next to impossible to miss being reminded of it. So, this blog is not about Valentine’s Day. But something far more important, self-love. I think we like to talk about this a lot. We say love your body, body positive, be kind to yourself, me time. All these amazing buzz words that make our hearts swoon with desire at the thought of them. But in practice, its just not that easy.

Between our busy schedules, competing interests, social media highlights reels and societal images; loving ourselves becomes much harder to do in practice than we may think. So how can we change this?

I think it starts with changing our expectations. Sometimes the idea of having “me time” or feeling good about ourselves seems so far removed from our reality that we give up. If we just focused instead on tiny steps, it may be more achievable. So here are some ideas.

Do one thing every day just for you.

Maybe it’s a bath, an uninterrupted coffee, watching your favourite TV show, calling a friend or meditating. Whatever it is. Just one thing. Every. Single. Day.

Wear an outfit that makes you feel good.

It doesn’t have to be stock-standard sexual. Doesn’t need to be everyone else’s cup of tea. But just something that makes you feel good about you. And wear it consciously

Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

That is both in real life and on social media. Social media can be a rabbit hole. We all put our best foot forward and often don’t acknowledge all the trials and tribulations that make up our everyday life. How often do you see someone who posts the amazing upright bikini shot, and then sits down and it’s a different story? We are all human. Most of us get that Sharpei looking skin after a while. It’s okay! It’s normal!

Find something about your body you love.

It could be your eyes, your mouth, your breasts, your legs. Just one thing. And compliment yourself. We are all so quick to complain. We have a bad experience and ask to speak to the manager. How often do you ask to speak to the manager to say how amazing your service was? We do the same with our bodies. We complain about how it looks to us and feels. But do you ever tell yourself how good you look? And if you don’t love it all yet, start small with just that one thing.

Look after your health. Mental and physical.

Feeling good in your mind is as important as physical health. It’s okay to not be okay and reach out for help if you feel you need it.

Explore your body

One of the reasons I am so passionate about this business is the way I try to encourage women to explore their bodies. It may seem silly, but most of us are not used to it. As women, we are often raised to be isolated in our pleasure and very few resources existed to help us. This is starting to change but is still extremely limited.

When we explore, we allow ourselves to get comfortable with all parts of our body. The way our skin feels, the grooves, the scars, the marks, the reminders of who we are and how we go there. And if we do this in a positive way, sometimes it can help us learn to appreciate these things. That C-Section scar that used to bother me, becomes my tiger stripe for the 2 beautiful girls I have. The stretch marks – well they show me how amazing my body was to grow the 2 humans. And those 4 scars from my laparoscopy show me how my body recovered from endometriosis which I no longer have.

Changing the way we look at these things makes all the difference in the world. Using pleasure products along with this, enhances the ability for us to love our bodies. When we get to experience pleasure in our own way, on our own terms and just for ourselves, there really is no better expression of loving our body. Taking the time to see what feels good and knowing you have full control is empowering. The ability to use with or without a partner means that you get the choice. It is liberating.

So, whether you choose to use a product or simply take one of these tips for yourself today, I hope when Valentine’s Day comes around that you find something about you to love. Something about you to celebrate. You deserve it.

Self Love by Lara Pack originally appeared on Elixir Play

The Ultimate Guide to Sexting. Top tips to help you get started

Ok. So I am going to give you some amazing relationship advice now. The art of Sexting. Yes, you read that correctly. Sexting. It may sound silly but it can make such a difference to your relationship.

Sexting is all about playing a role and setting the scene. It can be a great way to have foreplay long before you are physically near someone.

Sexting is a great way to bring some fun and playfulness into your relationship and also explore ideas of what you may like to do. In fact, there are studies that show that couples who sext show a more positive sexual and emotional engagement with their partner.

So what is sexting?

Sexting is basically sending or receiving sexually explicit of suggestive images, messages or video. I want to point out, the difference between sexually explicit or suggestive.

These can be messages that are all about feeling sexy and great in your skin to full blown nudes (which btw, need to be either asked for or agreed to BEFORE being sent!!).

Sexting gets a bad wrap because many people either don’t ask consent first or abuse the power.

But between a couple, it can be a great starter to some fun sexual experiences. So here are some tips:

1 – Start slow.

Its important to feel comfortable and confident when sexting. Half the fun is in seeing the cheek and assurance from the person sexting. You can talk about how you are feeling sexy in a new outfit or looking forward to seeing them when they get home or talk about how you are thinking about a time you had before. Something that breaks the ice and gets the conversation going

2 – Wait for a response.

As excited as you may be, and especially if its your first time, wait for the other person to reply before bombarding them. It may take a while, but don’t lose hope. And if the worst case scenario happens and you don’t get a reply, it could be a great conversation starter to let your partner know what you were trying to do. Honesty is always important and sharing how this may help you get in the mood and connect on a different level can be a gamechanger.

3 – Use emojis.

This is the really fun part, because it leaves something to the imagination. It can also be hilarious and fun to try to work out what the person was actually trying to say. Again, the more playful this is, the better

4 – Mirror the person.

If they are giving you long lengthy messages, try doing the same if you can. It helps to match each other and both feel like you are invested

5 – Know you are role-playing.

This is a great chance to step outside yourself and explore some other fun parts to yourself. You don’t have be the “Jack and Jill” that you always are. Or the mum, or the employee or boss or CEO. This is your time to think about something that turns you on, or you want to try or explore. Just go with it and see what happens

6 – Talk about what makes you feel good.

This isn’t to impress someone else, its to explore YOU. So use it a chance to think about that. No two couples will have the exact same sexts, and that’s what is so amazing about it. Relax and let your mind wander.

7 – Leave something to the imagination.

Leaving a text with, you will have to find out later or wait until I see you next or just wait and see leaves the other person wanting more. And that is a great way to start foreplay. So while you should go for gold and think of all the things you want, also know that you can leave a little wanting as well.

8 – Hand over control.

Let the other person take control for a while and lead you. You may find out some amazing things about your partner but also yourself. It also helps the two-way communication and gives you both a chance to be in the driver seat.

9 – Know when to stop.

If the person isn’t replying or it is becoming too intense, it is important to stop. No one wants unsolicited sexual messages or to feel needy because you aren’t getting what you want. As with all these things, its trial and error, so if its not working, don’t worry and move on to something else.

Pro Tip: If you are taking pics, please delete them off your phone after. No one wants to hand over a phone to someone randomly and have them see the inner workings of your vag! Unless of course you love that, in which case power to you!!!

Hopefully this gives you something to work with and try. I encourage everyone to give it a go and let us know how it goes.

The Ultimate Guide to Sexting. Top tips to help you get started by Lara Pack originally appeared on Elixir Play Blog

From Endometriosis To Women’s Pleasure Products: One Woman’s Quest To Change The Way We Think About Sex Toys.

I was 14 when I was first diagnosed with Endo. After irregular periods and pelvic issues, a laparoscopy confirmed the diagnosis.

I started the pill and had some reprieve for a few years. After countless visits to some of the “best known” gynecologists in Sydney and multiple laparoscopy’s, I was told it was “in my head” and to go to a pain clinic. I think this is where my issues around pelvic pain really set in.

A year later I found an amazing and kind gynecologist who repeated a laparoscopy (number 5). He found varicose veins and tons of scar tissue but no endo. It seemed the pill was working as a treatment.

My first introduction to my body as a woman had been tainted by clinical, painful and embarrassing experiences which probably set the scene for what was to come later.

Sex initially was great (as great as it can be when you have zero idea what to expect and are an awkward teenager with little self-confidence). My first introduction to sex toys was at a seedy sex store in Kings Cross (Sydney’s version of the red-light district). An old man with a rocking 70s moustache sat behind the counter and pointed us in the direction of the biggest and quite frankly offensive dildos I had ever seen. I left with a small egg which looked cool and became one of my favourite toys (still is actually).

After the birth of my daughter, sex became extremely painful. After multiple visits to my OB and other health care professionals, I started pelvic floor physio. I had a condition known as “vaginismus”. The name itself is enough to make your vagina tense! Basically, it was involuntary spasm of the muscles of the vagina which made sex painful. Instead of relaxing they would tense up. Someone suggested using external stimulation with sex toys to try to relax the muscles before sex and during. The combination with lubricant was great and made the experience way better!

I was haunted by my first experience with sex toys and even though we have made some progress and there are certainly some stores and online boutiques that are amazing, there weren’t always products that I felt were luxurious and beautiful. So, this started my dream of creating sex toys.

And so, with some help along the way from several users, health care professionals and designers – I created my first Elixir Play product. It was a long journey to get here but I am so excited for the opportunity to share this with women and help other women find ways to enjoy sex.

I feel very passionately that women should understand, be aware of and unashamed of their bodies. Whatever shape, size, colour you are – we all deserve pleasure and for the vast majority of us, with a little help and a lot of knowledge we can get there.

From Endometriosis To Women’s Pleasure Products: One Woman’s Quest To Change The Way We Think About Sex Toys by Lara Pack originally appeared on Elixir Play Bog

Elixir Play Amethyst Ultra Flexible Dual Stimulator

It’s Your Body. Your Play. Your Way. Whichever way you choose, Amethyst will work with your body to reach the Big O.

Amethyst is a fully flexible and ultra-soft dual stimulator designed to bend and flex with the curves of your body providing simultaneous internal and clitoral stimulation.

Amethyst provides vibrations through both flat surfaces of its shape – one at the head and one on the clitoral stimulation arm – supplying maximum stimulation to both the clitoris and G-spot.

All bodies are different which is why Elixir Play made Amethyst fully flexible to fit more bodies perfectly. Traditional toys have a large plastic component wrapped in silicone which means they don’t offer a lot of movement for you to fit your body. Amethyst has plastic only wrapped around the motors which means most of its body can be adjusted to fit yours.

Amethyst has 10 modes of vibration so you can select the ones that feel good for you. As with all Elixir Play toys, we encourage you to explore your body and do what makes you feel good.

Amethyst comes in a gorgeous purple just like its namesake gemstone and is beautifully packaged for you with a luxury satin bag for storage.

The USB rechargeable Elixir Play Amethyst Ultra Flexible Dual Stimulator is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Ultra-flexible dual stimulator
  • 10 Vibration modes
  • Fully flexible
  • Flattened head and clitoral stimulator for full-contact vibrations
  • Waterproof
  • Storage bag included
  • USB Rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 2 Hour charge provides up to 2 hours of playtime
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Elixir Play
  • 8.5” (5” Insertable) x 1.1” at widest point

Elixir Play Garnet Ultra Flexible Vulva Shaped Mini Vibe and C-Rng

It’s Your Body. Your Play. Your Way. Whichever way you choose, Garnet will work with your body to reach the Big O.

Garnet is a versatile, shareable, ultra-soft toy that can be used both as a mini vibe and vibrating cock ring.

Garnet was designed and shaped to simulate the entire clitoris, including the parts you don’t see. Most people think of the clitoris as the part above the entrance to the vagina, but it extends into the body like a wish bone down the vulva. Garnet’s unique shape and faceted surface texture was designed to nestle in perfectly, providing complete stimulation to this extremely sensitive erogenous zone.

Garnet is designed to fit around the penis to deliver intense vibrations providing you both with extreme pleasure. When placed at the base of the penis, it can help prolong the sexual experience for both partners, and more importantly allow for the clitoral stimulation which over 70% of women need to orgasm.

Garnet can also be used as a handheld clitoral stimulator by holding it with your fingers through the ring and giving additional support with your palm.

Garnet has 10 modes of vibration so you can select the ones that feel good for you. As with all Elixir Play toys, we encourage you to explore your body and do what makes you feel good.

Garnet comes in a glorious red just like its namesake gemstone and is beautifully packaged for you with a luxury satin bag for storage.


The USB rechargeable Elixir Play Garnet Ultra Flexible Vulva Shaped Mini Vibe and C-Rng is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Flexible vibrating c-ring and mini vibe
  • 10 Vibration modes
  • Fully flexible
  • Faceted surface to nestle in for full coverage stimulation
  • Use as a handheld mini vibe for precise clitoral stimulation
  • Use as a vibrating cockring to share the vibe and provide long-lasing pleasure
  • Waterproof
  • Storage bag included
  • USB Rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 2 Hour charge provides up to 2 hours of playtime
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Elixir Play
  • Silicone
  • 4” x 2”

Elixir Play Ruby Ultra Flexible Vibrator

It’s Your Body. Your Play. Your Way. Whichever way you choose, Ruby will work with your body to reach the Big O.

Ruby is a fully flexible, ultra-soft massager designed to bend and flex with the curves of your body for maximum pleasure.

Elixir Play products are designed for you to use your imagination and play however you choose and feel good. Ruby has a large bulb at the end that is perfect for clitoral stimulation or internal massage of the G-spot. It can also be used as a massager around your body and is ultra-soft and flexible to work with every curve that is unique to you.

Most toys are designed with a large plastic component that is wrapped in silicone. While they still have silicone components, they can be firm to the touch and don’t offer much flexibility.

Ruby has minimal interior plastic components, around the motor only that allow her to bend almost in half. This means it can deliver intense vibrations but is extremely soft on your body.

The sky is the limit to how you use Ruby, so we encourage you to explore and do what makes you feel good.

Ruby comes to you in a glorious red shade, just like its namesake gemstone, and is beautifully packaged for you with a luxury satin bag for storage.

The USB rechargeable Elixir Play Ruby Ultra Flexible Vibrator is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Ultra-flexible vibrator
  • 10 vibration modes
  • Ergonomically shaped curves and angles
  • Fully flexible form
  • 100% Play area
  • Versatile design may be used internally and externally
  • Waterproof
  • Storage bag included
  • USB Rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 2 Hour charge provides up to 2 hours of playtime
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Elixir Play
  • Silicone
  • 8.6” x 1.1”at widest point
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