Sensual Essences Aphrodisiac Love Oils Gift Set by Good Clean Love


Awaken arousal naturally with Good Clean Love’s powerful aphrodisiac love oils. Made with pure, high-quality essential oils,  Aphrodisiac Love Oils make touching, kissing, and smelling each other better than ever.

Each product has been scientifically formulated to activate the arousal mechanism in the brain through a unique blend of aphrodisiac essential oils. By stimulating the limbic center of the brain where sexual arousal begins, Good Clean Love’s aphrodisiac essential oils create a unique scent bridge, heightening the physical and emotional connection between you and your partner.

Natural aphrodisiac essential oils are travel-friendly and have a 3 mL mini-pump.

Includes 3 ancient blends:

Caribbean Rose sensual body oil starts with a smoky, earthy base that overflows into a sweet and sensuous rose.

Origins Love Oil combines the herbal scents of black pepper and sage with musky sandalwood notes, making it simultaneously relaxing and warming

Indian Spice Love Oil is both aromatic and spicy, creating a sweet, balanced heat.

Directions: Apply to lips and rediscover a kiss. Use generously on all kissable parts of your lover’s body. Massage into all erogenous zones. Wear as an intoxicating unique-only-to-you scent.

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