Saffron Impact Tools

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Sportsheets Saffron is a new collection of sexy positioning and bondage items made of faux leather in a rich and seductive oxblood color.

All 12 items have familiar usage ideas with the spicy Saffron spin of unique and thoughtful design features, making this a must-have collection.

I like to think of the Saffron in three parts – Couples Play, Restraints, and Impact.

Today let’s talk about the luxe yet sturdy Impact tools.

Saffron Layer Paddle


Layers of leather add a satisfying smack to every impact…

Which is worse, its bark or its bite?

Three layers of vegan leather create a dramatic sound upon impact, with each slap arousing a red hue upon your plaything’s flesh.


Encourage them towards “subspace” as you take control of their pain and pleasure with this impressive impact play tool. Romance them deeper into an appreciation of their powerful and merciful sadist. Your partner will be reminded by every resonating smack that you can always do worse to them…

PU leather


Saffron Loop Paddle


This unique paddle leaves a striking impression..

Your masochist may end up being naughty on purpose to feel the wrath and rapture of this instrument.

Somewhere between the tip of a crop and a folded over belt lays this wicked Loop Paddle.


Make them wince in anticipation as you send a satisfying smack through the air to warn them of the painful pleasure that awaits. The crimson loop gives you creative leeway to taunt, tantalize, and tempt your plaything in a way that is all your own!

PU leather


Saffron Square Paddle


A sturdy, sophisticated, and sensual addition to your armory…

This instrument of pleasure and pain will be a friend and foe to your masochist’s backside.

Can you match the exquisite color? This rigid, red square paddle is an elegant addition to your boudoir arsenal, putting the power of punishment into your hands.


Bound in soft, smooth vegan leather that soothes with every caress, it also serves to slap and smack with just enough intensity to make the mercury rise in your bedroom scene.

PU leather


Saffron Ping Pong Paddle


This sophisticated classic is a must-have in your arsenal.

Have you got a wild one on your hands? Deliver a sensual swat to correct their behavior.

This handy crimson paddle offers sadists and Doms a beautifully-crafted tool with which to discipline their plaything.


A soft vegan leather exterior means that the lead up to each impact can be delicate and demure, soft upon the flesh. Incite the perfect contrasting sensation with every stinging smack. It’s convenient size means it can be wielded with speed and agility by any experience level.

PU leather


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