Pretty Pasties Self-Adhesive Nipple Covers by NS Novelties

Hearts, Stars, Crosses and more!

Pretty Pasties by NS Novelties is a collection of self-adhesive nipple covers guaranteed to excite and entice.

Pretty Pasties are comfortable and secure during wear. They are effortless to use – simply peel off the backing and apply to clean dry skin by pressing into place. To remove, gently and slowly peel the pasties off the skin.

Available in an assortment of shapes, colors, patterns, and finishes – Pretty Pasties are the perfect body décor for a passionate time.

Available in:

Charms Single Pair Packs

Glow in the Dark Glitter 2-Pair Packs

Rainbow 2-Pair Packs

Glitter Stars 2-Pair Packs

Glitter Hearts 2-Pair Packs

Glitter Cross 2-Pair Packs

Star Assorted 4-Pair Packs

Heart Assorted 4-Pair Packs

Cross Assorted 4-Pair Packs

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