Plush Super Thick Hybrid Glide by Intimate Earth

The new Hybrid Standard for Anal!

Plush Super Thick Hybrid Anal Glide is the perfect blend of water and silicone.

Infused with organic Licorice Root, known to have a soothing effect on skin and to ease inflammation, this hand-crafted hybrid silk creates a luxurious and creamy feeling.

Enjoy comfort and cushion during anal sex with this extremely long-lasting, smooth formula that’s safe to use with platinum-cured silicone toys.


  • Gives soft cushiony feel during use
  • Perfect blend of silicone and water
  • Smooth and white creamy texture
  • Infused with Licorice Root for an extra soft feel
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Paraben-free
  • The New Standard for Anal Hybrid!
  • Affordable alternative to Silicone!
  • Safe to use with platinum cured silicone toys
  • Available in 2oz., 4oz., 8oz. and 3ml foils

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