How to Maximize the Impact of Adult Retail Staff Training

We all know that the adult retail landscape is constantly shifting, evolving and expanding, regularly leaving retailers to wonder what they could be doing better or how they can cultivate and maintain a competitive advantage.

The answer, however, may be easier than you think. There’s one surefire way to ensure your establishment shifts and grows along with the industry, and that is investing in consistent trainings for your staff.

Your store’s staff can be its superpower if you take the steps necessary to keep them knowledgeable, both about what you sell and how to create the experience consumers crave.

The right trainings can help build your reputation, boost your bottom line, and take your establishment from just a store to a sought-after retail destination. With that in mind, let’s talk about the impact and importance of providing ongoing training for your adult retail staff — what it means, the purposes it serves, and where you can find the kind of training that will set your store apart.


Retail training is focused on providing sales staff and management access to skills and knowledge that have been proven to create positive customer experiences and boost sales, including but not limited to:

  • Product features and benefits
  • Brand knowledge and expertise
  • Merchandising and display tools
  • Assisting customers in a manner that is both efficient and welcoming
  • Communication and answering questions
  • Maintaining in-store cleanliness and safety
  • Cross-sales, upselling and closing sales

The goal of retail training is to cultivate and nurture a staff of personable, knowledgeable sales associates. Having a staff of well-trained associates can not only increase your sales but also create the kinds of positive customer experiences that make for repeat business, loyal relationships and referrals.


There are several training categories that retailers can focus on to optimize their sales associate fleet — everything from new associate onboarding, floor sales and safety, to brand knowledge, pleasure, sex education and more.

Ideally, retail trainings should help sales associates develop skills so they can feel confident on the floor while benefiting from information and knowledge that can improve customer experiences.

However, many stores stop at product knowledge. This is understandable, of course, because some of the most accessible retail trainings come from product manufacturers themselves. It takes a bit more research, but seeking out training opportunities that focus on more than just product details can give your staff a well-rounded experience and access to even more tools to use on the job.

For example, Blush has created a multifaceted retail education initiative called Blush U to help retailers stay up to date on product knowledge while also accessing sexual wellness and pleasure education from our in-house sex educator, Tawny Seren. Other companies offer these kinds of trainings too. You just need to look and ask around for them!


When it comes to providing quality training that effectively addresses the product knowledge piece of the equation, one of the best assets available may be the manufacturers you work with.

Blush U offers easily accessible online training sessions, including prerecorded and live assets as well as education sessions, webinars and more. Because our live workshops are hosted by our in-house sex educator, training attendees also can ask direct questions and get even more information about the subjects they’re curious about.

This kind of training not only gives your employees the opportunity to ask questions and learn new information in a comfortable environment, but it can also help you provide your customers with the ultimate shopping experience. Additionally, it can serve as valuable team-building time as staff members work together to stay in the know about new products while earning together.

This type of multifaceted training benefits brands and retailers alike. When you work with manufacturers that demonstrate a dedication to working with retailers in this mutually beneficial way, you will ultimately be able to provide better service to everyone who walks through your door.

When you provide your staff with the trainings they need for an optimal customer experience, you will see results not just in sales numbers. The service your associates can provide when they are up to date on what each brand offers — and how to incorporate education and knowledge into the sales conversation — will pay off in customer loyalty, referrals and overall brand recognition for your establishment.

If you want your store to be the best it can be, take advantage of the trainings available to you because, in this case, knowledge truly is power.

How to Maximize the Impact of Adult Retail Staff Training by Verna Meng originally appeared in XBIZ

Elle Liquid Silicone Wand by CalExotics

Elle will elevate your pleasure.

With its intimately contoured shape, versatile extremely flexible body, 100% play area, and 10 indulgent vibration functions, the Elle Liquid Silicone Wand moves you in all the right ways.

It’s curvy and bendy to hug your body in all the right places. The 100% surface play area means not one centimeter of the vibe is off limits. Even the handle and buttons can be used as part of the sexy fun, which makes for countless possibilities.

Play with the thick curved tip internally to stimulate the area known as the G-Spot, while using the handle to vibrate against your perineum. Or flip it around and lay the curve over your clitoris using the handle to rock it back and forth, move in circles, or just hold it still.

No matter how you play you’ll relish ten modes of vibration, pulsation, and escalation that you can feel from tip to tip. An easy-touch button located in the smaller end controls the intensity.

Dressed in premium Liquid Silicone, the body safe, unscented and phthalate free material is softer, smoother, and more durable than tradition silicone.

The USB rechargeable Elle Liquid Silicone Wand is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Extremely flexible, liquid Silicone massager
  • Ergonomic body hugging design
  • 10 Modes of vibration, pulsation and escalation
  • 100% surface play area
  • Liquid Silicone: softer, smoother, durable and waterproof
  • State-of-the-art memory chip resumes on last function used
  • Easy push-button control – hold for 3 seconds to turn on or off
  • USB rechargeable – charging cord included
  • 2.5 Hour charge provides up to 90 minutes of playtime
  • 1 Year warranty provided by CalExotics
  • Silicone
  • 6” x 2” (massager)
  • 7.25” x 2” (overall)

Blossom Double-sided Pressure Wave and Flicking Tongue Rose Vibe by Nasstoys

Let your inner desires bloom with Blossom!

Offering vibration plus dual play zones – one side with suction and the other a flicking tongue – each session with Blossom can be an experience to remember.

Ten tantalizing suction and vibration patterns are accessed with a single button. To power on press and hold the power button then press again to cycle through the ten functions.

On the flower end you’ll find the TikTok-famous pressure wave action. This version of the viral sensation allows for gentler, building orgasms, resulting in a more sensual experience.

At the base you’ll find a mini flickering tongue that provides focused, direct pressure. Use that tongue as a warmup, a switch-up, or just on its own – the choice is yours.

The magnetic USB rechargeable Blossom is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Double-sided Rose-style pressure wave stimulator
  • 10 Modes of Vibrating, Sucking and Licking
  • Single button operation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Phthalates free
  • Splashproof
  • Rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 2.5 Hour charge provides up to 1.5 hours of playtime
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Nasstoys
  • Materials: Silicone & ABS
  • 3.4” x 2.3”

Focus Extra: The Personal Lubricant Market Is Booming!

The personal lubricant market is growing at an incredibly fast pace. Of course, one could point to the coupling effects of the pandemic lockdown as the driving factor. But what if it’s more than that?

According to research, the global personal lubricant market is expected to reach USD 1.6 billion by 2026. That amount is on par with some other industries — such as saffron, vitamin D, and false eyelashes; however, the lubricant market is growing at a much faster pace.

So, let’s take a look at what’s driving this growth and why it isn’t just people feeling friskier throughout the pandemic.

Four top reasons the personal lubricant market is booming

  1. Increasing acceptance

Research is reporting that more people, particularly women, are becoming accepting of the use of personal lubricants.

Instagram and Facebook, along with many mainstream advertising outlets, are relaxing their rules around ads featuring lube. This has allowed many lubricant brands to become more visible to a larger number of consumers and has helped ease the perceived stigma that many people have.

And let’s not forget that celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Dakota Johnson, and Cara Delevingne have all entered the sex toy industry, helping increase exposure for the entire market.

  1. Mimicking the upward sales trend of the sex toy market

As of December 2021, the US sex toy market surged to an estimated $12.6 billion, while the global industry was estimated at $35 billion in 2020.

New manufacturers are entering the market and are offering their own brand of consumable goods, such as condoms and lubricant. Many of these new sex toys encourage the use of lube to ensure a smoother, more pleasurable experience.

As the sex toy industry grows, so does the personal lubricant market.

  1. More online stores offer easy, discreet access

For the past two years, online shopping has become the standard. Having a plethora of online stores to choose from has helped the industry boom.

Keep in mind, lubricants are almost always sold as an upsell opportunity for online shoppers, allowing many consumers to try lube. The privacy and discretion of online shopping also lets consumers try products they wouldn’t normally purchase in person.

  1. Personal lubricants can be helpful for medical conditions

A new study by the University of Florida Health has found that men who have had COVID-19 are more than three times more likely to be diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Using lube can help by enhancing sensitivity and intensifying erotic touch, allowing men to get aroused and attain an erection.

Indiana University found the use of personal lubricants led to more satisfying sex.

Lack of natural lubrication and certain medications can lead to vaginal dryness and irritation. Personal lubricants can make sexual activities more pleasurable.

Where is the future of intimate lubrication heading?

Sexual wellness products as a whole are growing prominence and are also becoming a larger marketplace in emerging countries in the global market. As this market grows, more manufacturers are taking a closer look at their product lines and are expanding offerings.

Natural options

Being that more consumers are using lube, brands are offering different ingredient options. The rising demand for preservative-free, organic, and natural products is a driving factor here.

Unique consistencies

Some consumers like a smooth liquid lube, others want a gel or paste that stays where placed. Many new ingredients are dictating texture, such as coconut oil.

Since touch is an important sense, manufacturer research will also be looking at new options and delivery systems.

Millennial-friendly aesthetics

Yes, there’s a new generation of lube users who are very open to sexual exploration. Many brands are creating products that appeal to younger users and are including digital marketing campaigns that connect to millennials.

Be prepared for lubricant innovations

DNA is being used for customized skincare products. Nanotechnology is being used in motor oil to improve performance.

Is the use of DNA data, nano-additives, or something else extraordinary in our future personal lubricants that far behind?

Focus Extra: The Personal Lubricant Market Is Booming! By Dr. Sunny Rodgers originally appeared in StorErotica

Snap-On Vibrating Silicone Plug & 3 Tails with Remote Control from Tailz by XR Brands

Set the vibe and let your wild side come out to play with the Remote Control Tailz Snap-On Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug & 3 Tails.

This set comes with 3 different tail attachments and a vibrating, silicone anal plug that is compatible with each tail. Enjoy switching between a pink rabbit tail, a gray fox tail and a white fox tail. Mix and match with your other accessories and outfits to make into a costume.

The premium silicone plug has a tapered tip that makes insertion easy and comfortable for all skill levels. Enjoy adding a pleasant backdoor buzz with three levels of intense vibration and seven pulse patterns to find the perfect sensation. To keep your hands clean and your booty free to keep wagging its tail, use the remote control to change vibe patterns as often as you desire.

Not only is the plug body-safe and comfy, it has a snap-on end that any compatible snap-on tail can attach to so that swapping tails is easy and mess-free!

To use, simply use your favorite water-based lubricant on the pre-cleaned and sanitized plug, insert completely, then attach the tail you desire. Enjoy sashaying around with a tail to wiggle or swish as you strut your stuff!

To clean, wash plug with warm water and a toy cleaner. Wipe remote clean with a damp cloth and a small amount of toy cleaner. Wipe and spot clean tail with a wet washcloth and soap then blow dry fur with a blow dryer on the cool or cold setting. Do not use heat.

The USB rechargeable Tailz Snap-On Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug & 3 Tails set is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Vibrating plug and animal tail attachment set
  • Tapered tip for gradual and comfortable insertion.
  • 10 Vibration modes – 3 intensity levels and 7 pulse patterns
  • Remote control
  • Ends of each tail attach to the snap-on silicone anal plug to easily switch tails
  • Snap-on end is compatible with all Snap-on Tailz
  • Faux Fur is easy to wash, vegan friendly and keeps its color
  • 30 Day warranty provided by XR Brands
  • Also available in non-vibrating
  • Note: Remote distance reaches up to 32 ft and requires 1xCR2032 battery (included).
  • Silicone, ABS plastic, polyester
  • Plug – 3.5” insertable x 1.25”
  • Bunny Tail – 5”
  • Gray fox tail – 20”
  • White fox – 18.5”

The Butterfly Collection by The Rabbit Company

Introducing the new Butterfly Collection of luxury vibes from The Rabbit Company!

Whether it be for solo sessions or to share with a partner, The Rabbit Company has designed a variety of the highest quality rabbit vibrators on the market. Now with their new luxury Butterfly series, all your pleasure needs are covered.

The Remote Control Butterfly Panty Vibe is designed for couples and solo play with a wearable design that frees up hands for stimulation of a partner or your own body.

The Come Hither G-Kiss Butterfly is truly unique, combining a broad curved tip with the “come hither” motion that caresses and massages your g-spot.

The Vibrating Dual Stim Butterfly features a curved tip that targets the g-spot, while the powerful fluttering feelers provide direct clitoral stimulation and an external massage.

Each item in the Butterfly Collection Features:

  • Hypoallergenic, non-porous materials
  • Hygienic, FDA-approved, food-grade silicone with a velvety-soft finish
  • Flexible shafts to ensure a comfortable fit for bodies of all shapes and sizes
  • Intense quality control process ensuring form, finish and function are all set to their high standards
  • Powerful vibrating motors
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 5 Year warranty


The Remote Control Butterfly Panty Vibe

The Remote Control Butterfly Panty Vibe is designed for couples and solo play with a wearable design that frees up hands for stimulation of a partner or your own body.

The included adjustable harness securely keeps the vibe in place for direct contact with vibration and the wireless remote control allows for partner play from up to 30 feet away.

Discreet and lightweight, the Butterfly features fifteen stimulating vibration patterns and six distinctive speeds.

The USB rechargeable Remote Control Butterfly Panty Vibe is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Luxury wearable vibe
  • 6 speed levels per pattern
  • 15 vibration patterns
  • Remote control for partner play
  • Included harness keeps vibe in place
  • Made from body-safe silicone
  • Splashproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Instruction Manual included
  • 5 Year warranty provided by The Rabbit Company
  • Silicone and ABS
  • 3”


The Come Hither G-Kiss Butterfly

The Come Hither G-Kiss Butterfly is truly unique, combining a broad curved tip with the “come hither” motion that caresses and massages your g-spot.

The wide spreading Butterfly wings provide broad coverage for all-over contact and vibration, and the textured surface enhances the feel of the extended massaging Butterfly wings.

Two independently controlled motors personalize your experience, with three high-powered speeds operate silently for discreet use, and the ten powerful vibration patterns provide orgasmic external stimulation. Mix and match to find the tempo you like best.

The Come Hither G-Kiss Butterfly is easy to use and features a simplified three button interface to control the vibration intensities and pulse patterns.

The USB rechargeable Come Hither G-Kiss Butterfly is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Luxury Petite dual stimulator
  • 10 vibration patterns
  • 3 Come Hither speeds
  • 2 independently controlled motors
  • Clit-stimulating Butterfly wings and feelers
  • Made from body-safe silicone
  • Splashproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Instruction Manual included
  • 5 Year warranty provided by The Rabbit Company
  • Silicone and ABS
  • 7.75”


The Vibrating Dual Stim Butterfly

The Vibrating Dual Stim Butterfly features a curved tip that targets the g-spot, while the powerful fluttering feelers provide direct clitoral stimulation and an external massage.

The Butterfly’s textured surface enhances sensation as it massages the clit.

Two independently controlled motors, eight modes and six intensities personalize your experience allow for a truly personalized experience. Mix and match to find the tempo you like best.

The Vibrating Dual Stim Butterfly is also USB rechargeable and features an easy to use three button design.


  • Luxury mini dual stimulator
  • 6 levels of intensity per pattern
  • 8 vibration patterns
  • 2 independently controlled motors
  • Clit-stimulating Butterfly wings and feelers
  • Made from body-safe silicone
  • Splashproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Instruction Manual included
  • 5 Year warranty provided by The Rabbit Company
  • Silicone and ABS
  • 7.75”

Simply Foam & Fresh Foaming Toy Cleaner by Wicked Sensual Care

Wicked simply’s foaming cleanser will keep things fresh, giving you playtime peace of mind.

Vegan and cruelty-free, simply Foam & Fresh is a carefully crafted blend of an active antibacterial agents along with natural antimicrobial and antiseptic elements tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and rosemary oils.

The foaming formula stays where you apply it, making it a snap to ensure every nook and cranny is spotless.

Like all Wicked Sensual Care simply products, Foam & Fresh is free of Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Parabens. It’s also enhanced with antioxidant-rich Olive Leaf Extract, known for its moisturizing and biostatic properties, so it helps to prevent the spread of any bacteria, fungus, or molds.


  • Foaming toy cleanser
  • Safe for all toys
  • pH balanced
  • Enriched with essential oils
  • Alcohol free
  • Paraben & propylene glycol free
  • No-residue formula
  • Vegan
  • Enhanced with Olive Leaf Extract
  • 7 oz. pump dispense bottle.

A Look at How Adult Retailers Benefit From Sex Toys in Mainstream

Sex toys are going mainstream. This is the most recent trend that the adult industry is witnessing, and we must be able to adapt. Sexual wellness has rapidly increased in popularity over the past several years in all areas of the market. Our stores created a “Health and Wellness” section during 2020 so it’s no surprise that department stores are also jumping into the mix. For decades, sex, pleasure and masturbation have been seen as taboo and still often are. It was rarely talked about in our schools and seen as shameful. We as sex educators, sexperts and those working in this industry, including the clerks on the front lines have taken great strides to change the stigmas that surround sexual health and pleasure. Before we get into this new trend and what this means for us, let’s dig a bit deeper into what exactly is sexual wellness.

The World Health Organization defines sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. They go on further to state that sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence. Sexuality should not be stigmatized; the fact is most people are having sex or masturbating and not many were talking about it before. Well, that has changed, people are talking about sex.

What comes to mind when you think of your own sexual wellness? For me, it’s about being sex-positive and open to discussions surrounding sex. It’s about knowing your body and learning what you like and don’t like. We should be having these conversations with our partners and be honest with our wants and needs without judgment. With sex toys going mainstream, it will certainly make these once-taboo topics become more socially accepted. I know many of us in the pleasure products industry have mixed feelings about all this and I can completely understand why. We are the ones who have been pushing year after year, decade after decade for equal rights for our businesses to exist and be accepted. Our reality is even today we can’t obtain an adult license to open new locations in certain towns or areas, and not all banks will work with us. Our advertising online and in other forms is very limited and subjected to ridicule and judgment. In all honesty, if these department stores want to blow me away, show me a display and some point-of-sale educational material front and center. I mean l can wish right? One day that can happen, and we must be prepared for it. Although, it does look like for now most of these retailers are focusing on their ecommerce sites and those sales.

The latest retailer to jump on the sexual wellness trend is Sephora, which announced on Feb. 1 of this year that it will now carry sex toys online. Pleasure products will be marketed under the category of Intimate Care on its website. Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom both began carrying sex toys last year. The idea that you can shop for clothing or shoes as well as sex toys is enticing, to say the least, to many consumers. We are aware that for some time now Walmart, Target and pharmacies have carried a small line of sexual wellness products such as vibrators, massagers and lubricants online and in stores. We haven’t really had to compete with those retailers as I don’t see them much as our competition. The average customer going into those establishments are not necessarily going in there to shop for sex toys or ask personal questions. Furthermore, I highly doubt the staff in these stores have the education that is needed to sell these types of products. It’s more of a one-stop shop, which can be super convenient for some consumers, but doesn’t provide the complete experience that an adult retailer does.

Additionally, in adult retail, we have the advantage to market and promote sexual products in our stores however we want to without having to adhere to specific branding. We know what sells well for our clientele and demographics. We shouldn’t have to rebrand ourselves to meet anyone’s criteria of what they think an adult store should be. Not to mention our stores have evolved over the past from the once dark video stores of the ‘90s to the well-lit and colorful stores we see today.

Lastly and most importantly, we know education is essential when working within the adult retail industry. Most sex education taught in schools is not pleasure- based or inclusive. Therefore, your basic non-adult retail clerk may not have the knowledge that’s possessed by our industry, including the customer-facing retail staff in our adult stores. This is what is going to set us apart from the other retailers. It is first and foremost our education and training followed by the experience.

When you come into our stores, we welcome everyone and offer a safe and inclusive shopping experience. We encourage questions and give recommendations based on education and experience.

My hopes are that those consumers purchasing sex toys at these department stores or the Walmarts of the world will see that it has become more mainstream and finally take the leap to stop in one of the many adult stores if they haven’t yet. We will be waiting for them!

A Look at How Adult Retailers Benefit From Sex Toys in Mainstream by Loretta Goodling originally appeared in XBIZ

I Love D*ck Heart-filled Dil from Naughty Bits by CalExotics

The Naughty Bits I Love Dick Heart Filled Dong is one heart-on you will love!

The playful dildo is crafted with a like-feel feel, suction cup base, and sparkling heart confetti design.

Deliver the pleasure you’ve been craving with a 6-inch long dong with helmet-top, textured shaft, and life-like balls.

The extremely flexible design makes this an extra comfortable ride, and the flanged base has a sturdy suction cup that can be used in a harness or mounted to a flat surface for sensation hands-free fun.

The Naughty Bits collection is made to stand out in any nightstand with eye-catching designs and orgasmic features. The ultra-plush material and playful of this naughty dong will make even the most stylish lover smiling before and after.


  • Heart-filled dong with firm, life-like feel
  • 6” of pure insertable pleasure
  • Extremely flexible design
  • Harness compatible
  • Sturdy suction cup base
  • 1 Year warranty provided by CalExotics
  • TPR
  • 8” (overall)
  • 6” x 1.5” (shaft)
  • 5.25” (shaft circumference)
  • 9” (scrotum circumference)

Handle It Wand from Gender X by Evolved

The very powerful Handle It wand vibrator feels good just about everywhere you place it!

With its flexible, textured head you can easily guide intense vibrations to exactly where you want them most, directing the wand’s sensual rounded tip and textured perimeter around curves and crevices alike.

Scroll through the eight different modes of vibration, pulsation, and escalation at the touch of the two-button interface located conveniently on the handle.

Speaking of the pearl-finished handle, the ergonomic ring design offers a sturdy grip that keeps your hand relaxed and makes navigation a dream.

The USB rechargeable Handle It Wand is waterproof and submersible for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Powerful ring-handled wand vibe
  • Flexible wand head gently moves with your body
  • Smooth rounded wand head with textured perimeter
  • 8 powerful vibrating speeds & functions
  • Made from creamy smooth silicone
  • Handle made from white pearl-finished ABS plastic
  • LED illuminates buttons when in use
  • Waterproof & submersible
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 5 Year warranty provided by Evolved
  • Silicone and ABS
  • 7.5” x 2.63” x 1.68”