A Look At Choosing Toys

Choosing a toy, whether your first or 50th toy can be exceptionally overwhelming. There are so many choices, styles, colors, promises of the best orgasms of your life!

It can be extremely daunting to get a new toy, be so excited to open it up and then look at is as if it is a foreign object from outer space!

Things to ask yourself:

Do I want internal or external or both?  This can really help you narrow down. Given that most women need external stimulation, often something for your clitoris is great option. If however you love the feeling of fullness inside, then something internal may be more suitable. Keep in mind that many internal toys can be used to stimulate your clitoris as well!

Is it just for me or my partner as well? If it is just for you, then think about which areas you prefer. If however it is for use with your partner, then it is important to consider how they will feel. Some folks are comfortable with their partners using toys and actually find it erotic. However, for a first time, perhaps a more benign looking toy could be more fun? Try and chat to your partner about this. Many people love using toys on their partners so you may be surprised!

How obvious do I want my toy to be?

In our dream world, buying or talking or owning sex toys will be as common and well accepted as condoms. However, if you are concerned about your toy, feel free to choose a toy that is a little more subtle. Perhaps something like Aphrodite (link to Aphrodite product here)

Where are you using your toy?

This may sound strange, however if you want something to take away with you, or even out on a date with your partner then choosing a toy that allows you to do that may be helpful. All our toys are USB rechargeable so you can pop them in your bag and take them wherever your heart desires


Last but certainly not least, how comfortable are you with your toy and do you love the way it looks and makes you feel. Our self image and consciousness is a completely internal feeling. Making sure you are excited and curious and ready for fun will always help make the process more enjoyable.

Choosing  Toys by Lara Pack originally appeared on Elixir Play

Opulence Luxury Wand Massager by CalExotics

Envelop your most intimate curves in luxurious pleasure with the Opulence Beautiful Body Wand.

The flawlessly flexible body wand features an Ultra-Soft body-forming silicone head, flexible neck and a high-powered Tungsten motor.

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The USB rechargeable Opulence Luxury Massage Wand is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Body forming massager with Ultra-Soft head and flexible neck
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The Thumper Rabbit by The Rabbit Company

The Thumper Rabbit isn’t just your normal Rabbit vibrator!

Featuring pulsating technology that targets your g-spot with intense direct stimulation, the Thumper Rabbit has a unique ridged texture that really “thumps.”

With a specifically shaped head for targeted g-spot stimulation, this Rabbit has three stimulating massage intensities in the head.

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Control all the action with the intuitive 5-button interface The Rabbit Company is known for.

The USB rechargeable Thumper Rabbit is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Dual stimulator
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  • 8.1” overall

Opinion: Why Larry Flynt Was Crucial in the Fight for Free Expression

Almost all the Larry Flynt obituaries this past week emphasized his dual role as a successful businessman who built a massive, multi-sector adult industry empire from scratch, and also as a First Amendment warrior and ceaseless fighter in the seemingly endless struggle for the right to have open, free sexual expression in America.

The obits also pointed out — quite correctly — that Flynt’s reputation with the general public is tinted by the 1996 biopic “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” an award-winning, big Hollywood production that crystallized the image of the Hustler publisher as a colorful, profane anti-censorship warrior.

Though the film was very much an “authorized biography” — it derived much of its narrative from Flynt’s mid-1990s memoir “An Unseemly Man: My Life as Pornographer, Pundit, and Social Outcast” and its subject readily participated in its promotion — the Milos Forman-directed movie did simplify the multitude of Flynt’s legal battles against the forces of sexual repression and hypocrisy.

If the answer to the question “why was Larry Flynt so crucial in the fight for free expression?” is less tidy than what a Hollywood screenplay demands, it’s no less crucial to understand the unique impact of this headstrong Kentucky-by-way-of-Ohio troublemaker on American jurisprudence and cultural life.

The Real Deal

“He was the real deal. I’ve represented a lot of people who used the First Amendment to try to gain some sort of economic advantage. Flynt wasn’t that way at all and every case we filed on his behalf was because he was trying to move the needle,” Paul Cambria — his longtime attorney and free speech expert — told the Buffalo, N.Y. NPR affiliate as he reflected on his famous client’s passing.

When I interviewed Larry Flynt, then 77 years old, in his Beverly Hills office for the special January 2020 issue of XBIZ World — which turned out to be one of the last career-spanning interviews he would agree to do — he spoke about the core of his philosophy, which would end up putting him on a collision course against the professional moralists.

I asked him about what made Hustler — which he decided to start in 1974 as a third major adult magazine to compete against the already-established Playboy and Penthouse — unique.

“People were saying, ‘Well, how is Hustler gonna be different from Penthouse or Playboy?’” he explained, pointing out that, unlike him, the other publications were building sex into an aspirational lifestyle item to go along expensive stereos, martini recipes and Mercedes ads.

“I said, Hustler readers aren’t that way,” he continued, his original pitch readily flowing from his lips. “They like their sex straight and raw. No pretension. No wrapping our girls in sophisticated editorial content to give them ‘socially redeeming value.’”

And then he stated, “Sex in itself is socially redeeming.”

A Surprisingly Revolutionary Concept

That sex in itself does not need to make apologies for existing was in 1974 — and perhaps even more so, and surprisingly, still is in 2021 — a revolutionary concept for many.

The Ohio-based Hustler magazine took off within a year of its creation, becoming a booming business that prompted the Wall Street Journal to call it “not only the fastest-growing men’s magazine around, but one of the fastest-growing ever.”

As always, it was Hustler and Flynt’s financial success and growing mainstream acceptance that predictably attracted the attention of the religiously inspired moralists of the time. Flynt was unapologetic as a pornographer and adult club owner, and this rankled the guardians of morality.

Instead of hiding what he did or being discreet with his lifestyle, Flynt purchased a palatial home in the extremely conservative Columbus neighborhood of Bexley. He was taunting the establishment, and, in true Flynt style, he did not care.

Flynt’s first serious encounter with the War On Porn warriors occurred during the 1976 bicentennial, when Cincinnati prosecutors were prompted by a religious lobby called Citizens for Decency Through Law. The group was funded by a local Catholic businessman named Charles Keating.

Years later, in the early 1990s, Keating would be famously convicted on federal and state charges of fraud, racketeering and conspiracy for his role in the infamous Savings & Loan scandal, which provoked a financial crisis.

“Before he fucked the savings and loan industry,” Flynt wrote in his memoir a few years later, “Keating tried to prevent the portrayal of fucking in magazines.”

Becoming a First Amendment Warrior

Flynt fought Keating’s moralists hard from the get-go. He organized a grassroots group called Ohioans for a Free Press and held a rally. “We’re talking about the censorship of a magazine with three-million circulation, sold in 25 different countries with an estimated 15 million readers,” he harangued the crowd Kentucky-preacher style. “That’s 15 million voices that have a right to be heard. Now, either we have a free press or we don’t.”

“One of the greatest things that we have as American citizens, goddammit, is the right to be left alone,” Flynt sentenced, once again, establishing another unmovable principle on his lifelong Free Speech credo. “And me and my readers deserve that right.”

For the first of what would become many, many future media appearances, Flynt preached Free Speech and the glories of the First Amendment in an impromptu press conference in front of a throng of mainstream reporters wielding microphones and tape recorders.

Fighting corrupt, hypocritical Charles Keating in 1977 Cincinnati, the 34-year-old pornographer and businessman had encountered the second part of what would end up being his legacy: anti-censorship fighter.

Flynt lost many battles along the way, including that first one. He was a consumate gambler, but in this case the deck was stacked. Keating’s Citizens for Decency Through Law was operating in tandem with the prosecutor.

Summing up the case against Hustler, the prosecutor told the jury, “Sex is a beautiful thing — there’s no question about it — but only in the proper environment.”

Then, producing a piece of chalk out of his pocket, he drew a line across the courtroom floor and literally said “It’s time to draw the line against obscenity.”

Flynt was convicted by a stern judge named Morrisey. In the movie “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” he playfully agreed to play Morrisey, his first adverse judge, sentencing Woody Harrelson-as-Flynt to “11,000 in fines and 7-to-25, no bond!”

Ohio conservatives would continue to periodically pester Flynt and Hustler businesses for decades, always under moralistic excuses.

More Stacked Decks

The Ohio prosecution — and his unapologetic Free Speech antics — made Flynt a national figure. Talk shows and newspapers spoke of the case, even if the gatekeepers of morality ensured that Flynt could never be portrayed as a hero.

“I think Hustler is tawdry,” America’s most influential talk show host and nightly monologist Johnny Carson told the New Yorker in 1977, “but I also think the First Amendment means what it says, then it protects Flynt as much as anyone else.”

“As far as I’m concerned,” Carson continued, “people should be allowed to read and see whatever they like, provided it doesn’t injure others. If they want to read pornography until it comes out of their ears, the let them. But if I go on the ‘Tonight Show’ and defend Hustler, the viewers are going to tag me as that guy who’s into pornography. And that’s gonna hurt me as an entertainer, which is what I am.”

Another deck, this time of mainstream media and public opinion, was stacked against Flynt. Again, he didn’t care.

While he was fighting the Cincinnati conviction, Flynt very publicly and briefly converted — and the magazine — to evangelical Christianity. It was during this period that another obscenity case popped up in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Flynt had recently decided to challenge the Georgia morality police by opening a pop-up Hustler shop in Atlanta and selling the magazine himself.

It was during a subsequent 1978 Lawrenceville trial fighting local obscenity legislation that Flynt was shot by a white supremacist serial killer, who was reportedly indignant at Hustler’s depiction of an interracial couple.

Following the assassination attempt, the Lawrenceville judge declared a mistrial. Flynt, in unimaginable pain, returned to Georgia a year after the shooting to face off against his enemies.

In a 1984 interview he said that before the shooting he used to spend 20 percent of his time fucking with “them” (the Man, the establishment, the hypocrites, etc.) and 80 percent having sex.

“Now that I can’t fuck,” he continued, “I spend 100 percent of my time fucking with ‘them.’ See, I’m paralyzed from the waist down, but I ain’t paralyzed from the waist up.”

“That’s why I’m their worst nightmare come true,” he added.

Fighting Through Personal Chaos

After he moved his business operation to Los Angeles in 1979, comes a chaotic period that those who know the man’s story only through “The People vs. Larry Flynt” tend to find confusing. And that makes sense: between 1979 and 1983, the L.A.-based Flynt was going through the painful aftermath of the shooting, erratic medical treatments, mental health misdiagnoses and lifestyle-related turmoil.

Still, he managed to propel himself into the national conversation, in a series of legal appearances and stunts that culminated in his 1983 campaign for the Republican nomination for President, challenging one of his main targets of vitriol, Ronald Reagan.

Here’s where understanding his free speech legacy gets tricky for many people: the iconic images of Flynt in his trademark gold wheelchair wearing a diaper, or a T-shirt saying “Fuck This Court,” or American flags as apparel, or telling off the Supreme Court — all of which were recreated in the Hollywood biopic — don’t directly relate to Flynt’s work as a pornographer and as a publisher of sex images.

A lot of his legal troubles in the early 1980s — including the time he described the Supreme Court with an incredibly obscene quip — stem from a lawsuit over a lewd cartoon mocking Penthouse founder Bob Guccione and his then-girlfriend that Hustler published in 1976. Others escalated from Flynt’s involvement in a bizarre, convoluted incident surrounding the criminal drugs case against car manufacturer John DeLorean.

Both major Flynt-related cases cited in free speech jurisprudence do not involve his publishing of sex photos: they’re both about comedy material, as he understood it, aimed at personal foes.

Perhaps the most famous case stems from Flynt’s publication of a Mad Magazine-style parody of a Campari ad that implied Rev. Jerry Falwell — the nation’s most famous religious moralist and War on Porn crusader — had sex with his own mother.

The Falwell legal battle is what eventually enshrined Flynt as a First Amendment warrior and it also provided the rousing anti-censorship climax to “The People vs. Larry Flynt.”

It’s important to stress that Flynt was indeed being targeted by the forces of morality because he was an unrepentant pornographer. But his major battles were fought over the right to publish raunchy comedy bits he personally enjoyed — outhouse humor of the kind a pre-joining-the Navy teenage Flynt would have enjoyed with a rolled cigarette and a swig of moonshine.

The Right to Fight ‘a Religious Phony’

Falwell’s lawsuit came at a time when Flynt had been jailed over one of the many contempt of court incidents he had become embroiled in. His state of mind was dark, but he knew what he had to do: keep fighting.

“As far as I was concerned,” he later wrote about the period, “there was no justice, no God, no rationality left in the world. The government had done nothing to find or arrest to man who had shot me, the medical profession had done nothing to alleviate my pain and the legal profession was persecuting me for expressing my passionately held opinion that Jerry Falwell was a religious phony.”

During the Falwell trial, Flynt continued stating his beliefs. “Free expression is absolute,” he told the opposing counsel, “as long as no one is hurt.”

“I feel you have a right to say whatever you want to,” he continued.

“No matter how somebody’s feelings may be affected?” asked Falwell’s lawyer.

“Ah, you’re talking about matters of taste. What I’m trying to say is that no one should be imprisoned for what they say! If you don’t like what is being said on television, turn it off. If you don’t like what’s in Hustler, don’t buy it.”

The case went all the way up to the Supreme Court, where Flynt’s attorney Alan Isaacson (played in the movie by Edward Norton) delivered a lasting argument in favor of free expression in 1987.

“There is public interest in having Hustler express its view that what Jerry Falwell says, as the ad parody indicates — is B.S.”

“And,” he added, “Hustler has every right to say that somebody who’s out there campaigning against it, saying, ‘Don’t read [their] magazine and [they] are poison on the minds of America and don’t fornicate and don’t drink liquor’ — Hustler has every right to say that man is full of B.S.”

“And that is what this ad parody says,” Isaacman concluded. “It put him in a ridiculous setting. Instead of Jerry Falwell speaking from the television with a beatific look on his face and a Bible in his hand, Hustler is saying, ‘Let’s deflate this stuffed shirt; let’s bring him down to our level.'”

The Supreme Court published its decision in 1988 and they ruled unanimously in favor of Flynt and Hustler, with the Chief Justice writing, “The fact that society might find speech offensive is not a sufficient reason for suppressing it.”

‘Fuck You If You Can’t Take a Joke’

In his Hustler editorial celebrating the decision, Flynt wrote another summation of his Free Speech and free sexual expression philosophy:

I sincerely hope that this victory over censorship signals the swing of the pendulum back toward a more open society, where sexual communication can be conducted freely and with an accompanying honesty.

“hose traits have been sorely lacking in our initial approaches to the AIDS crisis and sex education, and their absence hinders people’s ability to make informed decisions about disease prevention, contraception and abortion.

Hustler has always promoted the concept that sexual openness requires sexual responsibility, just as maintaining our civil freedoms requires the responsible effort to vote, pay taxes and obey the laws and legal precedents of the land.

I am very happy to have helped ensure that one of those precedents guarantees every American the right to make fun, particularly of those people who try to hold themselves above the rest of the world.

The title of the editorial is “Fuck You If You Can’t Take a Joke.”

‘I Think We Gotta Be Free’

Nearing the end of his life and many tribulations, Flynt retained the boyish hellraiser glint in his eye that one can see in countless pictures from throughout his more than five decades in the limelight.

Back in December 2019, I asked Flynt if he considered himself idealistic about the prospects of holding power to scrutiny and fighting the good fight against the self-appointed moralists and hypocrites.

“This country is pretty corrupt…” he told me, before trailing off into one of his elder statesmanlike reflective moods, followed by a few seconds of silence.

“This country is pretty corrupt,” he then repeated, now with more intent. And then he fixed his probing eyes on me, chuckling, “I guess at heart, I’m an anarchist.”

Later, when I asked him about what in his opinion drove the War on Porn moralists that continue fighting against sexual expression — his old enemies from Morality in Media have rebranded as NCOSE (National Center on Sexual Exploitation) and are funding most major attempts to restrict access to porn — Flynt offered a wise summation that reflected a lifetime of fighting the good fight.

“I think we gotta be free,” he said. “We can’t be afraid to be free. Freedom is defending the thought that we hate rather than the thought that we love the most, you know.”

“A lot of people are afraid to be free.”

Main Image: Larry Flynt photographed in his office, December 2019 (Photo: Gustavo Turner)

Opinion: Why Larry Flynt Was Crucial in the Fight for Free Expression by Gustavo Turner originally appeared in XBIZ

ULTRA Silicone Lubricants by Wicked Sensual care

Wicked Sensual Care is our February Vendor of the Month! In celebration, let’s review their silicone based collection.

Wicked ULTRA Silicone Lubricants are luxuriously sensuous and long lasting. 

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Formulated with the highest quality silicone available in the personal care market. Ultra Silicone contains no additives or fillers for an exceptionally silky feel.

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Satisfyer Menstrual Cups

Featuring a slightly curved design, Satisfyer Menstrual Cups are made with super-soft, body-friendly, medical-grade silicone that’s smooth to the touch and extremely hygienic.

The easy to insert menstrual cups offer up to 12 hours of leak-free protection and are available in a practical set of two with a capacity of 0.5 oz (15 ml) and 0.68 oz (20 ml), making them suitable for both lighter and heavier days.

To clean and sterilize, submerge in boiling water after every period.



  • Silicone menstrual cups
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For a great read on how menstrual cups can fit into your product catalog, don’t miss Why Sex And Periods Are Not Mutually Exclusive.

Satisfyer Menstrual Cups are available in 3 styles, with 7 colors per style:

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The Grippers Open Faced Dual Density Strokers by CalExotics

The Grippers are heavy-duty, flexible, open-sleeve masturbator designed to please.

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The Gripper Dual Grip

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Want to switch it up mid-way through? Simply move to the other side and continue. There is absolutely no additional work required. This is a great, simple, easy to use masturbator for those who are experiencing toys for the first time, while allowing a diversity of options for the skillful toy masters.

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The Gripper Spiral Grip

The Gripper Spiral Grip is a heavy-duty, open-sleeve masturbator designed to please. The open-sleeve design allows for a grip as tight as you want it. Squeeze it tight, or loosen your grip, this masturbation session can be anything what you want it to be.

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Cleanup is easy with the open-sleeve design. Simply wash with toy cleaner, and let dry.


  • Heavy-duty, flexible, open-sleeve masturbator
  • Dual-density for a comfortable grip and powerful hold
  • Soft ridges provide sensational friction and incredible stimulation
  • Open-sleeve design allows for a grip as tight as you want it
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Clean up is easy with the open-sleeve design. Simply wash toy cleaner, and let dry.


  • Heavy-duty, flexible, open-sleeve masturbator
  • Dual-density for a comfortable grip and powerful hold
  • Pleasure nodules provide sensational friction and incredible stimulation
  • Open-sleeve design allows for a grip as tight as you want it
  • Incredibly life-like Pure Skin material
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A Look at the Lessons COVID-19 Has Taught Adult Retailers

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash 

Life as we know it has changed dramatically over the last year. Never did we realize that 2020 would bring such disruption to modern times.

But here we are. We’ve changed our routine and adapted to the new normal. Welcome to the future!

Things may eventually return to what we previously classed as “normal,” although this is probably a long way off. COVID-19 has forced businesses to adapt their working methods and changed the way they generate sales, connect with clients and build working relationships. However, these changes may have already been in progress. Has COVID-19 accelerated the natural change in business and forced us to adapt sooner than we anticipated?

Let’s think about this. It’s easier than ever to connect with others through a wide range of different methods. Gone are the days where we could only participate in business meetings in-person and could only communicate via letters, phone calls or that dreaded fax machine (thankfully I’m just young enough to have missed out on using these at work, but I’ve heard they were a real nightmare!) No longer are we reliant on an internet connection that made noises like a breakdancing robot and took hours to download an MP3 track (unfortunately I am young enough to remember dial-up internet!).

So that leaves us in a position where we have the means, the ability and the technology to diversify and change the way in which we conduct business. We’ve had this for a number of years, yet something was keeping us from breaking out of our comfort zone and exploring these new opportunities. Maybe COVID-19 was the push businesses needed to catch up to where we should be…

So what are the advantages of embracing this technology and leaving tradition behind? Let’s take an international business meeting for example. For big corporate companies, these meetings often involved the coming together of several of your company representatives with others from potential trading partners. They may involve traveling halfway around the world, requiring transport (usually in the form of flights) and accommodation for all representatives involved. Then there is food, drinks and other expenses … It can all get hugely expensive, not to mention the pollution caused by transport and travel (and presently also putting your colleagues and friends at greater risk of contracting COVID-19).

During the last year or so, businesses have realized that these meetings can be done virtually, greatly reducing the enormous costs that they can rack up and also being much greener for the planet.

Yes, we still get that dreaded “how do we end the call” moment, and sometimes run into poor connections resulting in only being able to hear half of what is said, but there are always ways around these small issues.

Video calling is a powerful tool, allowing us to work from anywhere that has an internet connection (which in this age, is almost everywhere!) And what can be better than getting up and out of bed, jumping in the shower, getting half-dressed and plonking yourself in your virtual office (making sure that the camera doesn’t show that you’re only wearing your boxer shorts on your lower half)?

Virtual trade shows are another phenomenon that have burst onto the scene over the last six months, and just work so, so well. You may not get quite as much socializing at the bar or sightseeing around the local area as you would do in-person, but you can still meet with suppliers and trading partners easily, and it makes these shows much more accessible to those that may not have necessarily been able to visit in-person (due to things like distance, costs or personal circumstances). Having recently participated in two of them, I have made a huge number of new contacts and signed deals with partners I never ever knew before these shows. They are an important part of the industry and having access to them in such a convenient way has helped the industry to thrive in these crazy times.

Another thing that COVID-19 has railroaded adult retailers into is building an online presence. Many retailers had previously only relied on their own bricks-and- mortar store, and although no one could predict the devastation and disruption COVID-19 has caused, they hadn’t built a virtual presence for times when their business is forced to close to walk-in customers.

In modern life, having an online presence for a business is essential! More shoppers shop online than in-store in the U.K., and although this is unfortunate as it becomes less personal, it’s just fact. Customers enjoy the convenience of being able to order on their phone, tablet or computer and have a courier drop it off the next day. Some still do enjoy shopping in-store, but it’s important to have a balance of both physical and online retail. When one must close, the other becomes your lifeline and carries your business through these tough times.

When you have an online presence, the customer then has an option to shop online or in-store, potentially increasing your sales. You effectively open a new virtual store, and if you have just one physical store, it can double your brand and retail presence.

Most retailers that have physical stores tend to find that their online store is their biggest moneymaker (when done correctly), and their physical store acts more like a walk-in warehouse — so if their walk-in warehouse needs to close because of things like COVID-19, their business doesn’t have to close and their online sales pull them through until they can reopen again.

In times like these, we have to think smart. Rather than finding ways around cheating the rules and regulations (such as trying to find loop-holes), come up with alternative ways to trade. Embrace modern technology and figure out better ways of doing what you currently do. Diversify, adapt and future-proof your business.

After all, you never know what’s just around the corner…


A Look at the Lessons COVID-19 Has Taught Adult Retailers by Daniel Miller originally appeared in XBIZ

O-VIBE Luxury Vibrator by Mr & Mrs Toy

Surrender and satiate your true desires over and over again. Because ultimate pleasure has no compromise.

Refined and opulent, the O-VIBE has been expertly, precision designed to provide the ultimate in pleasure. Voluptuous velvety smooth lines crafted from the finest body-safe silicone offer irresistible stimulation to the most intimate of erogenous zones.

Offering infinite opportunities, O-VIBE’s ten sensual vibration and pulsation levels allow you to personally control your playtime to the max. Or why not place the ultimate erotic fate in a partner’s hands and experiment together. Versatile and suggestive, the vibrator stimulates and arouses precisely as you choose to intimately explore.

Follow the path from the most subtle teasing pulse building to a deeply satisfying vibration with O-VIBE’s simple controls and powerful motor.

The USB rechargeable O-VIBE is rated IPX7 waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.



  • Luxury Vibrator
  • 10 Highly powerful vibration and pulsation levels
  • Tapered tip for precision stimulation
  • Easy push-button control
  • 3 seconds turn on/off
  • IBX7 waterproof
  • Magnetic USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • Storage bag included
  • Silicone and ABS
  • 6.3” (4.7” insertable) x 1.2” at widest point

Wellness G Wave Dual Motor Dual Stimulator with Constant Connectivity by Blush Novelties

Wellness G Wave is a deep, rumbly dual action experience!

Stylish and stimulating, the Wellness G Curve has one of the most powerful motors on the market. Covered in platinum cured silicone, the Wellness G Curve is silky soft to the touch and completely body safe.

Curved to fit the contours of your body, the slim shaft and flexible external arm are built for consistent vibration and pressure. Intense G-spot stimulation is yours with this vibe’s sleek, curved design and flexible body.

G Wave can also maintain connectivity with your pleasure points if you choose to thrust the toy in and out of your body.

Powerful dual motors provide seven vibration modes – consisting of three speeds before launching into four pulse patterns – that can be explored using the two-button control located on the handle.

The USB rechargeable Wellness G Wave is rated IPX7 waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Dual stimulator
  • Perfectly placed dual motors in both the internal and external arm
  • Designed to maintain connectivity during thrusting
  • 7 Vibration modes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long handle for easy use
  • Well placed buttons
  • Perfectly flexible shafts
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Magnetic USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 90 Day warranty provided by Blush Novelties
  • Silicone
  • 9.25” (4.5” insertable) x 1.25”
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