ON Hemp Shockingly Powerful Buzzing Hemp-Infused Arousal Oil by Sensuva

ON Hemp is a unique hemp infused intimate product that makes going green even more exciting.

ON Hemp is a revolutionary arousal product made with a unique blend of pure essential oils & extracts. When applied to the clitoris, ON Hemp Arousal Oil increases blood flow and creates a pulsating and vibrating sensation which amplifies awareness, enabling quick and intense orgasms. In addition to dramatically heightened sensation and arousal, most users feel as though they are self-lubricating MORE.

ON Hemp Arousal Oil provides the same intensity as ON Original Arousal Oil, with the added benefits of non-CBD, non-THC/psychoactive cold-pressed hemp oil:

  • Rich in healthy fatty acids like Omega-6 & Omega-3
  • Deeply Moisturizing, bringing new life to dry skin
  • Helps relieve itching caused by dry, irritated skin
  • Full of nourishing vitamins and nutrients
  • Supports immune system response
  • Gently hydrates and soothes skin

ON Hemp can be a healthy option for those with sensitive skin who can find traditional arousal gels and creams too drying for their vulva. Hemp seed oils are jam-packed with nourishing fatty acids that can elongate the effectiveness of the ON while reducing irritation and leaving the skin of the clitoral hood soft after use.

For best results, apply 1-2 drops to the finger and directly massage onto the clitoris. After 5 minutes add more if desired. Within seconds, most feel a warm, pleasurable buzzing or vibrating sensation that can last up to 45 minutes.


  • Arousal oil
  • Pulsates and vibrates
  • Hemp Oil infused
  • Natural ingredients
  • Works quickly!
  • Rich with healthy fatty acids like Omega-6 & Omega-3
  • Increases blood flow
  • Gently hydrates and soothes skin
  • 0.17 Ounce bottle contains approximately 50 applications

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