Ocean Blue & Sunset Orange Flip Orb Textured Strokers by Tenga

The new Tenga Flip Orbs serve up contrasting sensations of textures, pressure, and suction.

Both strokers feature multiple interior orbs with firm cores surrounded by soft, springy, and supple elastomer. Meanwhile, the pressure pads on the firm outer case allow you to create sensations that feel as if they were designed with your personal pleasure in mind.

Each Flip Orb contains unique internal details to provide sensations that enhance the rippling stimulation of the orbs:

Ocean Blue – Inspired by the vast blue expanse of the ocean, supple wavy ribs on the surface of each orb give it that delectable entwining feel, plus jiggly bouncy sensations at one end with a firm squeeze at the base.

Sunset Orange – Inspired by the breathtaking sunset over the sea, the spiraling edges on each orb give it that enticing burst of sensation, plus dense textured stimulation at one end and firm compression at the base.

Use the pads on each side to get the internal pressure just right and increase the suction. Grab hold and squeeze as much or as little as you like; the suction created by the internal pressure, textured details, and flexible orbs combine to create incredible contrasting sensations for a sensational experience.

Cleanup is a breeze, as Flip Orbs are completely waterproof. Just open fully, rinse, apply your favorite toy cleanser, and rinse again. The cap comes in handy to act as hygienic stand for air drying.


  • Stroker
  • Firm outer case
  • Squishy textured interior
  • Bouncy interior orbs
  • Pressure pads on sides for a custom squeeze
  • Cap doubles as a drying stand
  • ABS / PC / Elastomer
  • 7.01” (5.51” insertable) x 3.39” (1.38” insertable)

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