Mini Leather Impact Tools by Rouge Garments

International boutique-style kink and leather company Rouge Garments is a luxury bondage manufacturer based in the UK.​ Their products are all hand crafted from carefully selected materials to ensure they supply only the highest quality products.

All Rouge Leather products come unpackaged. After doing extensive research and speaking with both bricks-and-mortar store owners and online store owners, Rouge found that the end consumer cares more about the quality of the product and its look and feel as opposed to the packaging the product comes in, so they decided to focus solely on the quality and usefulness of the product, enabling them to provide consumers with a luxury product at competitive prices.

Well suited for those looking to graduate from beginner crops and floggers to a higher-quality impact tool, Rouge’s Mini Leather collection offers exceptional construction and luxury materials at a budget-friendly price.

Available in both black and a rich red, their Leather Mini collection includes:

Mini Flogger

Mini Oval Paddle

And Mini Spade Paddle

The compact display of 36 is a perfect addition to your counter and can inspire a spicy impulse buy at checkout.

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