Join the Pleasure Revolution with Zumio

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Exploration with Rotation, Not Vibration

Unlock new sensations with Zumio, the only toy that uses a rotating motion – not vibration – to deliver pinpoint stimulation exactly where you want it.

The combination of Zumio’s unique SpiroTip rotation, 8 speeds, and pressure-sensitive intensity put you in complete control of your pleasure.

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What makes Zumio Unique?

During manual masturbation, women will instinctively and randomly change finger pressure, slow down, speed up and move their finger location as they need to increase arousal. It’s very “play by ear”. Zumio has a unique tip, stylus and patented motor clutch drive system, that enables the same natural motion and allows users to dynamically go from high speed and intensity down to a low speed and intensity, without having to touch a control.

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Get to Know Zumio

Intensity: Zumio S has a shorter stem and larger tip, providing a less intense experience. Zumio X has a longer stem and smaller tip, providing a more intense experience.

Rotation, not Vibration: Zumio’s rotating motion provides stimulation without the numbing or buzzing sensation that vibration can cause. Also, you’ll never feel any unwanted vibration in the handle.

Solo Use: Zumio is designed to let you explore your body like never before. Thanks to its precision tip and fully customizable intensity, you’ll be able to discover new sensations and pleasure points.

Partner Use: Zumio’s small size and ergonomic handle make it perfect to use during foreplay or intercourse, allowing you to deliver pleasure when and where you want it most.

Pressure Sensitive: Zumio’s mechanical design adjusts the intensity based on the pressure you apply. Push down harder, and the intensity increases. Push lightly, and the intensity decreases.

Customizable Pleasure: Zumio has 8 speeds you can choose from using the simple and intuitive controls.

Submersible: Zumio is 100% waterproof, which means you can safely enjoy it in the bath or shower.

Perfect for Travel: Zumio’s Nickel Metal Hydride battery and travel lock make it safe to pack in your carry-on luggage.

One-Year Warranty: Enjoy Zumio with confidence knowing it’s backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty.

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You’re in Control

Zumio has been specially designed to adjust its intensity depending on how much pressure you use. Press gently for light stimulation, press firmly for slower, deeper stimulation.

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Zumio Is Not A Vibrator

Vibrators generate much more energy, but Zumio delivers very high energy density at the small contact area TIP and the ability to use pressure to dynamically change speed and intensity makes the energy delivered to the clitoral nerve more selective so the brain gets very local nerve stimulation messages.

Zumio is like an “artist’s brush” and highly responsive to the users’ specific exploration and experience.

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Invented and Designed by Women

A busy single mom wanted a better way to shift gears and experience pleasure when she had some precious me time.

She had tried other sex toys but wanted something different. Something that mimicked the natural, circular motion of a fingertip. Something discrete looking. Something that would arouse her quickly. Something she could explore with.

Thanks to its small size and precision tip, Zumio happens to be the perfect complement to couple’s play. Used during intercourse, Zumio can provide just the right stimulation at just the right time, putting you in control of your pleasure.

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Pleasure Options

Sensitivity is personal and can change daily, so there are two Zumio choices to cover the bases.

Zumio X and Zumio S each feature a unique tip, delivering pleasure differently.

Zumio X is more intense, perfect for those craving intensity.

Zumio S offers gentle intensity, great for foreplay all the way to orgasm.

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Experience Rotation, not Vibration – Zumio’s SpiroTip rotates in tiny circles, creating a completely unique sensation.

Explore & Discover – Use Zumio to pinpoint stimulation in different areas to unlock new pleasure points.

Take Control – Customize your Zumio experience with 8 speeds and pressure-sensitive intensity.

Enjoy Confidently – Zumio is 100% waterproof, whisper quiet, body-safe, and includes a 1-year warranty.

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