INFINITY Luxury Lubricants by pjur

Take passion to a new level with pjur INFINITY.

To rediscover passion, you need to completely let yourself go and free your body and mind from restrictions. Experience a limitless kind of sexuality and the countless opportunities your sexuality offers you. Immerse yourself in a new sexual experience with pjur INFINITY!

Medical quality and made in Germany, pjur INFINITY is available in two varieties – water-based and silicone. Two premium personal lubricants for every requirement and all preferences.

pjur INFINITY’s attractive packaging makes the new premium lubricant the ideal gift and a very special surprise.

pjur INFINITY’s glass bottle looks elegant, feels good, and is more sustainable than conventional plastic packaging.

pjur INFINITY is free from preservatives. It does not contain any additional fragrances or flavorings and is dermatologically tested.

pjur’s vision is to improve love lives and quality of life of people all over the world. They help people rediscover their passion and joy, enable them to enjoy carefree moments and increase their sexual wellbeing.

Pjur Infinity Silicone

The thrilling new premium personal lubricant for pleasure.

pjur INFINITY silicone-based is your premium personal lubricant.

Perfect for sex & massages, it leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

The formula is free from preservatives and still provides lasting lubrication, with all the opportunities that brings for diving into a limitless kind of sexuality.

1.7oz bottle

Pjur Infinity Water-Based

The exciting new premium personal lubricant for an extra dose of sensation.

pjur INFINITY water-based is your premium personal lubricant.

It’s ideal for use with sex toys and also cares for your skin.

The formula gives your sexuality a boost with an extra dose of sensation, releasing countless opportunities for discovering something new.

1.7oz bottle.

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