Honey Spoons Sexual Supplements by Rock Candy Toys

Want a bedroom boost but have issues with taking pills? Honey Spoons are here for you.

Honey Spoons by Rock Candy Toys are single-serving dietary supplements featuring a blend of ingredients including natural wild honey and vitamin B6.

Women’s Honey Spoons are flavored like sweet cotton candy, and are formulated to help support women’s energy, sexual desire, and arousal.

Male Honey Spoons come in a tasty black cherry flavor and has been formulated to support energy and endurance while enhancing the quality of erections.

Taking effect quicker than capsules, honey-style supplements gain potency due to the more concentrated formula. Since it’s already broken down, it usually starts to work 10-15 minutes faster than a capsule formulation.

Each Honey Spoon offers a single serving of tasty, fortified honey premeasured into a spoon that makes it fun and easy to ingest. Just a spoonful of Honey will get your body buzzing.

Available as individually wrapped singles as well as a 24-piece countertop display.

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