Hello Sexy! Toy Collection by Thank Me Now Brands

Femme and Fabulous.

Hello, Sexy! By Thank Me Now Brands is a femme-forward sexual wellness brand EMPOWERING pleasure for womxn of all shapes, shades and sizes to FEEL as BEAUTIFUL as they Look.

Consisting of toys, bondage tools and lingerie, all Hello Sexy! items are presented in beautiful cohesive packaging featuring an on-trend ultra-sexy drip design. The bulk of the bondage skus are available in a whimsical iridescent pastel rainbow ombre, with the rest of the collection featuring a luxe color assortment in tones of Lilac, Cherry Blossom, and Tiger Lily.

Let’s take a look at their pleasure toy collection:

  • Hello, Halo! Petite Wand Massager is a classic wand dressed in silicone in a petite form
  • Bling Bling Mini Wand Massager delights with jewel details and a bullet-sized shape
  • Tease Me, Please Me Finger Vibe features a non-slip finger loop and a curved silhouette
  • Be Twisted G-Spot Vibe boasts tons of twisty texture and a curved tip
  • Petal-To-The-Metal Rose offers the always-popular rose shape and air pulse stimulation
  • You’re A Sweetheart is a petite treat of a palm vibe in the shape of a heart
  • Party Girl Panty Vibe is an ergonomically shaped undie vibe with a raised ridge texture that includes a remote
  • Booty Cutie is an aluminum plug with a plush puff of faux fur at the end

Hello, Sexy! Understands that no matter what our bodies look like, no matter what size or shape we are, we are all beautiful and deserving of love and respect. Let’s celebrate our curves, our scars, our stretch marks, and everything in between. Let’s lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, and create a space where we can be our most sexually empowered ourselves without fear of judgment.

So let’s embrace our vibrators, our makeup, our fashion, and most importantly, ourselves.

Let’s show the world what real beauty looks like, and inspire others to love and accept themselves just the way they are.

Hello Sexy Hello, Halo! Petite Wand Massager

Meet the iconic little black dress of vibrators, the Hello, Halo compact wand!

Sleek, sexy, and versatile, the Hello, Halo! is small enough to slip into your purse for a night out, and powerful enough to hold its own against larger wands on the market.

Wrapped in velvety plush, body-safe silicone, the Hello, Halo! glides dreamily against your skin, while its 20 patterns and 8 speeds sustain your pleasure journey from feisty foreplay to fabulous finish! Comes with a luxe satin travel pouch for busy babes on-the-go.

A drool-worthy addition to your bedroom for both solo play and partnered play, the 2” head fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Send sweet pleasurable vibes throughout the body, or use Hello, Halo! to engage in soothing self-care massage.

The USB rechargeable Hello, Halo! is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.


  • Cordless Mini Wand
  • Bendable Neck for targeted vibration
  • Special High Strength Motor
  • 20 different Pulsation Patterns to choose from
  • 8 Speed Strengths to tailor your massage
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty provides by Thank Me Now Brands
  • High Grade Body-Safe Silicone and ABS plastic
  • Compact Travel Size 7.8” x 1.6”


Hello Sexy Bling Bling Mini Wand Massager

The Hello, Sexy Bling Bling is an ultra-compact, handheld wand– only slightly larger than your average bullet.

Its body-safe silicone design comes dressed to impress with a sleek rose gold accent ring on the handle that’s bejeweled with white rhinestone studs.

The Bling Bling head is small enough to home in on those hard-to-reach places, with pleasure ridges sure to make you sigh in ecstasy as you intimately caress and purr through the Bling Bling’s 10 vibrating settings.  If you were looking for a discreet, travel-friendly vibrator that’s also a luxe accessory to mix and match with date-night makeup, lingerie, and jewelry, the Bling Bling would be it.

The USB rechargeable Bling Bling is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Mini wand massager
  • Bendable, flexible accordion neck, for custom pressure and placement
  • Slim design, small head for pinpoint stimulation
  • Pleasure ridges on head hold lube in place for enhanced clitoral and intimate stimulation
  • Also great for nipple play
  • Whisper-quiet motor
  • Compact, Travel-friendly size
  • Beautiful rose gold and rhinestone details complement existing jewelry
  • IPX6 Waterproof for discreet shower play
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty provided by Thank Me Now Brands
  • Materials: High Grade Body-Safe Silicone and ABS plastic


Hello Sexy! Tease Me, Please Me Finger Vibe

Need an extra hand in the bedroom or a power up during Me-time? Extend the reach of your pleasure with the Hello, Sexy Tease Me, Please Me Finger Vibe.

Delight in this stylish rose gold rechargeable bullet vibrator, encased in a medical grade silicone sleeve with a curved- inverted J-shaped design (for ‘just touch me already, jeez!)

With an intuitive seamless strap that fits comfortably over any one of your fingers, use to ‘wear’ a trail down your lover’s body or your own. Perfect for caressing any especially sensitive areas or erogenous zones to seduce or bring you to an uproarious climax.

The USB rechargeable Tease Me, Please Me is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Finger vibe
  • Plush, matte velvet, body-safe silicone sleeve
  • Body-hugging curve design
  • Whisper-quiet motor
  • 10 pleasing pulsation, escalation and vibration modes
  • Compact, travel-friendly size
  • May use to give TLC to any external erogenous zones, or enjoy for shallow penetrative play
  • Splashproof
  • USB Rechargeable lipstick bullet included
  • Limited 1 year warranty provided by Thank Me Now Brands
  • Silicone and ABS


Hello Sexy Be Twisted G-Spot Vibe

The Be Twisted Bullet Vibe will have you twist and shout with pleasure!

The velvety-smooth silicone shaft is sculpted from head-to-hilt with sensory swirls that are perfect for either internal or external play.

Featuring an ergonomic design, with luxe rose gold handle that is delightful to hold, Be Twisted’s curved head expertly pleases the g-spot, while the shaft works to manually twist or thrust internally at your own pace. Tease and stroke externally, working as a perfect ‘grinding’ toy for texture-loving queens.

With its strawberry ice cream silhouette, the Be Twisted is an adorable blend of form and function that with a will have you happily screaming for more!

The USB rechargeable Be Twisted is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Mini vibe
  • Swirl texture
  • Ergonomic design
  • 7 vibration, pulsation and escalation modes
  • Whisper-quiet
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Limited 1 year warranty provided by Thank Me Now Brands
  • Body Safe Medical Grade Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • 6” x 1.24”


Hello Sexy Petal-To-The-Metal Rose Air Stim Vibe

You could buy yourself flowers, but the Petal-to-the-Metal Rose Suction Vibe would last helluva lot longer and ultimately make you sooo much happier. Babe, you don’t need them. You could make yourself come so many times over with Petal-to-the-Metal.

Petal’s plush, pastel rose shape nestles perfectly in your most sensitive spots that need extra love and TLC. The firm silicone petals act as pleasure ridges to catch and hold lube for added sensations, making the Petal a great grinding toy for texture queens.

The standout feature of the Petal is its pressure wave design. At the blossom’s center is a tiny mechanical mouth that provides the air pulse stimulation. Press the Hello Sexy ‘lips’ button on the side of Petal-to-the-Metal to sift through ten modes and intensities, pleasuring you gently, patiently, insistently, furiously. . . resulting in quick toe-curling orgasms. And babe, you could definitely use more orgasms in your life. At the end of the day, isn’t that what happiness is? Orgasmic bliss, full-speed ahead, Petal-to-the-Metal style.

The USB rechargeable Petal-To-The-Metal is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Air Pulse stimulator
  • Adorable rose design
  • 10 combined vibrating + suction modes
  • LED control button
  • Suction technology for optimal clitoral stimulation, nipple play, and indulging in your erogenous zones
  • Pleasure ridged petals lube in place for enhanced pleasure and comfort
  • Whisper-quiet motor
  • Compact, Travel-friendly size
  • IPX6 Waterproof body, shower-friendly, splashproof design
  • Rose gold base is magnetic, USB rechargeable with charging base
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • Silicone and ABS plastic


Hello Sexy! You’re A Sweetheart Palm Vibe

Sweeter than candy, and soft to the touch, You’re a Sweetheart Palm Vibe is your new vibrator-crush!

The Sweetheart is a heart-shaped, firm-bodied, palm-sized silicone vibe that feels like heaven on the skin with its velvety-matte finish.

Its powerful motor is discreet and quiet yet packs a punch. Explore ten modes of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, provided by a medium rumbly motor tucked inside.

And it’s cute to boot! An external vibe of many talents, you can press the Sweetheart gently along the base of the neck, along the shoulders, and back to work out stubborn knots; trail seductively across the nipples and knead against pleasure points to enjoy satisfyingly rumbly vibrations.

The Sweetheart is our ever-loving valentine here to lend a helpful hand on indulgent self-care Sundays, (ok, ALL the days), and to remind you that you always come first.

The USB rechargeable Sweetheart is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Palm-sized mini vibe
  • Discrete shape, travel-friendly compact size
  • Soft-curved edges to nestle and cup against the body
  • Stylish rose gold chrome accent
  • 10 vibration, pulsation and escalation modes
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Medium tone rumbly vibrations
  • Splashproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Intended for external use only
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty provided by Thank Me Now Brands
  • Body Safe Medical Grade Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • 2.41” x 2.44”


Hello Sexy! Party Girl Panty Vibe With Remote

No matter where the night takes you, the Party Girl Panty Vibe offers plenty of play options to help you elevate your intimate experience.

Dressed to impress, Party Girl comes in Tiger Lily Red with rose gold accents on both the smooth silicone toy body and wireless remote. Her convex curve is designed to hold your kitty close, with plush pleasure ridges that will tease you tirelessly.  Her unique shape would also make her a fun ‘third’, with Party Girl acting as a lay-on vibrator to slide into place between you and your partner for continuous clitoral stimulation during the heat of the moment.

Looking to level up your “Me-time”? Party Girl is a great wing woman as you’re hunting down those O’s, even in the privacy of your own home. Enjoy Party Girl as an exquisite handheld external vibe, in place of a clitoral bullet.

Feeling adventurous? Slip the Party Girl into the front pocket of your sexiest pair of panties to use as a wearable panty vibrator, for an extra sensual lingerie strip tease moment at home, or for a sexy little secret during a night out.

Pace your pleasure with the touch of a button, using the matching rose gold and red remote to navigate its 10 vibration modes– or if you’re feeling extra foxy, hand the remote to your partner so they can take control of Party Girl’s vibrations for a truly titillating experience.

So whether you’re showing up as a sexy party of one, two, or a few, Party Girl is down for (almost) anything.

The USB rechargeable Party Girl is splashproof for easy care and cleanup.


  • Undie vibe
  • 10 vibration, pulsation and escalation modes
  • Plush pleasure ridges, body-hugging curve design
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Compact, Travel-friendly
  • Wireless remote control (< 30 ft distance)
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Intended for external use
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty provided by Thank Me Now Brands
  • Silicone and ABS plastic (chrome details)


Hello Sexy! Booty Cutie Puff Anal Plug

Every body is beautiful and deserving of pleasure– it helps when you feel cute to boot! The Booty Cutie plug is here to help elevate your intimacy and show off your booty.

This adorable medium sized plug is comprised of aluminum alloy, a high-quality metal that is equally body-safe as stainless steel, yet delightfully lightweight for comfortable continuous wear.

The Booty Cutie is topped off with a luxuriously soft, adorable bunny tail detail in bright-colored pink or red faux fur.

Wear as part of a full sexy bunny outfit, or enjoy au naturale, wearing nothing but the Booty Cutie for an pleasurable feeling of added fullness – while strutting your stuff, or ‘fluffing’ each other’s brains out like rabbits.


  • Tail style plug
  • Vegan faux fur puff
  • Lightweight for continuous wearing, walking, posing, or during sex
  • Silver metallic tone pairs perfectly with your existing jewelry and accessories
  • Non-vibrating
  • Quality Aluminum alloy is body-safe


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