Gaia BioFeel BioTouch Ecofriendly and Sustainable Minis by Blush

Feel nature and find pleasure with the new, powerful Gaia vibrators by Blush!

Explore BioFeel and BioTouch as you delight in the unique designs and versatile options of these beautiful and incredible new products.

What is BioFeel?

The unique BioFeel material is a non-petroleum plant-based bioplastic, a polymer compound mixed with plant-based materials. BioFeel uses less energy than any other sex toy material on the market and can provide you with relief and comfort knowing it creates fewer greenhouse gases and reduces the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing of standard plastics.

What is BioTouch? 

Blush has perfected BioTouch, a natural rubber material. It meets strict mechanical and chemical requirements and is sturdy, but soft enough for our pleasure products. It has high tensile strength and tear resistance ensuring your toy will go the distance with you. We source our rubber from sustainable and responsible farmers. These products will provide you with relief and comfort knowing they have minimal impact on the environment, making non-petroleum based products such as natural rubber a far better choice than synthetic rubber or materials such as plastic. Rubber trees can assist the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation.

The Gaia vibe collection offers something for everyone:

Eco Love offers a curved and ribbed tip and a heart-shaped fin to slide your fingers into.

Eco Caress features a curved tip and an angled, ergonomic body.

Eco Bliss has a tapered head and a textured, soft body for additional sensations during play.

Eco Delight takes a textured head and adds a fin you can easily slide your fingers into for a comfortable grip and more accessibility.

All USB rechargeable Gaia vibes provide RumbleTech-powered deep rumbly vibrations in five speeds and five patterns for a total of ten pleasure options and are rated IPX7 waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.

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