Fun Flavors Warming Flavored Lubricant & Massage Glide by Wet

Fun Flavors are BACK! These warming lubricants add a whole new level to an already incredible experience.

The four-in-one formulas are perfect for massage, oral, intercourse, or solo play as the warming sensations will turn up the heat on your intimate moments.

These tasty treats add a warming sensation that increases with motion or gentle blowing, taking you on a sensory journey of taste, touch, and smell.

Available in five delicious flavors:

  • Strawberry brings the fruity, sweet taste of strawberries to hot new heights with a warming twist on a classic flavor.
  • Black Cherry takes you on a sensory journey with the scent and taste of cherries. The tongues will be so busy with this incredible lubricant that you won’t have time to show off your stem tying skills!
  • Watermelon transports you to summer with a flavor just like a perfectly ripened, juicy watermelon, and a warming sensation like the sun on your skin.
  • Your tropical paradise not hot enough? Tropical Fruit can fix that for you. This perfect blend of tropical flavors will explode in your mouth to drive you and your partner wild!
  • Passion Fruit Punch is packed with flavors that remind you of your favorite cocktail, giving you the fun of a holiday romance without ever having to leave home.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie allows for the decadence of a cookie binge, with none of the calories. Picture it, classic nostalgic bakery treats, still warm from the oven, melting in your mouth, that sound you make as it hits just right. . . Now you can bring that feeling into the bedroom with no crumbs to worry about. You’ll never look at a plate of cookies fresh out of the oven the same way!


  • Flavored warming multi-use lubricant
  • Ideal for oral play, intercourse, massage, or solo Play
  • Washes away easily with warm water
  • Long lasting
  • Latex compatible
  • Made in the USA
  • Ingredients: Glycerin, Flavor/Aroma.
  • Available in 1 oz. and 4 oz. bottles

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