Flask Ultra Discrete Water Bottle Strokers from PDX Plus by Pipedream Products

Blend in wherever you go and keep your thirst hidden in plain sight with the Flask Ultra Discrete Water Bottle Strokers!

Crafted to mimic the appearance of a modern, reusable water bottle—this on-demand hydration station is designed with your privacy in mind and will effortlessly blend into almost any setting, leaving no trace of suspicion.

No more prying eyes or raised eyebrows – These discreet sleeves are exactly what you came for! They feature an intricate interior tunnel lined with six chambers featuring various configurations of pleasure ribs and raised dots that will rock your world.

The lid features a flip-top suction valve that allows you to control the airflow. Open the straw for free-flowing air that’s great for stroking. When the straw is closed, it creates a super tight vacuum suction effect similar to oral sex.

Like it fast? The built in finger ring on the lid allows you to slide your index finger through for an easy no-slip grip and makes carrying it a breeze.

The Flask Strokers are available in 3 styles:

Fap Flask Thrill Seeker with its sleek black casing and the camo print Happy Camper feature a neutral opening and frosted appearance.

Fuck Flask Secret Delight comes in a stylish charcoal gray bottle. They offer a true-to-life experience and are crafted using Pipedream’s signature Fanta Flesh with a labia-style opening.

Fuck Flask Private Pleaser’s deep teal bottles contain realistic Fanta Flesh strokers that boast longer pliable labia at the opening.

These tantalizing travel buddies will keep you company while venturing into the great unknown or trekking the globe. They easily hide in a backpack, suitcase, or the trunk of a car, making these Flasks the discreet strokers you have been longing for.


  • Discrete strokers
  • Intricate textured tunnel
  • Air flow control
  • Sleeve is removable for easy cleaning
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Pipedream Products
  • ABS Plastic, TPE, Polypropylene, & Silicone
  • 9.4” (7” insertable) x 3.3”

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