Berry Bliss Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream by Classic Brands

Berry Bliss Fragrance:

A delightful scent that will turn your mornings into an exhilarating escape. Infused with a dreamy melody of succulent berries, sparkling champagne, and tropical island flowers, this fragrance is a great way to add a sweet fizz to the start of your day.

Everyone’s Favorite Rash-Free Shave Cream!

The World-Famous Coochy is formulated with jojoba plus skin & hair conditioning agents for an extra smooth, rash-free shave every time.

What makes Coochy different is it contains hair softeners. Normally when you shave, your razor grabs the hair, pulls it, then cuts it, leaving behind a little nub to go back under the skin. That’s what causes red bumps, rashes, and ingrown hairs.

Coochy softens the hair so your razor can cut it without pulling, leaving you with a clean, smooth, rash-free shave. As a bonus, because your razor doesn’t have to work so hard, it actually lasts longer.

Coochy is safe to use anywhere on the body, including legs, arms, underarms, intimate areas, head, and even the face.


  • Helps prevent embarrassing shave bumps & ingrown hairs
  • Protects skin during shaving
  • Softens any hair left behind
  • Provides a smooth, moisturizing shave to any part of the body
  • Paraben-Free, Sugar-Free, and Sulfate-Free
  • No Animal Testing
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in 0.5 oz., 3.4 oz., 7.2 oz, and 12.5 oz. tubes, plus a 32 oz. pump bottle.

Also Available – The Coochy Berry Bliss Intro Bundle

The Intro Bundle includes everything you need for a successful new fragrance launch:

Includes sellable units:

  • (6) 3.4 oz.
  • (6) 7.2 oz.
  • (6) 12.5 oz.

PLUS Freebies:

  • (1) 3.4 oz tube as a tester
  • (12) 0.5 oz. for giveaways, sampling, or for staff to try
  • (1) Shelf talker/ tent card

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