Bedroom Products Gentlemen’s Collection CLIMAX Clitoral Stimulation Gel 2-Pack

CLimax 2

Scientifically designed to enhance stimulation, this clitoral arousal gel is formulated to sensitize and excite.

Using natural circulation boosters like Cinnamon and Clove Oil, CLIMAX will help increase desire, heighten existing sensations, and intensify clitoral orgasms.

This kissable, vegan formula combines Vitamin E and natural flavors for an even sweeter ride. Simple and effective, CLIMAX effortlessly invites an extra pop of pleasure to the experience.

Climax 3


  • Natural formula clitoral stimulation gel
  • Intensifies clitoral orgasms
  • For external use during foreplay or intercourse
  • Fragrance free
  • 100% vegan
  • Includes 2 5mL pump top bottles.

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