Aneros Helix Syn V Vibrating Prostate Massager

The Helix Syn V is a 5th generation anatomically designed hands-free male G-spot stimulator, combining design elements from Aneros’ most popular model, the award-winning Helix Syn Trident, with the added intensity of vibration.

With a simple contraction, Helix Syn V pivots inward and upward stimulating the male G-spot (prostate), anus, perineum and K-spot simultaneously.  Helix Syn V’s ultra-compact design produces quiet yet powerful vibration and can be used in two modes, powered and unpowered.  Slightly larger than the original Helix Syn, Helix Syn V offers a unique experience in unpowered mode with fuller, more robust sensations.

Powered mode provides 8 preset vibration patterns at 3 levels of intensity for a total of 24 enhanced sensory experiences, utilizing a simple multifunction button control. Low speed is for modestly elevated stimulation, a level that promotes more sensation while allowing the user to maintain full awareness of movement and responsiveness to contractions. Think of this as a “power assist” setting, terrific for Super O sessions, specifically designed for those who enjoy subtle stimulation.  Medium speed is more than double the intensity of the low setting, yielding stronger stimulation while still providing an awareness of movement and responsiveness.  A terrific setting for both Super O and traditional (non-ejaculatory) sessions. High speed is almost 3 times the intensity of medium and is specifically designed for those who enjoy high energy vibration.  Great for traditional or Super O sessions. If you need a jolt to send you over the top, level 3 is your afterburner.

The Helix Syn V marks a true turning point in the area of prostate pleasure made possible by the advent of a new generation of ultra-compact electronics.  The result is a product that has the size, shape, responsiveness, focus and performance of the award-winning Helix Syn Trident, with the power of vibration.  Designed in coordination with the Aneros user testing group, the Syn V features a curated selection of vibration patterns at speeds specifically selected for the encouragement and promotion of Super O’s.  The Syn V does this by producing subtle and moderate levels of vibration that generate sensation without desensitizing or masking the body’s own responses to stimulation.

With 8 vibration modes at 3 levels of intensity the Syn V offers 24 sensory experiences (a 3rd level is included for traditional sessions).  When combined with your contractions the possibilities are veritably endless. Only slightly larger than the original Helix Syn Trident, the Syn V is excellent for new, intermediate, and advanced users alike.  It works equally well in unpowered mode, with the feel of a more robust version of the Helix Syn Trident.

All things considered, the Helix Syn V is the most powerful and most versatile product Aneros offers.  It truly is the “holy grail” in powered prostate stimulation.


  • Ultra-compact, hands-free vibrating prostate massage
  • Amplifies all kinds of sexual pleasure
  • Generates stronger, longer orgasms
  • 8 preset patterns at 3 speeds for enhanced stimulation
  • Up to 3 hours of use on a single charge
  • Recommended for new and experienced users

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