Mark's Favorite Things!

Team Holiday has been sharing their Favorite Things with me this week.
To mix it up a bit, I thought I’d get an opinion from someone Holiday-adjacent, so I asked my honey to participate with his input.
Here are Mark’s Favorite Things!

Max Testosterone

“This stuff REALLY works! I’m 60 years old, and it has increased my natural, free-flowing T-levels. I have more effective workouts, an improved libido, and a better all-around mood. The most important result? Consistent great sex!”

Max Vitality

“Ohhh, it’s good. Really good. It makes a great “starter” for us, it feels nice, and I can tell it really gets the blood flowing. Plus, we’ve been using this for a while, and I have noticed a difference in my actual size.”

JO Gelato

“It tastes great! I like the Crème Brulee the best.”

JO for Men Premium Warming

“This has such a nice texture – it’s kind of cushiony, and lasts a long time. I like the warmth, too!”

Coochy Shave Crème

“This just seems to make shaving easier. Because it’s sort of a lotion, I can see what I’m doing, and I get a cleaner, nick-free shave. I also like that my razor cleans off faster.”

JO Gelato Flavored Lubricant


JO GELATO is a flavored water-based personal lubricant designed to enhance foreplay and comfort of intimacy. Formulated using a pure plant sourced glycerin, this product provides a comfortable glide using quality ingredients. Each flavor profile is created around a base that is sugar, paraben and propylene glycol free for a gentle glide that is never sticky or tacky and has no aftertaste.

Available in 5 decadent flavors!

  • Creme Brulee – Rich vanilla custard whipped to perfection topped with crisp caramelized sugar
  • Hazelnut Espresso – The creamy, nutty taste of rich hazelnuts blended with the deep, unmistakable flavor of espresso
  • Mint Chocolate – Fresh mint intertwined with the sweet charm of chocolate to create an irresistible delicacy
  • Salted Caramel – Combines the deliciousness of smooth, buttery caramel with a bit of pure salt to trigger and tease every taste bud
  • Tiramisu – Layered cake that harmonizes bold flavors of cocoa, espresso, savory mascarpone, and brandy-soaked ladyfingers.

Available in 1 oz. and 4 oz. bottles.

JO Gravity Pheromone Infused Fragrances


Entice and attract with JO Gravity Pheromone Infused Fragrances!

 Like adding spice to your favorite foods, pheromones are believed to captivate those around you by accenting your natural sex appeal.

Studies suggest that pheromones can also increase frequency of dates, affectionate gestures, foreplay and intercourse. Use this musky pheromone-infused cologne day or night to enhance your gravitational pull.

JO Gravity for Him is a scent that promotes a distinguished presence. The mature fragrance leaves a woody, spiced note with a hint of freshness and a clean masculine base.

Top Notes: Birchwood, Bergamot, Bitter Orange

Heart Notes: Juniper wood, Artemisia, Cardamom

Base Notes: Cedar wood, Oak moss, Vetiver

Gravity for Her is a fragrance that promotes a strong, yet feminine presence. It’s an intoxicating floral tone that is elevated with a hint of fruit, pink flower petals and creamy vanilla. The base has a very natural tone of woods and gentle musk to provide a unique signature scent.

Top Notes: Star fruit, Italian Mandarin, Boysenberry

Heart Notes: Lotus Flower, Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla, Caramelized Pear, Musk, Woods

3.7 oz Bottles

JO H2O Flavored Lubricant

JO Flavored is a delicious water based personal lubricant that adds spice to your sensual experience.

JO Flavored is the only flavored lubricant that feels silky smooth like silicone. JO Flavored is widely considered the best-tasting flavored lubricant on the market!

Be sure to check out their “recipes” for mixing flavors!: Delicious Delights Menu

H2O Flavored

Turn your partner into a delectable treat with JO H2O Flavored Lubricants. With over a dozen fun flavors like Strawberry Kiss, Tropical Passion and Chocolate Delight, JO H2O Flavored Lubricants are a playful way to tease your appetite for each other.

You can also mix ‘n’ match flavors to create your own unique romantic recipes like Chocolate Mint or Peaches & Cream. JO H2O Flavored Lubricants are vegan, gluten free and so delicious you can even drizzle them over vanilla ice cream!

Just like classic JO H2O lube, JO H2O Flavored delivers a silky smooth, longer lasting glide that’s never sticky or tacky. Made from pure pharmaceutical grade materials, including plant-based glycerin, JO H2O Flavored is safe for any sensual activity.

  • No artificial sweeteners, no aftertaste
  • Super long lasting, never sticky or tacky
  • 100% Latex Safe
  • Compatible with all toys
  • Gluten Free

Available in 17 (!!) yummy flavors:

JO All-In-One Massage Glides

Massage Glide

JO is best known for their awesome lubes, but have you checked out their massage glide yet? I think one of the Account Managers here at Holiday says it best:

“This is great as a moisturizer. With less than a dime-sized drop, you’ll get the most hydrating feeling you’ve ever had, all over.  It’s clearly the best massage glide I’ve ever touched in my 30+ years in this industry.”



JO Massage Glide is designed to let you relax and allows you to safely experience sensual massage and sexual intimacy in one pleasurable session.

JO Massage Glide is silicone based and its unique formula provides a silky smooth massage, and never leaves your skin feeling greasy, oily or tacky.

  • Long Lasting
  • 1 Drop of JO Glide equals 10-15 Drops of other Massage Oils
  • No Perfumes & Formulated with the Highest Grade Essential Oils
  • Aroma Therapeutic
  • Can be Used as a Personal Lubricant
  • Terrific tattoo and Skin Conditioner
  • 100%  latex safe

Available in Unscented, Lavender, Citrus, Cranberry, Cucumber, Strawberry, and Warming.