Enby Flexible Rechargeable Vibrator For Every Body by Wild Flower


Designed to please a variety of bodies, Enby is a dynamic rechargeable vibrator that can be humped, rubbed on, tucked in a harness, and placed between bodies to offer stimulation in all the right places. Flex Enby’s wings to stroke, grab and massage.


What makes Enby so special is that there is no one way to play. You don’t have to change yourself to use it – Enby fits to you.

Hump It – Lay Enby down on a flat surface (a bed is perfect) and grind on its contoured hump. Adjust pressure by shifting your body weight.


Stroke It – Flex and curl Enby’s wings to grab, stroke, and massage. Enby’s ribbed bottom provides extra stimulation.


Tuck It – Tuck Enby inside a harness or underwear to add stimulating vibration to the wearer. Enby’s flexible body and tip wraps and contours comfortably to your body.


Share It – Enby is the perfect vibe to slip between bodies. Enby’s ridges help it stay in place while its motor can simultaneously stimulate both partners.


Any other way you can dream up – Enby’s flexible design inspires creativity and encourages even more uses!


Enby has 3 speeds and 5 patterns of rumbly vibration, controlled by a simple button interface located on the back. Completely dressed in super soft body safe silicone, Enby offers a 100% surface play area.

The USB rechargeable Enby is splash proof for easy care and cleanup.


Designed by Wild Flower in Brooklyn, NY.

As seen in:

Allure, AskMen, Bustle, Dezeen, MILK, OneZero, and Well+Good



  • Multiple use vibrator
  • Hump it, stroke it, tuck it, and share it
  • 3 Speeds and 5 patterns of vibration
  • 100% surface play area
  • Splash proof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Charging cable included
  • Storage bag included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Wild Flower

In the Box:

  • Enby
  • USB charging cable
  • Storage bag
  • User manual


6″ wide at the fins, 5″ from tip to tail, and 1.25″ tall at its highest point.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Value Pack


Sometimes efficiency is the best policy.

The QUICKSHOT is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight and is unique due to its fully exposed orifices on each end. This means it can be used as supplementary stimulation during blowjobs/ fellatio/ oral sex, or as a solo masturbation aid.
Watch every satisfying moment through an entirely clear case and sleeve. Equipped with a winding, grinding screw-like texture, Vantage lends itself to a visibly commanding experience.
Enter via either end and take Flight until climax, with your end result landing wherever you direct it.
Thanks to the open-ended sleeve of this Fleshlight variation, you can rest assured cleaning up will be a breeze. Simply remove the sleeve from its compact clear case after use and rinse it with warm water. We also recommend our Fleshwash cleaning liquid . Allow your QUICKSHOT to dry before returning it to its case.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Open ended patented clear SuperSkin Sleeve
  • Compact Clear case
  • Sleeve Caps on each end for convenient storage
  • Fleshlube Water – 4 oz.
  • Fleshwash Toy Cleaner – 4 oz.

Cyberskin H20 Vulcan Water Activated Realistic Shower Strokers by Topco

Vulcan Shower
Created with remarkably lifelike Cyberskin and featuring a tight and textured inner sleeve, the H20 Vulcan Shower Stroker feels like the real thing.
Vulcan openings.jpg
There is no need to add lube, because these strokers are water-activated to create its own super slick lubrication for up to thirty uses!
The removable and reusable sleeve is open ended for easy cleaning, and the case features a waterproof hang cord for easy storage.


  • Water activated, self-lubricating  for up to 30 uses
  • Remarkably lifelike Cyberskin H20 feels like the real thing
  • Tight and textured inner sleeve
  • Open-ended sleeve for fast and easy cleaning
  • Removable and reusable sleeve
  • Waterproof hang cord for easy storage

6″ x 2.45″

Available with 3 openings, each with a different interior:

Realistic Pussy
Deep Throat
Realistic Ass

Cheap Thrills The Good Time & The Steamy Affair by CalExotics

Cheap Thrills
The Good Time and The Steamy Affair from the Cheap Thrills collection are made of ultra life-like PureSkin making for an incredibly real experience.
They both offer neutral, non-representational openings that give way to an internal multi-textured chamber that’s soft, stretchy, and anatomically correct for even more authenticity.
Cheap thrills 2.jpg
The closed end creates a sensation of superior suction.
Caring for Cheap Thrill masturbators is easy; PureSkin is maintenance-free, making clean up a breeze.


  • Neutral opening masturbator
  • Ultra life-like PureSkin material
  • Soft, tight and stretchy
  • Multi textured chamber for added sensations
  • Closed end for superior suction
  • Maintenance free


More Cheap Thrills by CalExotics!

Cheap Thrills

The Cheap Thrills packaging tells a story of fun and fantasy.

The newest items include a Naughty Nurse, Cheerleader and Roller Girl with packaging that features a sexy woman playing out each role.

The Naughty Nurse is dressed in a sexy lab coat and ready to take care of her patients. The Cheerleader has spirit and is ready to play on and off the field. The Roller Girl can go fast or slow. Users can pick their favorite, or grab all three.

Each piece is made to be soft, stretchy and ultra-tight. The internal chambers are anatomically correct creating a realistic experience, and it’s textured to provide additional sensations. The realistic PureSkin material is fast to clean up and easy to care for.

Like all CalExotics products, Cheap Thrills is backed by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

The Naughty Nurse


“She was not only good for her patients… She was good to them.”


The Cheerleader


“She plays out on the field… and off.”


The Roller Girl


“She’s wild and everyone knows her as Sex on Wheels.”


More Main Squeeze Variable Pressure ULTRASKYN strokers by Doc Johnson

Main 3

Featuring Doc Johnson’s top-selling stars, these Main Squeeze Variable Pressure ULTRASKYN strokers are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

Each ULTRASKYN Main Squeeze sleeve is molded from the star’s body, and features a different textured interior, making your experience as unique as each of the sexy Main Squeeze girls.

Belladonna 2.jpg

The double-cap hardshell design doubles as a discreet travel and storage case, keeping your Main Squeeze fresh and ready for whenever the mood strikes.

Unlike other hard case stokers on the market, the unique squeeze plate design allows you to precisely control the pressure while stroking. An airtight end cap twists to control suction, just loosen the cap to allow airflow and decrease suction, or tighten the cap to create more intense suction while you stroke.

A strong exterior case and screw-on top keep it clean, discreet and convenient for travel.

The latest editions to the collection are :


Sasha Grey




Jessie Andrews


OptiMALE Stroke N’ Go Premium Silicone Stroker by Doc Johnson


The OptiMALE Stroke N’ Go stroker is a discreet handheld stroker in a minimalist non-anatomical design, handcrafted in soft, flexible premium silicone.


A velvety soft ribbed texture lines Stroke N’ Go’s interior to create the perfect level of friction, and the soft, pliable material can be squeezed to increase pressure and sensation.


The simple design of this stroker allows it to hide even in plain sight, while the hygienic, high-quality material ensures hours of safe use. Stroke N’ Go is also an excellent tool for stimulating a partner, and its flexibility and open-ended construction make cleaning easy.



  • Premium Silicone Stroker
  • Compact, Discreet Non-Anatomical Design
  • Ultra-Soft Stimulating Ribbed Interior
  • Conveniently Sized for Travel and Storage
  • Use Alone or with a Partner
  • Open Ended for Easy Cleaning
  • Nonporous
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Body-Safe
  • 90 Day Warranty provided by Doc Johnson


5″ x 2″


REMOJI from PicoBong by LELO

Remoji collage.jpgWant to put the remote control of your fave vibrators into your pocket, wherever you go? Look no further than the fun and funky REMOJI range!
REMOJI is the most fun, colorful and interactive sex toy app designed for the remote control of the new series of PicoBong toys. Pair it up with the four amazing new products and give your partner a thrill anywhere, anytime!
Just download the vibrant, interactive REMOJI app and connect with your partner in a whole new way. Use Bluetooth to connect and pair with device and you’ll be able to tap, poke and swipe to create mind-blowing orgasms.
REMOJI is more than just a remote control for new PicoBong toys; it is a music inspired, game-like app that will get the job done.
REMOJI lets you have loads of FUN whenever and wherever you want, alone or with your partner. Pair your Lifeguard, Surfer, Diver and Blowhole with your smartphone via Bluetooth and use it excessively!

  • Remote Controlled via the REMOJI app
  • Increase vibration power by swiping your phone screen
  • Different music genres for different vibration patterns
  • Press and hold NITRO feature to experience the most powerful vibration


BLOWHOLE M-Cup Vibrating App-Controlled Masturbator

Experience intense sensations as you ride waves of pleasure from crest to trough, without even needing to come up for air.
BLOWHOLE is a smooth silicone masturbation cup featuring 6 intense vibration settings that you can control remotely via mobile app― just download the free REMOJI app, turn on your Bluetooth and then thar she blows!
Your rechargeable BLOWHOLE M-Cup is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.

  • Body Safe
  • Near Silent
  • 6 Vibration modes
  • Use remotely with the free downloadable REMOJI app
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 1 Year warranty provided by LELO


LIFEGUARD App-Controlled Ring Vibe

LIFEGUARD is a stretchy silicone couples’ ring that accommodates all sizes and offers mind-blowing pleasure and intense external vibrations that are felt by both partners.
The 6 different vibration modes have variable power you can control remotely – just download the free REMOJI app, turn on your Bluetooth and let LIFEGUARD make sure you’re never out of your depth.
Your rechargeable LIFEGUARD Ring Vibe is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.

  • Body Safe
  • Near Silent
  • 6 Vibration modes
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 1 Year warranty provided by LELO

Silicone and ABS

SURFER App-Controlled Plug Vibe

With compact design and flared base for preventing total wipeouts, SURFER is the perfect vibrating anal plug for newbies and pros alike. It has 6 supersized vibration patterns that you can control remotely for a completely effortless ride― just download the free REMOJI app, turn on your Bluetooth and then surf’s up.
Your rechargeable SURFER Plug Vibe is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.

  • Body Safe
  • Near Silent
  • 6 Vibration modes
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 1 Year warranty provided by LELO

Silicone and ABS

DIVER App-Controlled Egg Vibe

Sleekly formed from silicone, with a removal cord for safe swimming, DIVER is an egg-shaped internal vibe that has all the right curves to let intense sensations hit your G-spot.
It has 6 supersized (yet near-silent) vibrations that are sure to make waves, and is perfect for buddy diving ―just download the free REMOJI app, turn on your Bluetooth and let your partner take the helm as you discover the wonders of the deep.
Your rechargeable DIVER Egg Vibe is waterproof for fun in & out of the water and easy cleanup.

  • Body Safe
  • Near Silent
  • 6 Vibration modes
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 1 Year warranty provided by LELO

Silicone and ABS

The Screaming O Collection for Spring 2017

Screaming O’s Spring Release package is small but mighty, and features  a disposable sleeve for him, a c-ring, and 2 unique vibrating rings.

Jackits MANsturbation Sleeve

Enhance your hand and make self-love more fun with Jackits, revolutionary reusable male masturbation sleeves designed for an easy-to-use, convenient and discreet experience. These compact and portable sex toys for men look small but stretch wide and long to fit almost any size and are equipped with a nubby interior texture to intensify the sensation.
To enjoy, apply your favorite water-based or silicone-based lubricant to the inside of your Jackits and squish the stroker around in your hands to distribute evenly. (Jackits are not compatible with oil-based lubricant.) Then insert your penis and experiment with speed, grip and depth to find your favorite ways to jack it with your Jackit. These clever strokers are made of body-safe and ultra-durable SEBS for epic softness and a cushy feel that feels incredible against sensitive skin – whether for a quick tug, a stronger stroke session, or a handjob upgrade, Jackits amplifies ordinary masturbation for an extraordinary manual experience.

  • Ultra-soft reusable masturbation sleeve
  • Super-stretchy for premium comfort
  • Durable, body-safe materials
  • Easy to use, easy to clean

Body-safe SEBS.


Monarch Wearable Butterfly Vibe

Feel the flutter with the Monarch, a wearable butterfly vibe that flits the clitoris and enfolds its surrounding sensitive area with stimulating vibration.
Fashioned after the famous butterfly massager – a classic favorite among couples – the Monarch combines hands-free intimate massage with extra-strength enhancement for a magnificently majestic experience. The Monarch vibrates with a rumble unlike anything you’ve ever felt that transfers throughout the entire ring for a mutually pleasurable experience.
Its stretchy double-ring design allows for a firm and secure fit, as well as a unique isolation sensation that can help enhance the experience for him. The front ring stretches around the penis while the wider rear ring stretches around the penis and testicles, ensuring the Monarch’s flexible wings can gently, yet firmly massage everywhere they touch.
The Monarch is 100% waterproof and rumbles with three powerful speeds plus pulsation for more than 45 minutes – with replaceable batteries included. This clever cock ring is made of body-safe True Silicone with an ABS plastic motor casing, two materials that have been lab tested to ensure a body-safe experience.

  • Wearable butterfly massager
  • Powered by deep, rumbling Vooom technology
  • 3 vibration speeds plus pulsation
  • 100% waterproof
  • Lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone


SwingO Curve

The SwingO Curve is a uniquely versatile c-ring with a reversible design for two distinct sensations.
Wear it forward or backward for a pleasantly snug feel and a firm fit and see what position feels best for your unique shape.
The SwingO Curve’s custom contour is designed to accommodate his undercarriage with a strategically bendable shape and stretchy True Silicone construction that ensures a secure wear and a body-safe experience. Simply stretch the SwingO Curve around the penis and testicles with the ring at the base of the body for optimal pleasure – and don’t forget to play with placement to see what he likes the most!

  • Curved c-ring for defined enhancement
  • Reversible design: wear forward or backward
  • Unique contour accommodates his undercarriage

Made of body-safe True Silicone. 170 x 95 x 50 mm


Yoga Reversible Vibrating Ring

Flex your way to sex-positive fitness with Yoga, a versatile vibrating ring designed to bend and stretch along with your every intimate move. This unique vibrating ring is with a special super-stretchy comfort fit that makes it easy to wear without tight constriction, making Yoga a great option for first-timers and beginner c-ring fans.
Incorporate powerful vibration into your favorite sex positions and target stimulation specifically where it counts using the Warrior Control finger loop, which lets users adjust the Yoga’s motor without interrupting their flow. And if you’re not in need of modification, try wearing the Warrior Control loop as an additional cock ring to give him a very special vibrating boost!
However you choose to enjoy it, the Yoga comes equipped with a new 100% waterproof high-performance motor that emits 40+ minutes of penetrating rumbling vibration for a more satisfying, especially enlightening experience — even underwater!
This high-performance sex toy for couples is made of flexible SEBS material with a vibrating motor encased in ABS plastic, two materials that have been lab tested to ensure a body-safe experience.

  • Super-flexible reversible vibrating ring
  • Powered by deep, rumbling Vooom technology
  • Flex fit ring stretches without constricting
  • Warrior Control finger loop for perfect positioning

Made of lab-tested body-safe SEBS and ABS

Fleshlight Quickshot

Sometimes efficiency is the best policy. The QUICKSHOT is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight and is unique due to its fully exposed orifices on each end. This means it can be used as supplementary stimulation.

Play More. Clean Less.

Meet the QUICKSHOT, Feshlight’s most compact sleeve to date. Three Quickshots, three sleeves, so much opportunity.  One for every occasion!

In the Box:

  • Open ended patented SuperSkin™ Sleeves
  • 2x Compact Black case
  • Clear Compact Case
  • Sleeve Caps on each end for convenient storage

Available in 3 Styles:



Boost Gold