3some Flavored Warming Body Glide by ID Lubes

3-in-1 & lots of fun!

3some Flavored Body Glide is so delicious that you can’t help but lick!

Two simple ingredients and nothing more – No water added, just plant-based glycerin and natural true-to-life flavor.

3some is great for oral pleasure and sensual massages. You can gently caress or blow to feel a delightful warming sensation, adding another layer of playfulness to your bedroom pursuits.

The Performance Formula is extra long-lasting, as there is no water to evaporate, yet it rinses off easily with just water.

Safe to use on silicone and rubber toys, and compatible with natural rubber latex.

Available in 4 mouthwatering sugar-free fruit flavors that taste just like the real thing:

  • Strawberry Banana
  • Passion Fruit
  • Watermelon
  • Wild Cherry


  • Flavored body glide
  • Delicious flavor
  • Pure, no extra additives
  • 3-in-1 Multi-use
  • Gentle warming sensation
  • Extra long-lasting
  • Non-staining, easy to clean
  • Toy & latex friendly
  • Ingredients: Glycerin, Natural Flavor
  • 4 oz. Press-dispense top bottles.

A Look at the Latest Developments of Water-Based Lube

For as long as water-based lubricants have been around, there have been preservative systems in place to maintain the integrity of the product. To understand preservative systems, however, we need to take a step back and look at the most basic reasons why we need to know about preservatives in the first place.

First, while we may tend to associate the word “preservative” with chemicals or additives, preservatives actually occur naturally all around us, keeping the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi at bay. Fruits and vegetables have preservatives built right into their genetic makeup. Otherwise, the fruit would rot before it had a chance to ripen. You will find naturally occurring sodium benzoate in a variety of berries, as well as methylparaben in both strawberries and blueberries. In grapefruits, the seeds help preserve the entire fruit from rotting, which is why grapefruit seed extract is used in several products as a natural preservative.

The challenge with preservatives is that they can often be irritating; even naturally derived substances like grapefruit seed extract can still cause sensitivity. Using the right preservative is therefore especially crucial in the world of personal lubricants because the product is used on some of the most sensitive areas of the body. The ideal solution is to find a preservative that is safe, nonirritating, and effective at keeping microorganisms under control.

Given the importance of preservatives in our everyday lives, there has been tremendous research globally on the safety of preservative systems. Some of the more widely used preservatives in personal care and cosmetics include tocopherol acetate, propylene and butylene glycols, disodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, anisic acid and parabens including methylparaben, polyparaben and butylparaben. With so many to choose from, there are several challenges brands may face when it comes to picking the right preservative for their products. Although research has eliminated several preservatives that are deemed dangerous, brands are still dealing with misconceptions that have pushed them to seek out different ways to preserve their products.

For example, the widespread mistaken belief that all parabens are dangerous has caused a lot of brands to eliminate the ingredient from their products. However, there are five types of parabens and three of them are safe to use — like methylparaben, which, as previously mentioned, can be found naturally occurring in strawberries and blueberries. The other two have been eliminated from use and have not been seen in products for a long time.

Another challenge brands may face is making sure the preservatives they choose are sufficient. A combination of several of the previously mentioned ingredients is often needed in order to fully protect the product. However, over years of research, preservative systems have dramatically changed and evolved as new and better techniques for preserving products have been discovered.

As we were developing our new glycerin- and paraben-free formula, we challenged ourselves to find new and better techniques separate from the current industry standard to preserve our new formula. We researched and studied what leading manufacturers were using in baby care brands. We figured if the ingredient is safe to use on babies, then it is likely safe to use in a lubricant. That was when we discovered a small but powerful preservation system with only one ingredient, Caprylhydroxamic Acid.

Caprylhydroxamic Acid, or CHA, is an amino acid naturally derived from coconut oil. It has a neutral pH, which is great for leave-on and rinse-off products such as lubricants! CHA uses “hurdle technology” to kill off harmful organisms and is a gentle preservative that ensures product safety and longevity. Hurdle technology works by combining more than one approach. These approaches can be thought of as “hurdles” that the pathogen has to overcome if it is to remain active. The right combination of hurdles can ensure all pathogens are eliminated or rendered harmless in the final product. This type of new preservative technology eliminates the need to use several different ingredients to kill off a wide range of organisms and is effective at lower use levels. Additionally, CHA is a great alternative to parabens.

This description of CHA serves as a quick information snapshot based on the years of data collection, research and development. In the future, CHA will likely become a common preservative of water-based formulas where product safety is the top concern. ID Lubricants backs this ingredient 100%, and we are utilizing CHA as the preservation system in our most recently launched product. Innovation is the foundation of our work and permeates our company culture, so I am pleased to share this latest find with the industry while encouraging my colleagues to incorporate it into their own future formulations.

A Look at the Latest Developments of Water-Based Lube by Gregg Haskell originally appeared in XBIZ

ID Free High Performance Glycerin-Free, Propylene Glycol-Free, and Paraben-Free Water-Based Lubricant

A long-lasting lubricant that’s good for you!

Free from ingredients such as glycerin, parabens, benzoic acid, propylene glycol, petrochemicals and alcohol, ID Free offers intimacy with peace of mind.

The ultra-gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin, and is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorless and is free from hormones.

ID Free offers high performance and is specially formulated with the highest-grade ingredients to create the long lasting slip and natural feel missing in other glycerin- and paraben-free formulas.

Non-staining and easy to clean, ID Free rinses off easily with just water.

Safe to use on silicone and rubber toys, ID Free is also compatible with natural rubber latex.


  • High performance water-based lubricant
  • Intimacy with peace of mind
  • Ultra-gentle formula
  • Free of Glycerin, Parabens, Benzoic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Petrochemicals and Alcohol
  • Non-staining, easy to clean
  • Toy & latex friendly
  • Available in 1 oz., 2.2 oz., 4.4 oz., and 8.5 oz. press dispenser cap bottles.

ID Xtreme


High-Activity Personal Lubricant for Every Xtreme

Xtreme is your first choice for any extreme sensual experience. It’s a superior, high-energy, multi-purpose personal lubricant designed to meet the needs of high-intensity, high speed, high contact users.
The product is formulated with Friction Reduction Technology to reduce resistance resulting from increased power and high temperatures.
Xtreme is condom compatible, toy safe and stain free. The formula has been rigorously tested to ensure condom compatibility. Re-activate by simply adding a drop of water or saliva.
ID Lubes worked diligently to create this product and even had it approved as an FDA 510K medical device. The advantages of having a lubricant made to such standards are many such as knowing that you are using the best product on the market. You know you’re getting a quality product when you choose ID Xtreme.

ID Stimulating Gel for Her

ID Stimulating Gel was created by women for women, and contains a unique blend of aphrodisiac ingredients:

  • Turnera Aphrodisiac (Damiana) Extract – Used as an aphrodisiac and to boost sexual potency; brings oxygen to the genital area; may restore libido, desire, and ability to achieve orgasm
  • Passion Flower Extract – Known to reduce inflammation and anxiety
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract – Increases bloodflow
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract – Helps counteract dryness and stimulates sexual function
  • Niacin – Influences increased blood flow to area where applied for excitement

This product not only heightens the female intimate experience, but also produces an intense warming sensation. The specialized water based formula of ID Stimulating Gel is easily washed off after an evening of delight. Getting weak in the knees has never been so much fun!
.5oz Vial.

ID Velvet Luxury Silicone Lubricant

Give new meaning to the word seduction and let yourself be lost in sensual luxury with ID Velvet.
Formulated in Germany and manufactured in America, Velvet uses only the highest pure grade silicone available.
This luxurious, ultra silky formula is fragrance-free, latex compatible, long-lasting, friction-free, and water resistant. Velvet also works as a skin conditioner, hair shiner, and as a superior massage glide.

  • Silicone based
  • Ultra silky formula
  • Fragrance-free
  • Latex compatible
  • Long-lasting
  • Water resistant
  • Paraben-Free

Available in 1.7 oz., 4.2 oz., and 6.7 oz. bottles.