Why Folks Prefer a Vibrating Butt Plug to a Non-Vibrating One

Plugging has always been a favorite pastime of ours, but your patootie plunger can be taken to the next level when you add a little shake!

I remember the first time my girlfriend put her index finger up my rear end; I orgasmed almost immediately. I didn’t expect the pleasure to be so powerful and instantaneous. Then we upgraded. She put a dildo up my behind, and I nearly lost my damn mind. It took a moment though. At first, I felt very full and like I had to pee, but once I relaxed into the sensations, having something bigger and girthier stimulating my insides, stimulating my prostate, felt overwhelming—but in the best way imaginable.

Then the big shebang. I put a vibrating butt plug inside my booty, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I felt like I was flying, like I was having an internal orgasm throughout my body. The pleasure swept over me in waves, and it was a goddamn game-changer. I’d go as far as to call it a cultural reset!

That’s why I cannot recommend a vibrating anal toy enough. This is a hill that I am willing to die on. It takes your pleasure to unforeseen heights. You may think your sex life can’t get any better—that’s what I thought—but I am here, spreading the vibrating butt plug gospel, to let you know that solo and partnered sex can indeed get better.

Describing any sensation is difficult, but describing pleasure is particularly challenging. That’s why I reached out to folks of all genders and sexualities to share what a vibrating butt plug feels like and asked them why they prefer a vibrating plug to a non-vibrating one.

Here’s what the vibrating butt plug booty lovers had to say:

“I enjoy a vibrating anal toy much more than non-vibrating [ones] because I find it helps with relaxation of my ass. The faster I can ease into the play, the faster I can focus on pleasure. As a person with a vulva, I also find that I really enjoy the second-hand stimulation from the vibrations across my vulva—in my vagina and clit. I prefer rumblier vibration over buzzy, and anal vibration often gets to the heart of where I want to feel those sweet vibes,” Lizza, 33.

“Oh, I love my vibrating butt plug. It uses a bullet vibe in a hollowed-out part of the base, making it easy to clean, and gives you a spare bullet vibe. It’s better for jerking off because it really gets that prostate jiggling. And with a partner, they can push it in and out with the vibe on or off. But you don’t even need a partner if you don’t want,” Keith, 29.

“I LOVE vibrating butt plugs and never wanna go back to other [non-vibrating] ones!” Danielle, 41.

“If you’re looking to relax and open up, the vibration is naturally going to assist, but it can diminish the effect of a non-vibrating human dick during sex without the extra sensation a vibrator brings to the table, so use with caution!” Neal, 31.

“For me, the vibration allows prostate stimulation on the constant where a non-vibrating one helps me get used to the sensation of having something in me. So non-vibrating for regular orgasms and vibrating for intense prostate orgasms,” Rob, 28.

“I like a vibrating anal toy with multiple different vibration types. If playing on my own, I can concentrate on my penis and other parts of my body and leave it to stimulate my ass. And if I’m playing with a partner, giving them control of the vibrations is really hot. Also, if I’m topping [being the insertive partner], having a vibrating plug in my ass can really heighten the experience,” Ashleigh, 27.

“The pressure alone from [non-vibrating] anal toys makes me slightly uncomfortable and gives me more of a feeling of being full than pleasure. But when that same toy vibrates, the pressure feels more spread out and enjoyable. It’s like being tickled versus squeezed if that makes sense,” Lando 41.

“Vibrating butt plugs make it feel like I’m having my insides ripped out from my ass, but in an extremely pleasurable way,” Ken, 32.

“Vibrating anal toys relax me more quickly and make entry smoother. After that, I’m happy to either enjoy the rumble against my prostate or to switch to something that doesn’t vibrate,” Michael, 41.

So, there you have it. Vibrating butt plugs are the future, and if you haven’t tried one yet, but pride yourself in having the most pleasurable sex possible, then it’s time to get that booty vibrating!

Why Folks Prefer a Vibrating Butt Plug to a Non-Vibrating One originally appeared on Booty Blog

b-Vibe Vibrating Snug & Tug

Sensation seekers rejoice! Get ready to meet a multi-sensational showstopper, the new b-Vibe Vibrating Snug & Tug.

One part penis ring and one part weighted butt plug, the Vibrating Snug & Tug is a hybrid sex toy perfect for solo or partnered sex.

Experience three sensations in the form of one ingenious design:

Penis Ring — For those with one, penis rings make erections stronger and last longer.

Weighted Butt Plug — Labeled as the clear-cut champion in the realm of weighted butt plugs, b-Vibe fused their award-winning Snug Plug with a penis ring to create a toy that’s just as much for folks experienced in anal play as it is for beginners.

Vibrations Galore — By popular demand, a powerful motor was added with 6 vibration patterns and 4 levels of intensity to provide a hefty dose of stimulation like none other. Wear the penis ring for a long-lasting erection while enjoying the delightfully weighted internal plug for anal and prostate sensation.

Like all b-Vibe premium anal toys, the Vibrating Snug & Tug is made from 100% body-safe materials.

Get to know the Vibrating Snug & Tug

Quaking the south With 4 vibration intensities and 6 patterns, deliver intense pulses of pleasure to the prostate and anal canal. Find the size that’s just right with medium and extra large options.

Stronger for longer – Wrap the tugging penis ring around the base of your penis and testicles for restricted blood flow, keeping you deployed at full mast for an explosive boarding party.

Full fundament comfort – With a stretchable ring and plug made of silky smooth, body-safe silicone, your booty and berries have never been more snug and secure.

Weighted and rounded for pure pleasure – Based on the bestselling Snug Plug design, the Vibrating Snug and Tug offers weight and fullness and providing absolute anal activation.

Ideal for couples play – Get a full prostate prodding while penetrating your partner with the hardest erection you’ve ever experienced.


  • Hybrid ring and plug
  • Weighted butt plug
  • Flexible penis ring
  • 4 Vibration intensities and 6 patterns
  • Hypoallergenic & body-safe
  • Soft seamless silicone
  • 100% Splashproof
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 1 Year Warranty provided by b-Vibe

Medium Size:

4.4” (3.8” insertable)

Plug Diameter 1.3”

Neck Diameter: 0.47”

Ring Diameter: 1.57”

XL Size:

5.5” (4.9” insertable)

Plug Diameter: 1.7”

Neck Diameter: 0.47”

Ring Diameter: 1.57”

After the Os: Anal Aftercare

Not sure what do to after anal sex? We’ve got your back! Here’s a quick guide on anal aftercare.

What is Anal Aftercare?

Aftercare — the intentional care-taking of a sexual partner after sex, typically by the penetrating, partner on behalf of the receiver — thanks our partners for sharing themselves with us and reminds them that our concern for their pleasure and well-being doesn’t stop with the orgasms.

Though aftercare has been championed by the kink community, all sex involves an exchange of power. And anal sex, especially so. Anal pleasure has long been rooted in shame and taboo. This makes anal sex extremely hot, but also, extremely vulnerable. Learn why anal aftercare is just as important as having anal sex.

How Do I Perform Anal Aftercare?

Anal sex aftercare doesn’t need to be overly sentimental or grand — it just needs to be an intentional display of appreciation and responsibility. Whatever you do, follow our aftercare general rule that the higher you fly, the softer you should pad the landing. While gently fingering someone’s ass during sex might require a simple “How’s your tush feeling?”, a long session of anal penetration will likely require much more. Here are our golden rules to anal sex aftercare:

First, check in.

The penetrating partner (sometimes identified as the Top) should recognize that their endorphins and adrenaline are likely to be lower than their partner who just received anal sex (the “receiver” or the Bottom). This means that the receiver may not yet be able to feel if they are sore or mentally present enough to ask directly for what they need as they bask in their after-sex glow.

Aftercare is most seamless if you’ve talked with your partner before anal sex, about what they typically like to have available after anal sex. If you don’t know your partner’s anal aftercare plan, giving them a hydrating drink (avoid alcohol) and a blood-sugar-raising snack (like a chocolate or fruit) are good choices.

Take care of that tush.

Anal tissues are delicate and it’s normal for them to be a little sore after sex. Gentle baby wipes can easily clean up, while an Epsom salt bath can feel purifying, pampering, and practical for sore muscles.

Praise your partner.

Anal sex can make someone especially vulnerable. So, remind your partner about all the things you liked about having anal sex with them.

Reduce shame by chatting about everyday things you’d normally discuss while snuggling in bed and always ask if there’s anything else they need.

Don’t forget your tops!

If your partner is new to providing anal stimulation and penetration, let them know what you loved, what you’d like to see more of next time, what you might change, and finish with a compliment.

Wash up.

The anus contains specific bacteria — unique to its ecosystem — that shouldn’t be shared with other orifices or surfaces.

Launder dirty towels, properly dispose of used latex barriers, and thoroughly wash your toys in soapy hot water.

Why is Anal Aftercare Important?

The main reason why anal sex aftercare is important is that it’s an investment for your sexual future! The better you care for your partner, the safer they’ll feel in bringing sexual explorations to new levels.

After the O’s: Anal Aftercare originally appeared on bvibe.com

the b-vibe Limited-Edition 5th Anniversary Collection

Just in time for Anal August, b-Vibe is rolling out the 5th Anniversary Collection, featuring a comprehensive roundup of b-Vibe classics that deliver out-of-this-world pleasure and captivate with their dazzling looks.

Available in new metallic colors are b-Vibe’s signature Rimming Plug 2, Rimming Plug Petite, Novice Plug, Snug Plug 4 and Snug Plug 2. Each set includes a plethora of swag to help show your b-vibe pride.

The b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 changed the game as the only plug on the market that rims while it vibrates for a dual sensation and intergalactic-level orgasms. It’s being offered in a sparkly limited-edition Space Green.

The new limited-edition metallic Rimming Petite Plug is a smaller version of the plug offering glitz and glam and promising to provide stimulation in style with 30 feet of remote control range. It’s available in a limited-edition Night Sky.

The Novice Plug is designed as “a booty ambassador to beginners” and is now available in limited edition Galaxy Plum.

The limited-edition weighted Snug Plug 2 offers a torpedo shape that’s easy to wear and comes in a copper shade.

The limited-edition weighted Snug Plug 4 comes in at a hefty 257g and is available in a sparkly sunburst color.

b-Vibe was created with a mission to change attitudes towards anal play by offering more than a product. Since Day One, they prioritized sex education as a primary tool to dispel myths and overcome taboos by including useful information with every item. Also included are fun extras to encourage more positivity around sex, and particularly anal play.


b-vibe Novice Plug Limited Edition 5th Anniversary Set

Over the past half-decade, b-vibe has worked on promoting anal education and making butt stuff accessible for all skill levels. And so, the Novice Plug was born!

Delicately crafted for newbies, the Novice Plug introduces every butt to the wonderful world of anal play. The Novice features everything you need for a pleasurable experience, while the miniature size makes it an approachable toy to experiment with.

b-vibe thought their booty ambASSador to beginners deserved a spot in the anniversary collection with a limited edition glam up to sparkle while you learn.

b-Vibe has always celebrated buttstuff for all skill levels and proper education on how to start! No product is a better beginning step than the Novice Plug. With 15 vibration patterns, 6 intensities, and a beginner-friendly size, the Novice is the perfect partner for your first patootie party!

Show your b-Vibe pride with our commemorative swag included in every 5th Anniversary set! Featuring a set of enamel pins, a premium carrying case, greeting card, and sticker.

Available in a sparkly metallic plum color, this Novice Plug Limited Edition set won’t last for long! Get plugged before this shiny 5th Anniversary Collection shimmers away!


  • Vibrating beginner’s plug
  • Powerful Motor
  • 15 Vibration patterns
  • 6 Intensities
  • Soft Seamless Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic & Body-Safe
  • 100% Splashproof
  • Easy To Clean
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by b-vibe
  • Silicone
  • 3.5” (3.35” Insertable) x 1”


b-vibe Rimming Plug Petite Limited Edition 5th Anniversary Set

Being in the butt stuff business for five years, b-vibe knew that a big plug wasn’t everyone’s cup of champagne! So, they introduced the Rimming Plug Petite.

This booty-beginner-friendly version of the iconic Rimming Plug 2 is here to help everyone blast off into a stratosphere of sensuality. From Cosmopolitan to Men’s Health and beyond, the Rimming Petite is widely acclaimed as the best sex toy to try if you’re new to anal play.

The anniversary drop includes all the glitz and glam of the collection with a limited edition Rimming Petite sparkly plug to keep you stimulated in style.

5 Years ago, the flagship Rimming Plug innovated the market and the petite version helped open the world (and many holes) to the adventures of rimming. Featuring 7 patterns and 6 intensities, the beginner-friendly Rimming Plug Petite rims while it vibrates, hitting multiple erogenous zones and sparking earth-shattering orgasms.

Show your b-Vibe pride with our commemorative swag included in every 5th Anniversary set! Featuring a set of enamel pins, a premium carrying case, greeting card, and sticker.

Available in a sparkly night sky color, this Rimming Plug Petite Limited Edition set won’t last for long! Get plugged before this shiny 5th Anniversary Collection shimmers away!


  • Petite rimming plug
  • Unique beaded neck
  • Powerful Motor
  • 7 Rotation patterns
  • 6 Rotation and vibration intensities
  • Soft Seamless Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic & Body-Safe
  • 100% Splashproof
  • Easy To Clean
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by b-vibe
  • Silicone
  • 4.9” (3.9” Insertable) x 1.4” at widest point


b-vibe Rimming Plug 2 Limited Edition 5th Anniversary Set

b-vibe’s flagship product is still plugging more phenomenally than ever!

Back in 2016, the b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 changed the game for being the ONLY sex toy on the market to offer dual vibrations with a rimming sensation (AKA analingus) using rotating beads. So impressive were the orgasms that Refinery29 recognized it as one of the most innovative sex toys of the decade!

b-vibe is revisiting the world’s favorite rimming plug in the 5th-anniversary collection with a fabulous new sparkle color, a limited edition carrying case, and other anniversary swag.

5 years ago, b-vibe slid into the market with the world’s first-ever Rimming Plug. 30 Honors and many happy booties later, the Rimming Plug 2 is still providing mouth-free ass eating while giving you penetrative stimulation. And with 7 patterns and 6 intensities, the Rimming 2 is sure to be your favorite pleasure partner.

Show your b-Vibe pride with our commemorative swag included in every 5th Anniversary set! Featuring a set of enamel pins, a premium carrying case, greeting card, and sticker.

Available in their signature sparkly space teal color, this Rimming Plug 2 Limited Edition set won’t last for long! Get plugged before this shiny 5th Anniversary Collection shimmers away!


  • Rimming plug
  • Unique beaded neck
  • Powerful Motor
  • 7 Rotation patterns
  • 6 Rotation and vibration intensities
  • Soft Seamless Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic & Body-Safe
  • 100% Splashproof
  • Easy To Clean
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by b-vibe
  • Silicone
  • 6” (4.8” Insertable) x 1.4” at widest point


b-vibe snug plug 2 Limited Edition 5th Anniversary Set

The tried-and-true Snug Plug 2 has been a fanny favorite for pluggers of all skill levels.

Ideal for someone who wants to start exploring anal play or already loves anal sex, the Snug Plug 2 is the perfect plug for anal training. The plug’s medium size and weight make it a stealthy toy to wear out and about or to use during partnered play.

To celebrate 5 years of the most pleasurable plugs on the planet, we’re giving the Snug Plug 2 the copper treatment with a limited edition glitz to get your bussy bouncing!

The Snug Plug Collection has been a fan favorite with discreet plug wearers everywhere! Weighted at a comfortable 114g, the Snug Plug 2 is bendable and petitely sized for extended wear without sacrificing the stimulating feeling of fullness.

Show your b-Vibe pride with our commemorative swag included in every 5th Anniversary set! Featuring a set of enamel pins, a premium carrying case, greeting card, and sticker.

Available in limited edition sparkly metallic sunburst color, this Snug Plug 2 Limited Edition set won’t last for long! Get plugged before this shiny 5th Anniversary Collection shimmers away!


  • Weighted plug
  • 114g
  • Torpedo Shape
  • Long flexible neck
  • Tapered base
  • Soft Seamless Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic & Body-Safe
  • 100% Splashproof
  • Easy To Clean
  • 1 Year Warranty provided by b-vibe
  • Silicone
  • 4.3” x 1.2”


b-vibe snug plug 4 Limited Edition 5th Anniversary Set

b-vibe is proud to have been snuggly with so many booties in the past 5 years, and the indisputable champion among our experienced pluggers has been the Snug Plug 4.

Weighing 257 grams for a delightful fullness that adds pressure stimulation, the Snug Plug 4 fits comfortably and remains discreet for wearing in any situation. It’s also the perfect starting point for those adventuring into advanced anal territory.

They’ve created this limited-edition sparkly sunburst color to commemorate the Snug Plug’s years of dedication to the derrière.

b-vibe’s filling and super comfortable plugs have been filling up booties for five years and one of their favorites is the Snug Plug 4! Perfectly weighted at 257g, the internal weighted balls will satisfy you wherever you go. The plug stays snuggly in place with its torpedo-shaped design, flexible neck, and tapered base.

Show your b-Vibe pride with our commemorative swag included in every 5th Anniversary set! Featuring a set of enamel pins, a premium carrying case, greeting card, and sticker.

Available in limited edition sparkly metallic sunburst color, this Snug Plug 4 Limited Edition set won’t last for long! Get plugged before this shiny 5th Anniversary Collection shimmers away.


  • Weighted plug
  • 257g
  • Torpedo Shape
  • Long flexible neck
  • Tapered base
  • Soft Seamless Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic & Body-Safe
  • 100% Splashproof
  • Easy To Clean
  • 1 Year Warranty provided by b-vibe
  • Silicone
  • 5.2” x 1.7”

What Is Anal Training?

As anal sex becomes less taboo, people of all genders and sexualities are taking more of an interest in tantalizing the tushy. But first, you ought to know about anal training.

What is anal training?

Anal training is exactly what it sounds like: it’s taking the time, care, and necessary steps to help your body prepare for anal sex.

Anal training can be done solo or with a partner and can be an incredibly erotic experience. Preparing yourself to stretch your limits can add “oomph” to a playful power dynamic, a dominant/ submission relationship, or even just a Sunday night in the shower.

So – How to start anal training?


The thought of anal play can be quite scary to people. When it comes to anal training, there is a lot of misinformation, taboo, and stereotypes that can confuse and cause a lot of fear.

…and what’s the first thing your body (and butt) does when you’re scared? It tightens up, which is no way to welcome a penetrative object. Being mentally relaxed, well educated, and consensually excited to dive into the deep end is an essential part of anal training and anal sex. Rather than aiming to start with penetrative anal sex (meaning penis/ dildo inside the butt), start off with a sexy anal massage.

Analingus (oral sex on the anus) is also a fun and exciting way to get started with anal training.


Before partners get involved, try practicing solo anal masturbation. Massage the outside of your anus and maybe even dip the tip of your finger in your own bum while you’re alone in the shower.

Locate the two layers of the anal sphincter muscles (the outer one pushes things out, and the inner one sucks things in) and practice breathing and bearing down on your finger to help the first one relax. Feeling well-versed in your own body will increase your confidence when partnered up.


Your anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina and the butt’s tissues tend to be less elastic. This makes using lubricant for all kinds of anal play essential. No lube means no fun.


Anal training is best done with several anal toys, graduating in size as you get more comfortable. Going from zero to the penis is a no-no. The anal sphincter is strong, yet delicate. It’s best if you start small, with something like fingers, and then work your way towards something larger such as a butt plug.

Before you begin, remember to go slow and use lots of lube. Lube is your best friend for anal play because unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating.


These anal training steps can happen over the course of a few hours, days, weeks, or more. When it comes to anal training, do what works and feels best for your body. A positive experience, in the beginning, enables positive and pleasurable experiences in the long run.

Congratulations! You’ve gone through the process of Anal Training. Now, you might wonder – what should I do next to take it to the next level?


Let’s assume you have trained your anus to the capacity that you can comfortably enjoy a medium or large plug, a dildo, or even a penis. However, a few days or weeks pass and you haven’t had any type of anal play. You might notice that you feel some resistance when attempting to play again.

But why is that? This is because the anus is surrounded by muscles. These muscles, as we learned earlier, are known as sphincters. The double-ringed sphincter muscle keeps things inside your body, rather than permits things to enter. This means that this strong muscle will return to tightening up after you have stopped continuous anal sex.

Take note- Anal training is not something you do once and from that point moving forward anything can officially go in your butt. Always listen to your body and gauge it from there.


You’ll most likely find that your process is much quicker the second, third, and all future times.


Time – Make sure you are in the right mind space to engage in anal play and not in a hurry. If penetration is your goal, slip in a Snug Plug, Novice Plug, or even the Trio Plug earlier in the day. Prepping alone, prior to butt, will allow you to enjoy penetration more later.

Patience – It may take some time to get to where you want with your anal play again. Resist the urge to be too goal-oriented and make the experience more about experiencing pleasure.

Lube – Remember that lube is always extremely important in any type of anal play and is a huge part of making the experience pleasurable for both the giver and the receiver. Don’t be shy or stingy – more lube is better than less.


No, they aren’t just for vaginas! Kegels build up the entire pelvic floor muscles. This can also strengthen the muscles around the anal sphincter. So if you’re planning on a lifetime of backdoor penetration, Kegel exercises can be especially beneficial to your long-term butt health.

The key thing to remember with anal training – or retraining – is to be kind to yourself. Don’t try to force anything into your anus that your body is not comfortable receiving fully. If it hurts, slow down, take a breather, and try something smaller. Use lots of lube and remember the butt play keywords- Slow and Slippery.

What Is Anal Training? Originally appeared on b-Vibe.com

TTOTM: b-Vibe- 5 Year Anniversary Collection

Do you know what this month is? It’s b-Vibe’s anal-versary!!

b-Vibe is celebrating 5 years of the most pleasurable plugs on the planet! And there’s no other way to celebrate this summer than by launching their new 5th Anniversary Limited Collection.

Over the past half-decade, they’ve been stimulating more than just the booty. By providing sex-positive education and content to de-stigmatize anal play, b-Vibe has worked to get the community vibing with our mission of happy holes for every-body. This TTOTM delves into the history of their best sellers and what they look and feel like today.

So bring your champagne or sparkling water to toast, celebrate and enjoy this launch on TTOTM!

Register now

PS: Even if you can’t make it, registering will gain you access to a recording of the presentation to view as time allows, as well as additional assets.

b-vibe Vibrating Jewel Ultra Powerful Motor Remote Control Plugs

Sparkle and shine as you experience the inner delight of a powerful vibrating motor with 6 vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns ranging from soft pulsations to deep and powerful.

Compact in size, each plug is made with body-safe seamless silicone and has a USB rechargeable battery that works up to 1.5 hours consecutively.

Use with or without the one-touch wireless remote that works up to 30 feet away.


  • Powerful motor with 15 vibration patterns
  • Rounded edge for easy penetration
  • S/M has a thin, 0.5” flexible neck
  • M/L has a thin, 0.6” flexible neck
  • Comfortable smooth grip handle with jewel base



  • Vibrating Jewel Plug
  • Remote control
  • Antibacterial travel bag
  • USB cord
  • Guide to Anal Play
  • Use Guide


S/M is 3.85” x 1.45” insertable width

M/L 4.13” x 1.57” insertable width

TTOTM: What’s Your Buttstone?!


From the mental to the physical to the “huh, I never thought of that!”, there are quite a few variables that go into buying anal toys for your store.

Rather than just ordering from any brand that doesn’t provide anal education and brand awareness, b-Vibe in tandem, always considers the customer and what also matters most to them; taste in toy type, experience level & sensitivity and aesthetic (and gem stone!) preferences.

Insert b-Vibe Vibrating Jewel Plugs!

Join us on this next webinar where we chat and present a new collection that markets design, brand loyalty and a sparkling reason to enjoy with anal education.

If you can’t make it at the scheduled time register anyway so you receive a recap email that includes a link to the presentation!

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Unicorn Special Edition Sets from COTR brands b-Vibe, Le Wand and The Cowgirl

Introducing three new Unicorn Special Edition Sets from COTR brands b-Vibe, Le Wand and The Cowgirl.

The sets feature one of COTR’s signature pleasure devices reimagined and paired with an assortment of Unicorn-themed accessories and merch.

Each set is pleasure-centric, all-inclusive, and encourages exploration of the many ways to stimulate the body. Featuring a popular b-Vibe plug, Le Wand massager, and premium sex machine, the Unicorn Collection offers something for every body.

The fun, magical Unicorn-themed art is incredibly eye-catching, colorful and inviting. Not only does it adorn the pleasure devices themselves but is also featured on the included array of playful accessories and collectible items.

b-Vibe’s Unicorn Plug is a medium-sized plug with a removable multicolor tail and a twist texture, six vibration patterns and ten levels of intensity. The set also comes with the “Guide to Living Your Unicorn Life,” a unicorn backpack, glow-in-the-dark stickers, enamel pin and the “Guide to Anal Play.”

Le Wand’s Unicorn Wand is the classic rechargeable Le Wand that’s been updated with unicorn-themed art on the handle and offers vibrations in 10 speeds and 20 patterns. This special edition set includes a textured “horn” attachment, a drawstring pouch for storage and travel, an educational “Pleasure Guide,” a card for gifting, stickers, a keychain and an iron-on patch.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine is the latest reinvention of the classic Cowgirl, updated to be gender-inclusive. The Unicorn Set features two attachments offering penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation, a corded LED remote, a detachable rainbow tail flogger, a rainbow-tinted floor mat and matching slip-resistant silicone base.



Le Wand Unicorn Wand Limited Edition Set

Get ready to enter a fantasyland of unicorns, rainbows, and magically powerful orgasms with the new Le Wand Unicorn Wand — An 8-piece limited edition set for solo and partnered play!

Featuring 10 distinctive, rumbly vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns, the Le Wand Unicorn Wand provides satisfying vaginal or anal stimulation with the included twisty texture attachment. The Unicorn Wand’s soft silicone head and flexible neck allow it to conform to your body for comfort, while the long handle and easy-to-use controls allow for effortless maneuvering.

Every item in the Le Wand Unicorn Wand Limited Edition Set is there to remind you of the magical charm of pleasure. These include:

  • A limited-edition Unicorn Wand
  • Silicone texture attachment for internal stimulation
  • A drawstring pouch for convenient storage and adventures on the go
  • A gift card, keychain, woven patch, and a set of puffy stickers adorned with unicorns
  • Brand new Guide to Living Your Best Unicorn Life


  • Massage wand
  • 10 Speeds and 20 vibration patterns
  • Easy controls
  • Includes a unicorn horn textured attachment for internal stimulation
  • Also includes storage pouch, gifting card, keychain, woven patch, and a set of puffy unicorn stickers
  • Rechargeable – charging cord included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Le Wand
  • Body-Safe Silicone & ABS


b-vibe Unicorn Plug Limited Edition Set

Gallop into a world of sunshine, lollipops, and butt stuff with the new b-Vibe Unicorn Plug Limited Edition Set — A 6-piece collection to thrust you into the magnificent world of anal!

Featuring a uniquely magical twist texture to our medium-sized plug, this vibrating hole horn is specially designed to send you into euphoria with 6 vibration patterns and 10 levels of intensity. Find a treasure trove of fun at the end of the rainbow with the plug’s 19″ removable tail. Made from easy-to-wash synthetic fibers, the multicolor locks are perfect for fantasy play and can be easily removed to enjoy your mystical plug anywhere.

The b-Vibe Unicorn Plug Limited Edition Set features the ultimate fun accessories to show off your pride:

  • Vibrating textured unicorn plug with a removable 19″ rainbow tail
  • Glow-in-the-dark sticker set
  • A limited-edition b-Vibe enamel pin
  • A unicorn backpack to strut your stuff around town
  • The sex-educator-approved Guide to Anal Play
  • A brand-new Guide to Living Your Best Unicorn Life


  • Vibrating plug
  • Swirl texture
  • 10 Speeds and 6 patterns
  • Optional 19” tail clips on magnetically
  • Also includes sticker set, b-Vibe enamel pin, backpack, and 2 guides
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 1 Year warranty provided by b-vibe


The Cowgirl Unicorn Premium Sex Machine

Get ready to ride the rainbow.

Fill your treasure cave with magic on our Unicorn Premium Sex Machine, a horn-y special edition twist on the classic Cowgirl design.

Gear up for solo or partner play wherever your partner might be! Use the LED remote for quick and easy settings adjustment, or use the app to play with your partner at a distance. Take full control of your power, rotation, and pattern at the touch of a dial.

This Special Edition Premium Sex Machine features a horn-y twist on two fun fantasy attachments for penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation while retaining the same award-winning functions of The Cowgirl: 1200 RPM of ultra-powerful vibrations, 360 swivel rotation, a slip-resistant silicone base, and made entirely of premium, vegan leather. But this 5-piece set includes even more.

Featuring a corded LED remote, two unique penetrative and non-penetrative attachments, a detachable rainbow tail flogger, and an ethereal skies floor mat to help contain all the powerful vibrations from this supercharged sex machine. Plus, with 400 lbs of weight capacity, The Unicorn is your perfect adventure partner for solo or couple’s rides.


  • Premium sex machine
  • 1200 RPM of ultra-powerful vibrations
  • 360 Swivel rotation
  • Slip-resistant silicone base
  • Made entirely of vegan leather
  • Includes 2 textured attachments
  • Also includes a detachable 19.5″ rainbow tail flogger and a 31.5” x 35.5”  floor mat
  • Control with the LED remote or via the app
  • 1 Year warranty provided by The Cowgirl