CBD Daily Intensive Cream Triple Strength Lavender by Earthly Body

Get 3 times faster, stronger, and more intense immediate therapeutic relief & soothing sensation with the best-selling CBD Daily Triple Strength Intensive Cream, now in Lavender scent.

Packed with up to 864 mg of high potency 100% natural CBD, this rich and creamy formula eases chronic discomfort while the calming scent of natural Lavender encourages gentle relaxation.

CBD Triple Strength Intensive Cream has been offering customers 3 times faster, stronger, & more intense immediate therapeutic relief and soothing sensation when applied to the targeted area. Now this legendary best-seller has brought the level of soothing and relaxation to a new level by introducing a much-anticipated Lavender scented option. Studies show that “one of the biggest health benefits of Lavender is that it calms without sedating.”

What has not changed in CBD Daily Triple Strength (Lavender Scent) is its original thick, creamy formula, enriched with powerful essential oils such as Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Aloe Vera. This assures that this lavender CBD cream eases resistant chronic discomforts just as effectively and effortlessly as the original mint formula. Meanwhile, it leaves your skin deeply moisturized and nourished. The use of high-quality, 100% Vegan ingredients has made CBD Daily Triple Strength Intensive Cream widely popular among professional athletes, massage therapists, outdoors enthusiasts, and others who suffer from long-time discomforts.


  • CBD-based pain relief cream
  • 100% Vegan
  • PETA Certified Cruelty Free
  • Third-party Tested
  • Menthol + lavender fragrance
  • 1.7 oz. jar

Intimate Enhancements HEIGHTEN Suppositories with CBD Cocoa Butter with Broad-Spectrum by Doc Johnson

Heighten Suppositories are formulated to enhance pleasure and facilitate arousal while promoting relaxation and calming discomfort.

They are crafted to harness the sexual properties of hemp to enrich your sexual play and increase your satisfaction.

CBD hemp is grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or heavy metals. Each suppository delivers 100mg of CBD and can be used vaginally or rectally.


  • 100mg CBD per Suppository
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD from USA Hemp
  • Formulated to enhance pleasure and facilitate arousal
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Calms discomfort
  • Made with Cocoa Butter
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • CBD Hemp Grown Without Pesticides, Fertilizers, or Heavy Metals
  • Proudly Made in America
  • Contains 4 individually wrapped suppositories.

A-Play Suppositories with Broad-Spectrum CBD and Cocoa Butter by Doc Johnson

Relax your play naturally with 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

A-Play Suppositories are formulated for relief for local muscular relaxation and can be used vaginally or rectally.

They are crafted to harness the sensual properties of hemp, promoting full body relaxation, and assisting your pleasure during sexual play.

A-Play Suppositories’ CBD hemp is grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or heavy metals. Each suppository delivers 100mg directly to whichever area needs it most.

4 pieces per pack.


  • CBD Suppositories for local muscle relaxation
  • 100mg CBD per Suppository
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD from USA Hemp
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • CBD Hemp is Grown Without Pesticides, Fertilizers, or Heavy Metals
  • Proudly Made in America

CBD Daily Triple Strength Active Spray by Earthly Body

Get 3 times stronger immediate soothing relief with CBD Daily Triple Strength Active Spray packed with 180mg ultra-concentrated high potency CBD.

This triple strength CBD spray perfectly combines effectiveness and convenience. Its lightweight but extremely powerful formula requires nothing but a little spritz to the targeted area to work its magic.

CBD Daily Triple Strength Active Spray is an ideal topical for those who have to stay an active lifestyle while suffering from chronical resistant joint, neck, back, muscle discomforts. The spray applicator is designed to be compatible with upside down use, making it much easier to target areas on the back. At the same time, the additional blend of essential oils rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E keeps your skin moisturized and nourished. Just point, spray, and you’ll feel the difference right away.

To further assist with busy active lifestyles, CBD Daily Triple Strength Active Spray comes in a compact 2 oz. bottle. You can throw it in the gym backs, hiking backpacks, or an everyday purse. The use of high-quality, 100% Vegan ingredients has made CBD Triple Strength Spray widely popular among professional athletes, massage therapists, and outdoors enthusiasts.

Scent: Original Mint (menthol + cedarwood)

All Official CBD Daily products are:

  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Sustainable

She-ology CBD-Infused Love Oil by CalExotics

The sensational She-Ology CBD-Infused Love Oil is a power and versatile personal lubricant. The CBD-infused organic coconut oil can be used as sensual lubricant or moisturizing body massage oil.

Expertly created by the sexual health experts at She-Ology with all-natural ingredients and a botanical blend that enhances the added benefits of CBD, the long-lasting formula maintains its liquid form up at liquid form at 78°F (25.6°C)

The premium CBD extract is made to arouse the senses and provide pure, erotic stimulation but does not contain any THC.

How to Use: Use as needed to enhance intimacy or lubricate pleasure. Apply a small amount of She-Ology CBD-Infused Love Oil to desired area to lubricate or massage, reapply as needed. Easily washes away with warm water.


  • CBD-infused organic coconut love oil
  • All-natural, long lasting formula with the added benefits of CBD
  • 300 mg of broad-spectrum CBD (does not contain THC)
  • Sensual lubricant and massage oil
  • Maintains liquid form at 78°F/25.6°C
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 fl oz.
  • Available boxed or bulk (tube only)

How to Evaluate, Sell CBD-Infused Intimacy Products

Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash

Whenever we start talking about CBD (cannabidiol) infused products that are specifically designed to enhance sex and intimacy, many times the response is either a confused look or a knowing smirk. Interest in CBD sexual enhancement products such as oils, balms, gels, salves, bath soaks and more is growing quickly. This isn’t surprising as more people are starting to discover the many benefits of adding CBD to their sexual exploration.

However, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding these products and many customers eager to integrate CBD into their sexual repertoire usually have more questions than answers. There’s not a lot of consistent and accurate information available and the content and integrity of these products varies widely. Consumers need to know how to use CBD intimate products, as well as how to evaluate and choose products that will work well for them.

In case it wasn’t already obvious, CBD and sex go well together for a variety of reasons. Using CBD topical products feels great and can elevate the sexual experience. What is it about CBD that’s so magical though?

The answer lies in CBD being a vasodilator. When used intimately, it increases blood flow to the erogenous zones and makes them more receptive to touch. It also has many soothing and relaxing properties, which makes it a wonderful addition to foreplay and aftercare. Since CBD does take a little while to soak into the skin, it’s a good idea to utilize it during foreplay and throughout the entire experience to feel its full effects.

Mentioning the words “intimacy” or “intimate products” prompts most people to immediately think of sexual intercourse. Is it any wonder? Sex is an incredibly intimate act on so many levels. For many people, intimacy and sex are quite synonymous. However, it’s important to remember that although sex and intimacy are very closely related, they are not mutually exclusive. Intimacy can occur in all sorts of ways before or even after the “main event.” It can be a CBD-infused bath that includes a slow, sensual scrub-down with an infused sugar scrub. It can be a gentle neck rub or a full-blown erotic massage with an infused oil. It can even be a tender application of salve to a sore spot or problem area by a trusted partner. For those who are into BDSM, the time spent practicing aftercare with a partner can be a particularly intimate — and even vulnerable — experience. Tantra leaves an entire realm of possibilities for combining CBD with intimacy before sex ever occurs. All of these describe very different ways of being intimate and CBD can easily be incorporated to help enhance the experience of each.

Of course, CBD products can be used during intercourse as well. It’s important for consumers to read the label on the product they intend to use to ensure that they’re being used correctly. For example, a bath soak makes for phenomenal foreplay, but you wouldn’t want to use it internally. On the other hand, many massage oils, balms and gels are quite enjoyable to use directly on the genitals during partnered or solo sex. For products being sold in brick-and-mortar stores, having trained and knowledgeable associates who are able to educate consumers on-the-spot is a critically valuable asset because let’s be real, most people don’t find reading labels to be a good time, even if they do provide important information.

Now that you know all about how to use, let’s talk about how to help shoppers choose the right formula. After all, knowing how to use CBD intimate enhancement products is one thing, but knowing how to evaluate them is quite another. Due to inconsistent and limited product regulation, it’s largely up to the product manufacturer to ensure the quality and integrity of the product they’re producing. “Is the CBD in the product pure?” “How much CBD is in the product and is it in the correct quantity to be effective?” These are some of the questions that educated consumers often ask, and businesses selling CBD sexual enhancement products should be able to answer them. If the CBD in a product isn’t lab-tested, there’s no way of knowing what’s in that bottle, jar, or tube, so be sure to ask to see third-party lab results.

Similarly, it is important to evaluate the other ingredients in a CBD-infused intimate body product. These complementary ingredients do have a direct impact on the efficacy of the product as well as the way the product smells and feels. Many people have certain allergens or ingredients such as parabens that they’re actively looking to avoid. If the product in question is to be used with latex condoms, it should explicitly state that it’s safe to use with latex. Although water-soluble, CBD is a budding area of interest; the vast majority of CBD products on the market are oil-based as CBD is naturally oil soluble. Similarly, even if a product is water-based, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s oil free. This particular piece of information is, unfortunately, often glossed over.

When evaluating CBD sexual enhancement products, there really is no standard. That’s why consumer education is crucial to having a mind-blowing CBD bedroom experience. Consumers can elevate their own experiences by taking the time to research the product they’re interested in by reading product labels and delving into reliable articles on the web. However, manufacturers also have the responsibility to reach out and provide information via their websites, blogs, social media and in-store training. Of course, educated store associates can be a critical point of education for in-store shoppers by answering some of the previously addressed questions and beyond. They regularly aid customers in opening the door to the wonderful world of CBD sexual enhancement products.

CBD-infused sexual enhancement products have really helped to change people’s perceptions of cannabis and what it can do for them. However, we would challenge everyone to pause and think about all the elements that often contribute to having a great sexual experience and how CBD could easily be incorporated into each of them. As you’re browsing for a new CBD infused sex enhancement product to offer your customers, make sure to keep in mind the ingredients. Take the time to read the labels carefully and ask as many questions as you need to from the manufacturer. Practice thorough due diligence and your customers will be handsomely rewarded with an explosively erotic experience they won’t soon forget!

How to Evaluate, Sell CBD-Infused Intimacy Products by Raven Faber and Heather Bahr originally appeared in XBIZ


Dr. Jack’s Advanced Formula Tinctures

Dr Jacks Tincture

The endocannabinoid system consists of many cannabinoid receptors, and a large portion of these are found in the skin. Molecules in CBD may interact with this system to create positive effects.

Isolates tinctures are CBD oils that have had all other compounds removed. This ensures they are the purest form of CBD that can be ingested. Highly potent, isolates are not only effective but fast acting.

Dr. Jack’s CBD Tinctures are isolates tinctures that may help facilitate increased bioactivity, which is the growth of our living tissue.

Dr. Jack’s CBD Tinctures ignite the endocannabinoid system and may regulate homeostasis – the state of a steady and stable internal physical and chemical living system – which may lead to overall better health and wellness.

Dr. Jack’s CBD Tinctures are CO2 Extracted, and are said to positively impact mood, appetite, digestion, bone growth, and the immune system. They are also anti-inflammatory and can lower stress too!

Dose topically or sublingually.

Choose your strength – Available in 250mg, 750mg, and 1500mg.

Available in Natural or Peppermint.

1 oz/30ml

Ingredients: Hemp (Seed) Oil, PCR (Hemp) Oil, (Peppermint Oil in Peppermint Products.)

*Please note, we are not permitted to make claims in regard to treatments. For any medical treatment you should consult a healthcare professional.