Why is D.1 so special?

D.1 Silicone from Laid has a genius design that makes one of the BEST non-vibrating G-spotters on the market today.

There are 2 great ways to use D.1:

USE #1

Upon first glance it has a very classic look.


However, when you look at it head-on from the front,  you discover more.

Laid 2

You’ll see that the entire shaft of D.1 is twisted around its axis, and the head is completely asymmetrical. Those two things, combined with a gradual narrowing of the shaft, help to direct D.1 right to the G-Spot area.

Going into the vagina with D.1, whether you are using it on yourself or a partner is using it on you, it will naturally steer straight for the G-Spot area because of that fantastic shape. And because of the gradual narrowing of that twisted shaft, you’ll have smooth control.

laid 3

Upon entry to the vagina you’ll feel some resistance at first, but then it loosens up. That’s when you’ll pull D.1 back a little to create almost a vacuum effect so it sits firmly in place.

THEN, all you have to do to provide 10 LBS. of stimulating pressure to the G-Spot is press down, then twist.

Laid 4

When you Twist, you’ll see that the point of contact changes completely!

Laid 5

Because nobody’s G-Spot is in the same place, it can take some exploring and trial-and-error to find YOUR right spot. D.1 allows for this exploration in a more gentle fashion, without all the static thrusting in and out.

You just insert, pull back slightly, press, and twist to massage your way to perfect stimulation!


Another great use for D.1 is to massage just inside the opening of the vagina. Insert D.1 just slightly, then twist from side.

Laid 6

The asymmetrical head massages the entire clitoris (see below for what I mean), not just the little bit at the top. It’s a completely unique sensation!

Pretty cool, right?


Did you know: The internal clitoris (highlighted in yellow in the images below, is a complex erectile structure consisting of two corpora cavernosa (that are said to wrap around the vagina when erect), two crura (erectile bodies that branch out from the clitoral body; also known as clitoral legs), clitoral vestibules or bulbs, and the clitoral glans (the part that you can see).

Laid 7




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