The Screaming O Core Line Fall 2017 Release Package

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These new Screaming O products are easy-to-use, fun-to-try and made of materials you can trust at prices they can afford – because everyone deserves body-safe materials and quality construction.

RingO Biggies


RingO Biggies are a thicker version of one of The Screaming O’s more popular cock rings and feature a tighter, firmer fit that makes a massive impression.

These stretchy cock rings offer simple, no-frills enhancement that can be worn either around the penis or the penis and testicles – you choose how you’d like to look and feel!

Whether enjoying longer-lasting sex with a partner, amping up endurance training, boosting masturbation, or sporting a more prominent package, RingO Biggies are the premium choice for impressive results.



  • Colossal cock rings that make a massive impression
  • Super-stretchy reusable design
  • Lab-tested, body-safe SEBS




RingO Pro x3 Variety Pack


Explore the exciting world of cock rings with the RingO Pro x3 variety pack: three sizes for three different sensations, all made of durable and body-safe True Silicone.

These dependable cock rings are soft, smooth, and stretchy to assure a perfect fit and feature a wide band with a rounded interior for a more comfortable feel against sensitive skin.

Compatible with most lubricants – including high-quality silicone lubricants – RingO Pro x3 cock rings are reusable and simple to care for: after each use, simply wash with soap and warm water and store way from dust or lint so they’re ready to go next time you are.

With the RingO Pro x3, choose from L, XL, or XXL sizes and experiment with cock ring enhancement with one easy value-priced purchase!



  • 3 silicone cock rings for 3 different sensations
  • Wide stretchy bands for secure stay-put fit
  • Made of lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone
  • Reusable and easy to clean



OYeah! Plus Vibrating Ring


Take a next-level ride with the OYeah! Plus, an extra-stretchy vibrating cock ring with especially sturdy construction.

Its vertical motor positions deep, rumbling Vooom vibration perfectly against the clitoris using a unique criss-cross CrossFin texture that pinpoints stimulation at its apex.

This waterproof vibrating ring rumbles for more than 45 minutes and is equipped with a super-stretchy, extra-wide cock ring band for snug, more comfortable fit that keeps the motor securely in place.

Made of lab-tested, body-safe SEBS material, the OYeah! Plus makes it easy for couples enjoy penetrating vibration with a uniquely comfortable cock ring that fits and feels great!



  • Vertical vibrating ring with soft Cross-Fin texture
  • Deep, rumbling Vooom vibration
  • Criss-cross external pattern pinpoints vibration
  • Wide stretchy cock ring band for comfort
  • Made of lab-tested, body-safe SEBS
  • Waterproof


This item uses AG13 Batteries, and they’re included!

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