Temptasia Restraint Options by Blush

The Temptasia soft bondage and fetish line brings you a safe way to play with their tape and rope restraint options. Plus, they’ve thoughtfully included Bondage Safety Scissors in the lineup to ensure you are always ready to care for your bound partner.

Temptasia Bondage Tape 60 Feet

Get creative with this sensual, reusable bondage tape that sticks to itself but not to skin or hair. This light-weight tape is an ideal way to create blindfolds, gags, or to bind your lover to any surface without the mess of adhesive tape.
It’s perfect for spontaneous play, easy to use, and a fun way to expand your dominance and submission play!
Pair with our Bondage Safety Scissors to ensure you are always ready to care for your bound partner.
tape 14.jpg


  • No-Mess, Reusable Bondage Tape
  • Tape Sticks to Itself—But Not to Your Skin or Hair
  • Can Be Used for Bondage, Gags, or Blindfolds
  • Made of Non-Porous PVC. Contains No Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins, or Latex
  • 60 Foot Length x 2 Inch Width


Temptasia Bondage Rope 32 Feet


Wrap your lover in this soft to the touch, sensual rope.
Cotton rope is traditionally associated with Japanese Shibari rope bondage and will hold your knots tightly. Naturally, cotton rope will stretch a bit with use.
To clean, slip your rope in a lingerie bag to keep it from getting tangled and machine wash with like colors. Use cold water and air dry to avoid shrinking.
Pair with our Bondage Safety Scissors to ensure you are always ready to care for your bound partner.
rope 7.jpg


  • Sensual Rope Is Soft and Comfortable to the Touch
  • Holds Knots Tight, No Slipping
  • Pairs Well with Temptasia Bondage Safety Scissors
  • 100% Cotton
  • 32 Feet Length x 8mm Width


Temptasia Safety Scissors 

Scissors 1.jpg
Quickly and safely release your bound lover from rope, tape, poly wrap, zip ties, or soft bondage materials.
Bondage Safety Scissors have a rounded, protected tip, and angled handle that ensure you will not injure skin.
Ideal for situations where you may need to quickly release your captive, for medical fetish scenes, and for cutting off clothing.
Keep you scissors in your night stand, toy bag, or anywhere you like to play! A must-have tool for new and experienced bondage enthusiasts alike.
Scissors 6.jpg


  • The Perfect Tool to Safely Cut Your Partner Free from Bondage Rope or Tape
  • Light-Weight, Easy to Use, and Easy to Clean
  • Angled Handle and Protected Tips to Avoid Injury
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • 6.5 Inch Length x 2.5 Inch Width

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