SpOrk Multi-Use Pleasure Tool by The Screaming O


This multi-use design gives men and women an almost unlimited series of stimulation techniques that enhance solo and partnered sex with ease, and its waterproof construction means you can enjoy this multi-use sex toy in the bath for enhanced underwater exploration!


Made of lab-tested body-safe silicone, the SpOrk is durable, reusable and powered by The Screaming O’s famous Better Bullet, a mini vibe that buzzes with enough power to satisfy even the most seasoned sex toy user.


Stimulate and massage sensitive areas with the SpOrk’s smooth spoon-like attachment, featuring a wide surface area perfect for cupping the clitoris or cradling the testicles.


For a more intense sensation, flip it around to enjoy targeted stimulation on the nipples, testicles or clitoris using its soft and flexible fork-like extension.


And to add powerful vibration to plain-old intercourse, wear the fork-like extension at the base of the penis – its powerful motor makes direct contact with the clitoris in all kinds of positions for even more satisfying sex!

  • 100% silicone multi-use pleasure tool
  • Smooth “spoon” cradles sensitive zones with more surface area
  • Flexible “fork” transfers vibration all the way to their tips
  • Firm “fin” flicks sensitive areas for targeted stimulation

Silicone and ABS

8.4″ x 5.5″ x  2.1″

Batteries included!

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