Satisfyer Men

The Satisfyer Men is not just any toy. It ensures the most intense penis stimulation.
The innovative internal pressure regulator is activated when you squeeze the side panels, and provides soft or strong negative pressure depending on your preference.
The supersoft lifelike interior features a unique air cushion, and the pump feature allows you to add or release air during with a simple press.
As sexy on the outside as on the inside, the Satisfyer Men stands out thanks to its ultra-sporty lifestyle design, and even more importantly, it simply feels great inside – it’s said the sensation is like a mind-blowing mix of vaginal & oral sex.
The Satisfyer Men is easy to clean and a lock ensures that it stays that way during storage.
SA men.jpg


  • Sensations like a mix of vaginal & oral sex
  • Unique pump feature
  • Sleeve made of super soft TPE material
  • Clean, hygienic closure
  • Sporty lifestyle design
  • Internal pressure regulator

ABS with PU coating and TPE. 9.5″ x 3.19″ x 2.81″

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