Romance Games by Kheper!


Romance games aren’t just a fun way to pass the time, they’re also a GREAT way to open the lines of communication between partners.

Here are some new, easy-to-play picks from the good folks at Kheper Games!

A Year of Kama Sutra


Each week, select a tip card to share with your lover.

Alternate “For Him” and “For Her” techniques. Begin with enjoying some foreplay and sensual techniques and advance throughout the year to more creative and challenging love-making techniques. The results are absolutely orgasmic.


  • 26 For Him Reusable Sex Tip Cards
  • 26 For Her Reusable Sex Tip Cards


Lust! Board Game


Intimately Explore Your Sexual Fantasies! The game that allows you to explore romantic and physical intimacies with your partner! As you move around the board, you and your lover explore sensual foreplay techniques while you build a sexual fantasy. Then you act out the fantasy at the end of the game.


  • 10 x 14 inch game board
  • 60 Foreplay cards
  • 40 Love-Making cards
  • 2 game markers
  • Die
  • Game rules


Sex Toy Seductions


Are you a new or an experienced couple looking to seduce each other with a pleasure ring and vibrator? If so, you’ll love experimenting with all the creative ways you can play together with these popular sex toys.

Kit Includes:

  • TPE comfortably- stretchy pleasure ring
  • Silver bullet vibrator (with 3 AG13 batteries)
  • Blindfold
  • 24 Seduction cards
  • Tips on how to use your toys safely

Target Audience: Couples. Number of Players: 2. Language(s): English, Español, Français, & Deutsch



Lucky Sex Dice


Match three colors to get lucky! Take turns rolling the dice and interpreting foreplay actions. When you win, you and your lover get to act out the LUCKY SEX! die.

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