Rock Candy Ima•Joy

Ima Joy
Bring joyful, toe-curling sensations into your sex life with an Ima Joy vibe! Available in three individually-wrapped styles, Creamy, Dots, and Twist, each unique vibrator delivers extra decadent flavors to serve a variety of sensual cravings.
Each Ima Joy features a multi-speed twist dial base, is waterproof and supercharged, putting a very sexy cherry on top of your sundae!


Ima Joy CreamyIma Joy Creamy

​The Ima Joy Creamy is a realistically-contoured vibrator with a veiny shaft and a slightly curved head that will tickle your fancy! Additionally, enjoy an intense vibrating head and a soft, textured shaft from base to tip.

Ima Joy Dotsima-joy-dots.jpeg

Ima Joy Dots sprinkle meticulously-placed pleasure beads all the way up the textured shaft. These sugary studs are best when savored! The Ima Joy Dots bring the same lovable quality as colorful, whimsical candy dots that we know and love, but Rock Candy Dots are for adults only!
Ima Joy Twistima-joy-twist.jpeg
​Ima Joy Twist features delectable pleasure spirals that will spin your sweet spots into a sugary frenzy! This twisty treat feels as good as it looks, a perfectly sized delight for the eyes!

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