Pelvix Concept Pelvic Floor Exerciser from Femintimate by Adrien Lastic

The Pelvix Concept pelvic floor exerciser is a new and revolutionary way to wave goodbye to laughter leaks, incontinence and a weak pelvic floor.
The unique shape of the Pelvix Concept pelvic floor exerciser is designed to precisely target the correct pelvic muscles, and the ridged design makes it easy to keep in place while you go about your daily activities.
Pelvix 7
The secret of the Pelvix Concept is in its weighted balls – simply unscrew the smooth medical-grade silicone body and insert the weighted balls. The pack includes 3 sizes and weights of ball so as your pelvic floor gets stronger, you can add heavier balls to make your pelvic muscles work harder.
Unlike other systems, the Pelvix Concept is ergonomically designed to aid insertion, and has a smooth and strong built in removal cord, so you can use your Pelvix Concept knowing that the string won’t break when it comes to removing it.
If you have very weak pelvic muscles, simply holding the Pelvix Concept in place while you go about your daily activities will make your pelvic floor muscles work enough to start you on the road to a strong and healthy pelvic floor. As your muscles get stronger, you can carry out your ‘squeeze, lift, and release’ Kegel exercises with the Pelvix Concept in place. The added weight of the Pelvix Concept pelvic floor exerciser will add resistance to your pelvic floor exercises, and help your muscles to get stronger and healthier when used in conjunction with regular pelvic floor exercises.
The Pelvix Concept comes with complete and detailed instructions on how to use, including how to progress through different levels of exercise as your muscles get stronger.

Treatment Steps

  • Step 1: Pelvix without weighted ball – 17g
  • Step 2: Pelvix + 15mm (smallest) ball – 26.2g
  • Step 3: Pelvix + 18mm (middle) ball – 34.4g
  • Step 4: Pelvix + 22mm (largest) ball – 51.5g
  • Step 5: Pelvix + 15mm (smallest) + 22mm (largest) ball – 60.7g

To use, simply unscrew the Pelvix Concept body and insert the weighted balls. Start with the smallest, lightest ball, and work your way up to the heaviest ball as your pelvic floor gets stronger. When you find that Kegel exercises are easy even with the heaviest ball, you can add two balls to the Pelvix Concept body for extra weight, extra resistance and an extra challenge.


  • A revolutionary new way to do pelvic floor exercises
  • Ideal for women of all ages
  • Exercise with balls of different weights to progressively strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • Smooth medical-grade silicone body – easy to insert and remove
  • Avoid leaks and incontinence with this manual pelvic floor exerciser
  • Includes storage case


In the Box:

  • Pelvix Concept device (unscrews open and closed)
  • 3 pink weighted balls
  • Compact zip up storage unit
  • Instruction guide

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