Patent Leather Bow Wrist Restraint by Stockroom

Patent Leather Bow Wrist Restraint 1

Gift-wrap submission with the Patent Leather Bow Wrist Restraint.

The Patent Leather Bow Wrist Restraint is a charming and inventive new bondage restraint that functions like a pair of locking wrist cuffs, or an adjustable bondage belt for the wrists.
The aesthetic aspect of this item is what makes it truly special. On top of the adjustable black Latigo leather restraint strap is a high gloss patent leather gift bow. The bow fits over a D-ring shaped nickel plated plate staple that holds a heart shaped chrome padlock.
Patent Leather Bow Wrist Restraint 2
This is an original, one of a kind design, exclusive to the Stockroom. You won’t find anything like it anywhere.
This innovative handmade bondage restraint is comfortable and easy to use, and includes a Heart Padlock with Two Keys.
The patent leather gift bow is 8½” across from one loop to the other, and each loop is 2½” wide. The two ribbon tails of the gift bow are each 8½” long and 2” wide. Each of the ribbon tails ends in an angled point, producing a ½ dove-tail effect.
Patent Leather Bow Wrist Restraint 4

One Size truly fits all:

Minimum – 6.5″ circumference/ 2″ diameter
Maximum – 11″ circumference / 3.5″ diameter

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