New Screaming O Vibes for Summer/ Fall 2016!

Screaming O Vibes

Part of Screaming O’s new releases for Summer/ Fall 2016 are their awesome vibes.

Doodle uses the Vooom! technology with an added playful twist. Pop Rabbit takes the fun style of the PoP Vibe and kicks it up a notch by adding rabbit ears. The Soft-Touch Vooom! Bullet ads a sexy PU coating AND multiple speeds and functions to that powerful vibe. Vooom! Vibe takes the deep rumbly motor idea and applies it to a 2-sided vibrator. The My Secret Panty Vibe was so popular that they added black to the color offerings of Pink, Red, and White.

IMO, it’s a fantastic new release package!

Doodle Vibe


The Doodle Vibe is a unique mini massager unleashes your inner intimate artist with an easy-to-use design that even the most experienced sex toy connoisseurs can enjoy.

The Doodle is powered by the famous Vooom Bullet, a new low-pitch mini vibe that stimulates with a deep, rumbling sensation that promotes a more satisfying experience. Its unique exterior is made of lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone shaped with a solid pleasure ball at its tip, specially designed to transfer rumbling vibration everywhere it touches.

With a no-slip comfort grip and simple one-touch activation, the Doodle makes it easy to pinpoint stimulation exactly where you want it and feels especially great on clits, nips and naughty bits. Whether for vibrating foreplay or enhanced intimacy, the Doodle portable mini vibe inspires people to get creative with their sex lives – and have fun doing it!

  • Rumbling mini vibe for inspired foreplay
  • Solid pleasure ball pinpoints vibration
  • No slip comfort grip
  • Body-safe True Silicone sleeve
  • Waterproof

Silicone and ABS

28 x 90 x 168 mm. This item uses AG13 batteries, and they’re included!


PoP Rabbit


The Screaming O PoP Rabbit is a unique clitoral vibe with flexible “ears” that transfer vibration all the way to their tips to tickle, tease and caress the clitoris with ease. The PoP Rabbit features a powerful 3-speed plus pulse motor and a bulbous head coated in 100% body-safe True Silicone that massages external erogenous zones with two pleasure options: use the soft ears for tingling stimulation against sensitive areas or flip it around and use the smooth, rounded surface for more intense vibrating massage. No matter how you enjoy it, the PoP Rabbit makes it easy to reach external erogenous zones thanks to an elongated neck, ergonomic curve, and comfort-grip handle.

Try the PoP Rabbit on nipples, testicles, the inner thigh – anywhere that responds to the sexy sensation of fingers sweeping across skin. Its flexible ears provide firm, yet gentle pressure plus vibration for intense foreplay or enhancement in almost any sex position. And for targeted stimulation against the clitoris, the PoP Rabbit’s smooth silicone and wide surface area provide the perfect amount of powerful vibration.

The PoP Rabbit is made of firm ABS plastic and True Silicone, two materials that have been lab-tested to ensure a quality, body-safe experience.

  • Clitoral vibe with 100% True Silicone “ears”
  • Curved neck feels easy on the wrist
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 3 powerful speeds + pulse
  • Made of lab-tested, body-safe materials
  • Splashproof

Silicone and ABS

34 x 88 x 279 mm. This item uses 1 AAA battery, not included.


Soft-Touch Vooom Bullet


Soft-Touch Vooom Bullets combine the compact shape, 4-function motor, and soft coat of Screaming O’s famous Soft-Touch Bullets with a one-of-a-kind low-frequency motor for sensations unlike anything else on the market.

Following research into vibration frequency and optimal clitoral massage speeds, Screaming O developed a unique motor that buzzes with deep rumbling vibration you can feel from the inside. And thanks to a 100% waterproof soft-touch shell, users can enjoy smooth, gliding sensations in the bath or shower! These portable mini vibes pack intense power in an on-the-go size that’s perfect when larger, bulkier vibes just won’t cut it and add essential stimulation for better, more satisfying sex!

  • Low-frequency motor for deep rumbling vibration
  • Soft-touch coating for smooth sensations
  • 3 speeds plus pulsation
  • 100% waterproof

ABS with PU coating. This item uses AG13 batteries, and they’re included!


Vooom! Vibe


The Screaming O Vooom Vibe is a jumbo mega vibe with a brand new motor unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Inside its 100% body-safe ABS plastic case sits a unique low-pitch motor that vibrates at 4 powerful deep, rumbling speeds that help prevent the kind of desensitization commonly associated with external massagers.

This power, combined with its streamlined shape, sweeps you off your feet with two exciting pleasure options to enjoy: On one side features a seamless surface perfect for all-over massage and smooth stimulation everywhere it touches, and on the other sits a unique extended fin that transfers vibration and takes you to the edge.

Whether for fun foreplay or enhanced intercourse, the Vooom Vibe is the perfect hand-held size for a sensational intimate experience.

  • 2-sided mega vibe with a deep, rumbling motor
  • Side 1: Rounded & smooth for intense gliding sensations
  • Side 2: Narrow fin for targeted stimulation
  • 4 powerful speeds
  • Easy one-button control
  • Splashproof


46 x 116 x 247 mm. This item uses 2 AA batteries, not included.


My Secret Screaming O Remote Control Panty Vibe – Now in Black!


My Secret Vibrating Panty Set puts the power of pleasure at your fingertips with a powerful vibrating bullet that fits discreetly into a side-tie lace panty to keep it in place. This sexy and subtle mini vibe is powered by a clever remote control that looks like an ordinary finger ring and makes it easy for couples to play in public – even up to 50 feet away! Slip the bullet into the panty’s convenient little pocket and enjoy powerful stimulation directly on her sweet spot.

The remote control makes it easy to shuffle through 10 different vibration functions that tease, please and titillate with the touch of a button. Watch her squirm and quiver from across the room or match the My Secret Vibrating Panty Set with any lingerie set for an especially sexy night in. Discreet enough to wear under clothing while out on the town, this clever sex toy lets couples experiment with public pleasure and spice up date night with a naughty twist. Choose from three fashion-forward color schemes perfect for any special occasion and make it a night to remember!

  • 10-function bullet fits comfortably into lace panty (included)
  • Remote control disguised as an ordinary finger ring
  • Works from up to 50 feet away
  • Side-tie panty fits up to 60-inch waists
  • Batteries can be changed on both the ring and bullet
  • Splashproof

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