New Screaming O Rings for Summer & Fall 2016!

SO Rings 2016

The Screaming O continues to innovate. Their continued creativity combined with quality materials and ease-of-use make them a must-have brand, and the new 2016 Summer/ Fall collection is no exception.

Here are their latest rings. Enjoy!



The ‘Orny vibe ring gets couples hot and heavy fast with a unique shape specially designed for a dramatically different orgasm. The ‘Orny is powered by the famous Vooom Bullet, a new low-pitch mini vibe that vibrates with a deep, rumbling sensation unlike anything you’ve ever felt. This one-size-fits-most cock ring is equipped with two soft, flexible “horns” that cradle the clitoris and tremble and flutter against every erogenous zone they touch. With the push of a button, the ‘Orny sends powerful vibration to their tips with 3 speeds plus pulsation all while providing an enhanced experience for him. Simply stretch the ring around the penis or both the penis and testicles with the vibrating “horns” positioned on top to assure the most effective experience.

Made of lab-tested, body-safe SEBS material, the ‘Orny matches powerful erection enhancement with extrasensory stimulation specially designed to satisfy every carnal craving!

  • Vibrating ring with soft flexible “horns”
  • Unique shape cradles the clitoris
  • Trembling vibration flows to the tips
  • Waterproof

Body-safe SEBS and ABS. This item uses AG13 batteries, and they’re included!


Dangle Stretchy C-Ring


The Dangle is a unique take on a classic vibrating cock ring specially shaped for pleasure during imaginative sex positions – especially ones from behind! The Dangle is powered by a vertical vibrating motor equipped with a stretchy sling that safely hugs the testicles for a pleasantly snug sensation. Simply stretch the top ring around the penis and gently slip both testicles through the sling until you feel a firm and secure hold.

The Dangle is made of body-safe SEBS, a super-stretchy material that’s been lab tested for quality and safety and makes unique cock rings like these affordable to all.

When worn during sex positions from behind, the Dangle’s vibrating motor is perfectly positioned for clitoral or perineum massage and transfers vibration via three solid pleasure beads aligned in a row. This isolation design offers erection enhancement with a vibrating boost and unique massage on multiple erogenous zones. And with the push of a button, the Dangle vibrates at 3 powerful speeds plus pulsation for sensational, more satisfying sex in even the most creative positions!

  • Vibrating cock ring perfect for positions from behind
  • Unique “ball sling” for testicle massage
  • Solid pleasure beads transfer vibration
  • 3 speeds plus pulsation
  • Waterproof


41 x 95 x 168 mm. This item uses AG13 batteries, and they’re included!


Dongle C-Ring


The Dongle gives his testicles a stimulating boost with a flexible mini vibe that dangles in just the right place. This one-size-fits-most cock ring offers powerful erection enhancement with the bonus of vibration against his balls – an important erogenous zone that’s often out of reach!

The stretchy ring is made of lab-tested body-safe SEBS material, which fits nice and snug (but not too tight!) around the genitals for a stimulating boost. Stretch the Dongle around the penis and position the mini vibe in front of the testicles for a pleasant buzz or try wearing the Dongle around the penis and testicles with the mini vibe against his body. This combination of intimate constriction and hands-free testicle stimulation can enhance sensitivity for a more powerful orgasm and even more satisfying sexual experience

  • Stretchy cock ring with dangling mini vibe
  • Perfectly positioned for hands-free testicle massage
  • Powerful single-speed motor
  • One size fits most
  • Waterproof


29 x 95 x 167 mm. This item uses AG10 batteries, and they’re included!


Go Q Vibe Ring


The GO Q vibrating ring is the only cock ring on the market that features a vibrating motor made specifically for perineum massage! Also known as the taint, the perineum is an often forgotten erogenous zone on the body that’s located between the genitals and the anus – and it’s not always easy to reach! But now with the GO Q, users can strategically position a vibrating mini motor against this sensitive area and enjoy hands-free perineum massage with little to no extra effort! With the flip of a switch, the GO Q buzzes with 13,500 RPM for intense stimulation that can put him over the edge.

The GO Q also provides strong erection support thanks to a super-stretchy design made to fit most sizes. Simply stretch the ring around the penis and testicles and position the mini motor so it pleasantly, yet firmly flexes against the perineum. It might take a bit of adjustment, so feel free to use water-based or silicone-based lubricant to help put the GO Q on comfortably. The ring should fit snug but not too tight, and with the flip of a switch, the mini motor comes alive with vibration so powerful, both partners can feel it! And when you’re done, simply throw the GO Q away, making this disposable sex toy for couples one of the most convenient cock rings on the market.

The GO Q is made of durable, body-safe SEBS, which has been lab-tested to ensure a quality experience you can trust.

  • Vibrating ring with flexible mini vibe
  • Mini vibe flexes for stimulating perineum massage
  • Powerful motor vibrates at 13,500 RPM
  • Stretchy ring fits most members
  • Made of lab-tested, body-safe materials
  • Splashproof


15 x 90 x 130 mm.




The OMEGO vibrating cock ring features a dual-ring design for intense constriction designed specifically for enhancing male pleasure. Its unique isolation design includes two interconnected rings that offer a secure fit and strong results – simply stretch the inner ring around the penis and the outer ring around both the penis and testicles to experience penetrating erection enhancement with the perfect amount of constriction. The one-size-fits-most rings should fit snug, but not too tight, with a durable stretch and reliable fit thanks to lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone construction.

The OMEGO is powered by the famous Vooom Bullet, a unique mini vibe equipped with a new low-pitch motor that vibrates with a pleasant rumble. Rather than a zingy buzz, Vooom Bullets offer a deeper, penetrating vibration for an even more satisfying experience that both partners can feel. And at the vibrator’s tip is a unique control loop that lets you adjust the direction of the vertical vibrator: simply use your finger to quickly position the motor exactly where you want it. The OMEGO makes it easy for men and their partners to enjoy an enhanced experience while paying special attention to their most sensitive erogenous zones and bringing them to the peak of pleasure.

  • Dual c-ring with finger control loop
  • Unique isolation design for intense sensations
  • Powered by deep, rumbling Vooom vibration
  • Body-safe True Silicone
  • Waterproof

True Silicone and Body-safe ABS. This item uses AG13 batteries, and they’re included!


Primo Minx


The PrimO Minx is the latest of Screaming O’s PrimO affordable luxury collection, bringing couples a new 100% True Silicone cock ring with an extended, extra-long vertical motor. This powerful 3-speed plus pulse motor is strategically positioned vertically to stimulate more surface area and cleverly cradles the clitoris between two firm silicone “fins” for an all-encompassing experience. These fins transfer vibration to their tips for a titillating oscillating sensation that intensifies pleasure wherever they touch.

Simply stretch the silicone cock ring around the penis or both the penis and testicles (whichever he prefers!) and choose how you’d like to enjoy it: wear the motor on top for optimal clitoral stimulation or flip it over and let the powerful motor massage the perineum. Whatever you decide, you can play with confidence knowing you’re enjoying a top-quality, 100% silicone vibrating cock ring that’s been lab-tested for a quality and body-safe experience.

  • Vertical vibrating ring with vibro fins
  • Vertical motor for heightened sensations
  • Soft, flexible vibro fins cradle the clitoris
  • Powerful 4-function motor: 3 speeds + pulse
  • Ultimate luxury at an affordable price
  • Made of lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone
  • Waterproof

True Silicone and Body-safe ABS

34 x 60 x 138 mm. This item uses AG13 batteries, and they’re included!


You Turn 2 Finger Fun Vibe


The You-Turn finger-fitted fun vibe enhances your hand and transforms your fingers with a unique design unlike anything on the market. Use the You-Turn to boost the signature “come hither” G-spot massage motion with penetrating vibration and clitoral stimulation.


Made of lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone, the You-Turn fits securely and comfortably with an easy-to-use design. Simply slip two fingers through the loop and use your thumb to adjust the motor’s position to send powerful vibes throughout your hand for a memorable manual experience.

The You-Turn is powered by the famous Vooom Bullet, a new low-pitch mini vibe that vibrates with a deep rumble, rather than a zingy buzz, with stimulation that travels into the hand and up to the fingertips. And for pleasure plus erection enhancement, stretch the loop around the penis with the motor on top and enjoy the You-Turn as a vibrating cock ring!

  • Enhance your hand for powerful stimulation
  • Deep, rumbling Vooom vibration
  • Curved clitoral stimulator
  • Made of lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone
  • Stretchy, comfortable finger loop
  • Waterproof

True Silicone and Body-safe ABS

49 x 105 x 168 mm. This item uses AG13 batteries, and they’re included!

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