More Cheap Thrills by CalExotics!

Cheap Thrills

The Cheap Thrills packaging tells a story of fun and fantasy.

The newest items include a Naughty Nurse, Cheerleader and Roller Girl with packaging that features a sexy woman playing out each role.

The Naughty Nurse is dressed in a sexy lab coat and ready to take care of her patients. The Cheerleader has spirit and is ready to play on and off the field. The Roller Girl can go fast or slow. Users can pick their favorite, or grab all three.

Each piece is made to be soft, stretchy and ultra-tight. The internal chambers are anatomically correct creating a realistic experience, and it’s textured to provide additional sensations. The realistic PureSkin material is fast to clean up and easy to care for.

Like all CalExotics products, Cheap Thrills is backed by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

The Naughty Nurse


“She was not only good for her patients… She was good to them.”


The Cheerleader


“She plays out on the field… and off.”


The Roller Girl


“She’s wild and everyone knows her as Sex on Wheels.”


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