Molly's Favorite Things!

This week on The Resource, members of Team Holiday are sharing their favorite things!
Today I’m sharing MY favorites:

LELO Sona Cruise

I really enjoy the sensual buildup this sucker (Haha) gives before orgasm. It makes it a completely different experience from other comparable products.

High Climax

It seems to send sensations deeper inside my body, which makes for a stronger orgasm.  It also gives a really neat sensation of warmth the spreads down then up to the top of my head!

Sola Cue

IMO, this is the best vibrator in our building. The motor is deep and rumbly, and offers 5 speed levels plus 5 functions. I personally have no use for functions, so I love that this gives me five speeds to play with.

Swiss Navy Sensual Arousal Lubricant

It has a luxurious, creamy texture that’s thick enough to stay where you put it. It not only provides a gentle warmth, but adds in stimulating ingredients for an extra kick. Additionally, this hybrid formula doesn’t seem to degrade my silicone toys like other warming formulas do.

Hot Rawks

I don’t go a day without my Rawks! I ran out once – NEVER again lol. It gives me great energy, improves my focus, and boosts circulation (I can tell because my toys all seem to work better.) My hair and nails grow a little faster, too.  I really like that because it’s a healthy natural libido enhancer with benefits for everyone, couples can take it together.

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