Melissa's Favorite Things

Team Holiday has been sharing their Favorite Things with me this week, and here are Melissa’s picks, along with some bonus input from one of her customers!

Shane’s World His Stimulator

“I love to sell this one because it’s cheap and its 2 toys for the price of one! Very versatile, super slinky sleeve, great for beginners.”

Nu Sensuelle Point Bullet

“For a 20 function rechargeable, it’s a best seller for the price and quality! Also its almost a guarantee that customers will come back to try other items.”

Screaming O Remote Panty; All Colors

“I love these because it’s a very highly desirable item for first timers – Fun/Romantic/Affordable! Use the bullet by itself or wear it out in your panties.”

Fleshlight’s Sex In A Can Series

“This series of Fleshlight is a perfect, inexpensive way to help the customer try the #1 masturbator company!”

Fresh Balls!

“It’s The Original Gangster! Above all other copies it works the best – It’s a perfect consumable sale as the customer always comes back for more!”

Bonus Feedback from Miss Melissa:

“I also really love to push the Screaming O Line because of their tremendous turn-over of Best Sellers, and incredible Retailer Support with Merch/Advertising/Promo. You can always count on SO to stay FRESH and CURRENT!
For example recently, I strongly encouraged a customer that NEVER carried the brand before to support the line, SO Screaming O could help support her upcoming event!
She agreed and even though she hasn’t had her event yet she is pumped the line is already selling! Here is her feedback:
Amanda S. Boutique Owner: ‘Melissa, Good advice on the screaming O!!! It’s already selling well and today I got my package with samples of Climax Cream, Screaming O vibrating rings and some Black Friday kits to raffle! Thanks so much for your help!’ ”

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