Mark's Favorite Things!

Team Holiday has been sharing their Favorite Things with me this week.
To mix it up a bit, I thought I’d get an opinion from someone Holiday-adjacent, so I asked my honey to participate with his input.
Here are Mark’s Favorite Things!

Max Testosterone

“This stuff REALLY works! I’m 60 years old, and it has increased my natural, free-flowing T-levels. I have more effective workouts, an improved libido, and a better all-around mood. The most important result? Consistent great sex!”

Max Vitality

“Ohhh, it’s good. Really good. It makes a great “starter” for us, it feels nice, and I can tell it really gets the blood flowing. Plus, we’ve been using this for a while, and I have noticed a difference in my actual size.”

JO Gelato

“It tastes great! I like the Crème Brulee the best.”

JO for Men Premium Warming

“This has such a nice texture – it’s kind of cushiony, and lasts a long time. I like the warmth, too!”

Coochy Shave Crème

“This just seems to make shaving easier. Because it’s sort of a lotion, I can see what I’m doing, and I get a cleaner, nick-free shave. I also like that my razor cleans off faster.”

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