Le Wand Stainless Steel Collection




Explore and experience unique sensations with the Le Wand Stainless Steel collection — 5 beautifully crafted sex toys designed for vaginal and anal play alike. Whether you’re experimenting solo or with a partner, find out why beginners and enthusiasts utterly adore these durable pleasure tools.

Bow is the ultimate multifunctional sex toy that acts as a dildo, a vaginal exerciser, and a G-spot & P-spot stimulator.

Arch is the only toy you need to obtain endless orgasms. This sensually curved beauty provides a direct connection to the G-spot.

Ideal for beginners, solo, and couples play, Hoop has the perfect curvature to arouse & stimulate every pleasure point.

Intricately made for internal exploration,  Swerve is Le Wand’s most dynamic sex toy to hit the elusive G-spot, P-spot, and every other pleasure spot.

Expertly refined for easy maneuvering and deep penetration, Contour is the undisputed Goliath among the Stainless Steel collection.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Sex Toys

Stainless steel sex toys are the newest must-haves for your sex toy collection. Yes. You did read that correctly. Stainless. Steel.

These toys are not some torture relics from the dungeons of yore but are seriously amazing toys for sex. These toys are heavy and can add pressure and weight to your sexual play without much manual effort. These toys can engage the entire clitoral structure (both internal and external), massage the G-spot with newfound intensity, and even ignite the nerve-rich anal opening with a deep sensation that silicone sex toys just don’t have (not that we don’t love silicone toys, because we do).

An inherent benefit of using stainless steel sex toys versus other toys made of body-safe materials is that it is both (almost) totally indestructible and is super easy to clean. If you buy a stainless steel sex toy, you basically have a sex toy for life. They don’t wear down, lose their quality, or break. While high-quality sex toys will last a long time in general, they ain’t got nothin’ on stainless steel.

Your Stainless Steel pleasure tool comes with a plush travel case, a cleaning cloth, a pleasure guide on how to use your toy and a handy care booklet.


  • Double-sided pleasure tool
  • Sturdy stainless steel
  • Body safe and non-porous
  • Durable
  • Ideal for temperature play
  • Compatible with any lube
  • Luxurious, giftable packaging
  • 1 Year warranty provided by Le Wand

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