Le Wand Limited Edition Feel My Power Rechargeable Vibrating Massager


“As someone who has been in the sexuality industry for over 17 years, I know first-hand that the power gleaned from self-pleasure doesn’t just stay in the bedroom — it has the opportunity to positively impact so many aspects of our lives. Feel My Power is an ode to all of the powerful women and femme identifying people I know and love, at all stages of their personal sexual journeys. I’m excited to hear more from our community throughout this campaign as they share their power with the world.”

– COTR founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair

The Feel My Power vibrator was designed by artist Ashley Lukashevsky, an illustrator who uses her art to call attention to stories of marginalized groups and drive compelling social movements.

The campaign, which is oriented around the hashtag #feelmypower, features influential women and femme-identifying individuals who embody the idea of power in their respective domains.

The illustrations on Le Wand echo the mission of the Le Wand brand itself — how owning your sexuality and pleasure translates into power in all other areas of life.

Through the Feel My Power campaign, the Le Wand team says it hopes to raise awareness for the role that sexual well-being can play in overall self-confidence.

Le Wand Special Edition Feel My Power for LUVOQA

Le Wand Feel My Power is a luxurious massager with 10 distinctive, rumbly vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns. It features a body-safe silicone head, a flexible neck and a lengthy handle with easy-to-use controls that allows for smooth maneuvering. And, it’s fully USB rechargeable.


Meet Le Wand Feel My Power:

  • 10 Vibration Speeds — Need a gentle vibration to help you reach that edge, or perhaps something more powerful than the Hitachi Magic Wand? Le Wand’s range of intensities makes it an extremely versatile vibrator for all your needs.
  • 20 Vibration Patterns — The days of boring pleasure sensations are over; Le Wand’s 20 (yes, 20) vibration patterns had Health.com praising it as one of the best sex toys for solo masturbation.
  • Body-Safe Silicone — All Le Wand vibrators are made from premium, silky-smooth silicone. They’re 100% skin-friendly, non-porous, and completely free of latex and phthalates.
  • Flexible Head — The soft, malleable head of the Le Wand vibrator is designed to rotate 360 degrees — this allows the vibrations to resonate through the user’s body without causing any friction or overstimulation.
  • Cordless — Say goodbye to extension cords and figuring out the distance from the bed to the electrical outlet! Use a wand rest or pillow and go hands-free for a more seamless experience.
  • Splashproof & Easy to Clean — All Le Wand vibrators are “splashproof”, meaning you can wash your it under running water but not completely submerge them, say like in a bathtub or a jacuzzi.
  • Fully Rechargeable — The Le Wand vibrator comes with a universal charging adapter and a smart indicator to alert you when it’s time to power up. A 3-hour charge equals to 3 hours of sensual play.
  • Travel-Friendly — All Le Wand vibrators feature a travel-lock for safe and convenient excursions. We’ve even included a discreet travel case if you decide to take the vibe on your next adventure.
  • 1-Year Warranty & Lifetime Guarantee — The Le Wand warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials under normal usage and care for a period of 12 months. Contact us to learn more about our lifetime guarantee.


In the Box:

  • Le Wand FMP Massager
  • Travel Case
  • Pleasure Guide
  • Self-Love pin
  • Post Card
  • Sticker Set

Seamless Silicone & ABS Plastic

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