Kix'ies Sandra Red Fishnet Thigh Highs


No regrets in these red nets.

Red fishnet thigh-high stockings with a no-slip grip.

Kix’ies is here to start a thigh high revolution!

No one likes how regular tights put the squeeze on you! And who doesn’t breathe a huge sigh of relief when they’re peeled off after a long day?

Enter Kix’ies … Their no-sip grip keeps them in place without the uncomfortable high-waisted band squeezing at your belly all day! There are four sizes to choose from and you size by thigh circumference to get the perfect fit.

Frustrated with thigh highs that just won’t stay up? Kix’ies are guaranteed to stay in place with their unique no-slip grip.

So kick your bulky, unflattering tights to the curb and fall in love with Kix’ies!


  • No “muffin thigh”
  • No sag – set them where you want them and they will stay put
  • No garter belts needed (but you can add them if you like that look!)
  • Protects from thigh rub/ chub rub to prevent irritation
  • A portion of every Kix’ies sales Is donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Tips & Tricks:

  • Hand wash for best longevity
  • Allow any lotions or oils to absorb fully before putting on your Kix’ies for best stay-put power
  • Measure where you want them to sit on the leg for the best fit.


All styles are names after people who made a difference in the creator of Kix’ies life.

“I believe we want to feel good about ourselves. We don’t want to be crammed in a pair of tights with the dreaded muffin top poking out for the world to see. Kix’ies are practical, comfortable, and even healthy for women (they let our ‘girl parts’ breath.) And yes, they even feel a bit sexy to wear, which is an added bonus” – Samantha DeMartini, Founder and Creator of Kix’ies.


Kix’ies is the ONLY brand to use thigh circumference as the main measurement, and that’s why they stay up.


Measure by height first and thigh circumference second. Weight can be arbitrary when sizing for a thigh high.
We all carry our weight differently; be it in the tush, tummy or thighs – which have no bearing on finding the perfect Kix’ies fit!

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