Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Kit

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The Neon Wand creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin. The electricity produces sensations over a broad range, from a pleasurably warm tingling, to a more intense, focused sensation.
The level of sensation created by the wand can be controlled both by a multi-level intensity dial on the wand itself, and also by which electrode you choose to use.

The Neon Wand kit comes with 4 different glass attachments that will be a thrill to experiment with:

  • Electrode Comb – Fun for the whole body, you can use the spine for a direct and incredibly shocking sensation, you can gently caress your lover with the comb, or you can place the edge tooth near skin for a concentrated spark.
  • Mushroom Tube – The flat mushroom head administers several arcs of electricity all at once. Watch your partner squirm when using the wand on the backside of the knees. Exploring unusual erogenous zones can be thrilling for both partners.
  • 90° Probe – Gives you a more focused and intense sting. You’ll have more control over the exact spots the electricity will bite and the stronger focus will give you or your partner an endorphin-releasing thrill! This electrode also emits an attractive colored hue throughout the entire tube.
  • Tongue Tube – The bulb of this electrode tapers to a snub nosed end, giving it the appearance of a tongue, or a small, electrified snake’s head, a beautiful compromise between the Mushroom Electrode and the 90-Degree Probe. An attractive glow of color runs throughout the entire tube during use.

The kit color refers to the color of the light glowing in the glass electrodes. Kits are available in purple or red.
Kinklab’s product development team drew on over 20 years of experience working with electric ray wands and fetish products to create our own wand kit that’s a step above the rest.

What makes this product different:

The Neon Wand is a solid-state device with no moving parts inside, which makes it possible to move and change the angle of the Neon Wand without distracting interruptions or unexpected variations in the output. Solid-state often prove more durable over time as well.
Compact, lightweight handset: traditional electric ray handsets are heavy and bulky. The Neon Wand is light and easy to handle, allowing you to focus on your partner and your play.
Lower maximum settings: at its highest setting, the Neon Wand will produce an intense sensation, but it does not quite reach the sometimes painful levels that traditional electric ray wands can. This makes it the perfect choice for intermediate and advanced users who prefer using electric ray wands in a more sensual manner, while it is safer and more accessible for beginners.
Extra long power cord: 8 foot cord is 2 full feet longer than similar devices.
Complete care and use instructions – including fun ideas to try – are included in the booklet that comes with each kit.

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