Hemp Seed Tasty Travel Collection by Earthly Body

eb1033-04.jpgRomance soars when on the road. Now you can take your tasty treats with you!

From a quick weekend getaway to travels through exotic locations, Hemp Seed Tasty Travel Collection is here to help enhance your sensual pleasures and leave you longing for more specials occasions and enchanting escapes.

Available in Strawberry and Watermelon.


Waterslide lubricant -The simplest, purest personal moisturizer you can find – just four ingredients and one of them is water! 1 oz.

Edible Massage & Body Oil – 100% natural blend of oils, including Hemp Seed, Almond, Grape Seed, Apricot, and Vitamin E, provides a slick, professional glide plus a taste of lickable flavor! Edible Massage Oil also conditions skin as it absorbs, leaving no greasy residue. 2 oz.

Edible Massage Candle – Made with all natural oils, and a bit of lickable flavoring, this fragrant candle melts into a moisturizing massage oil that softly penetrates and absorbs into skin. 2 oz.

Love Button Arousal Balm – Add a little playful excitement to your love life with this arousal balm. This all-natural sensual enhancer supplies tantalizing tingles wherever, and whenever, it is applied. .45 oz

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