Gracie's Top Bath & Body Favorites

Team Holiday is sharing their Favorite Things this week!
It’s Gracie’s turn, and she is letting us in on her top Bath and Body picks.

Sliquid Balance SOAK

“Lose yourself in the luxuriousness  that is a bubble bath!  Sliquid Balance Soak are the perfect scents and perfect balance of bubble bath and aromatherapy soak that you need to have a relaxing and soothing experience in your own home.  Couple it with a glass of wine and some soft music and you will melt away into a sea of tranquil relaxation.”

Shunga Moonlight Bath Sea Salt Crystals

“If you are ready for a exfoliating and relaxing experience, grab a pack of the Shunga Bath Sea Salts.  These salts will help with the exfoliation of your skin and have you silky soft after the bath, and the scent will soften your mood and have you ready for a night of great relaxation or a sexy intimate encounter.”

Pure Instinct Fragrance Oils

Pure instinct.jpg
“Want to entice the opposite sex by just walking past them?  You need these nose-grabbing scents of Pheromone perfumes Pure Instinct.  No only can you wear them as everyday perfumes, but you can also use the convenient dipstick to add droplets to your bathwater for an out-of-sight infusion of floral or masculine perfumed niceness.
The beautifully-attracting True Blue scent also comes in a lotion, spray and candle for a pampering experience that will have your admirers loving the way you smell.”

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