Geisha balls Magnetic by FT London

A new and modern era of Kegel muscle exercise.
Geisha balls Magnetic are simple to use. There are four magnetized balls of different weights, two pink balls (27 g / 0.95 oz.) and two black balls (15 g / 0.55 oz.) and you can use them in any combination you please.
Start with one black ball on the included silicone harness and then gradually increase the weight by adding one magnetized ball at a time as your strength increases. Essentially, it’s just like strength training you do during any workout!
Geisha Balls Magnetic allow you to do 7 levels of Kegel workouts – from 15 grams to 84 grams and everything in between.
Geisha balls Magnetic are safe for your body, and are made of 100% soft medical silicone and have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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