FunAF! Supplements by SOS Distribution

Available exclusively to the Pleasure Product industry,  FunAF! is a collection of sex enhancement supplements that are potent and contain natural ingredients like vitamins and known aphrodisiacs to help increase sensitivity, response, performance, and pleasure.

Taking a modern approach to sex enhancement supplements, the FunAF! Collection offers HardAF for penis-owners, and JuicyAF for vulva-owners in three delivery methods:



The most popular delivery method for enhancement supplements, capsules work faster than a traditional tablet as the formula inside the vegan-friendly gel cap is designed to break down quickly so it can hit the system faster. One capsule will last up to 72 hours comfortably as the effects are activated upon stimulation. With capsules, you take a pre-set dose, and you typically receive 70-75% of the active ingredients into your system due to the body’s digestive process. Additionally, capsules can be used daily as a part of your supplement regimen.


Taking effect quicker than capsules, liquid shots gain potency due to their more concentrated formula. They are already broken down, and usually start to work 10-15 minutes faster than the capsule formulation. Shots allow you to self-dose by taking a single half-bottle dose or a full bottle double dose.


Super concentrated and potent, gummies deliver maximum power and peak performance more quickly than any capsule or liquid because of the edible formula. The gummy doesn’t make it to your small intestine, whereas most all capsules and liquids require full digestion. Gummies offer the most complete dose – up to 90% of the active ingredients make it into your system! – and are so potent it’s best to start taking them a quarter bite at a time. Remember you can always take more, but you can never take less! If current enhancement pills no longer work as effectively for you then here’s your new solution.

Whichever delivery method is right for you, taking with a full glass of water allows the product to work faster and more effectively!

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