Fun-Sized Treats from Rock Candy

Mini Vibes.jpg
Each piece of Rock Candy offers a variety of individual flavors to savor, delicious textures, decadent vibrations and unique ‘sweet spot’ features.
Part of the fun of this collection is the displays. I’m loving that candy shop feel, and it naturally draws customers in to explore in more detail.
Today’s feature is their collection of mini vibes, which look good enough to eat!
Mini Vibes displays

Rock Candy Gummy Vibe

Gummy Vibe all

Sweet dreams are made of these!

The Rock Candy scientists have whipped up the Gummy Vibe, a powerful, pocket sized vibrator shaped like an adorable gummy bear! The Rock Candy Gummy Vibe puts a sweet face on a powerful clit stimulator that’s so good, you’ll want to skip dinner and jump straight to dessert.
The snuggly-soft bear nuzzles the clitoris with a textured “snuggle nose,” providing discreet yet intense, powerful vibrations directly to your sweet spot. The lifelike gummy texture and playful design brings an element of whimsy to solo pleasure or partner play. Hold a squishy soft Gummy Bear on the nipples for extra erogenous stimulation, or against the side of the mouth during oral sex!
Give a fun-sized Gummy Vibe a try, and you’ll realize that a bedroom without one of the world’s most popular candy treats is simply unbearable!


  • Realistically-shaped mini gummy bear vibrator
  • Textured ‘Snuggle Nose’ designed to nuzzle your sweet spot
  • Ultra-powered motor packs a sweet punch
  • Discreetly sized for travel
  • Waterproof design
  • Classic candy colors include Bubblegum Pink, Blueberry Blue, Cinnamon Red and Jelly Bean Purple

Batteries included. 2.5″ x 1″

Rock Candy Mega Mini Bullet

Treat yourself to endless orgasms whenever the mood strikes with the addictive Mega Mini Candy Bullet from Rock Candy Toys! Give into sweet temptation anytime and anywhere with a pocket-sized, candy-colored vibrator that’s also waterproof for fun in the tub. Perfectly shaped to target the clit or the nipples, this powerful vibe with a soft, supple feel is a zero-calorie indulgence for your senses.


  • Mini vibrator with mega powered Pleasure
  • ​High-powered motor
  • Velvety soft to the touch
  • Compact, travel-friendly bullet
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Waterproof

ABS with PU coating. 2″ x .075″

Rock Candy Gummy Ball Finger Fitting Vibe

Gummy Ball All
The Rock Candy Gummy Ball places a kaleidoscope of colorful vibrations on your fingertips!
The Gummy Ball will fit any fantasy, comfortably stretching onto any finger (or two, or three)! Turn your hands into a real-life gumball machine, providing pinpointed pleasure to virtually any sweet spot!
Each Gummy Ball comes in a variety of playful colors that are a feast for the eyes and a sensory delight against the skin. The high-powered motor boasts 5 powerful functions that pack a sweet punch anywhere and everywhere you crave! The Gummy Ball is waterproof, wireless, and discreet for on-the-go fun! Have a ball!


  • Realistic, gummy soft texture
  • Ultra-powered motor that packs a sweet punch
  • Discreetly sized for on-the-go enjoyment
  • Waterproof design
  • Easy-to-operate single push-button control
  • Classic candy colors include Bubblegum Pink, Blueberry Blue, Cinnamon Red and Jelly Bean Purple


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