Wet Elite Femme Lubricants


Wet’s Elite Femme line, developed for women by women, is elegant, sophisticated, and unmistakably feminine.

The expansion of the collection includes new Water Based, Cool Tingle, and Silicone formulas in addition to the existing Water Silicone Blended (formerly known as “Hybrid”) product.

Wet Elite Femme Water Based Lubricant

Designed for the modern women.

Wet Elite Femme Water Based has a unique texture. It begins as a soothing liquid cushion of ultra-thick gel. With your body heat and friction, and once it mixes with the natural salts in your skin, it changes into a delightfully slippery liquid.

The thick formula of Elite Femme Water Based stays where you put it, so it’s not runny or messy. It is recommended for use with toys and rigorous activity, and is hydrating to deliver long lasting moisture with easy clean-up.

Available in 1 oz., 3 oz. and 5 oz. bottles.
(Replaces Synergy Basic, but without the 10% silicone)

Wet Elite Femme Cool Tingle Water Based Lubricant

This formula is a favorite for those who prefer a more viscous, gel-like lubricant. Wet Elite Femme Cool Tingle provides long lasting lubrication that is always silky, never sticky

The Cool Tingle is provided by the addition of 1.5% Peppermint extract, which creates a stimulating sensation that helps heighten sensitivity. The additional sensation is not overwhelming, immediately stopping when it’s washed off.  Peppermint has been used in aromatherapy to enliven the senses and invigorate the mind. The scent may also mask some odors that arise during sex leaving you fresh.

This clear, gentle formula feels light and silky on the skin, with plenty of lasting power. It will not stain your sheets. Any spills will simply wash away when you launder them as usual.


  • Pure Water Based
  • Thrills and Excites
  • Fresh Scent

Available in 1 oz., 3 oz. and 5 oz. bottles.
(New formula, can replace Wet Ecstasy)

Wet Elite Femme Water Silicone Blend Personal Lubricant

Elegant, sophisticated, and unmistakably feminine.

Designed for the modern woman, Wet Elite Femme is an innovative hybrid fusion that offers the ultimate benefits of both water-based and silicone lubricants.

Sleek enough for a purse and sexy enough for a special occasion, this colorless, odorless and lightweight lubricant is the perfect hybrid fusion for foreplay, intercourse or massage. Designed to mimic a woman’s natural moisture, Elite Femme Water Silicone Blend offers the comfort and peace of mind of a pure water base, with the sensual, long lasting silkiness of a silicone.

This versatile formula is glycerin and paraben free, latex compatible and safe for oral, anal or vaginal play. Compatible with most toys, Wet Elite Femme feels natural, leaves no sticky residue, and offers effortless cleanup – wiping away easily with just a damp towel.


  • Designed for Women, by Women
  • Sensual, Silky and Long Lasting
  • Colorless, Odorless and Lightweight
  • Compatible with Most Toys
  • Ideal for foreplay, intercourse or massage
  • Easy Clean Up

Available in 1 oz., 3 oz. and 5 oz. bottles.
(Used to be Elite Femme Hybrid)

Wet Elite Femme Silicone Luxury Lubricant

Formulated especially for women by women, Wet Elite Femme Silicone is long lasting, luxurious, and designed to enhance a woman’s natural moisture.

It is recommended for those with sensitive skin, and is ultra-moisturizing, leaving you soothingly silky and supple, even under water.


  • High Grade Silicone Base
  • Glycerin & Paraben Free
  • Great Premium Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

Available in 3 oz. and 5 oz. Bottles
(Used to be Wet Naturals Silky Supreme)

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